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Oh my word! Since my favorite style of quilting is applique, I make a TON of circles. This is the BEST tip I've ever seen for this problem and I'd nominate you for a Noble Needle Prize if there was such a thing! What a fantabulous idea!!! Thanks for sharing it!


P.S. The more I think about it, the more I like it for all KINDS of "odd" shapes! It's so hard to get the edges tight and smooth when you do intricate shapes and tin foil would squish right into pretty tight spaces. I can't wait to try it!

Ok....this might make me the biggest nerd ever....but here goes.


I have wanted one of those "seam" guides that have an edge I see advertised, but I am seriously just too darn cheap to pay the asking price. I have an industrial "Juki" that I adjust for use doing free motion quilting and it has ZERO markings on the throat plate. It's a pain in the rear end (and a lengthy process) to re-adjust it to sew straight again when I just want to use it to sew a quick 1/4 inch seam or to place a binding.....soooooooooooo. 


I had a couple of thin sheets of the"magnet" stuff you would normally stick to business cards or other paper to make them stick to your fridge laying around. They measure about 3 inches by 5 inches...about the size of index cards. I left them stuck to each other like they come in the package, which created a "stack" that is somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inches "tall" when they are laying flat. I "marked" my throat plate to 1/4 and 1/2 etc with a piece of tape and a sharpie and then I can "stick" my magnet stack to the steel throat plate wherever I want it (adjustable) simply by laying the long side of it along the marked measurement of my choice and it works as the perfect straight edge guide to lay my fabric against.


Cheap and effective. (I'd rather spend my $$$ on fabric!)

Great solution for repurposing something on hand.  The magnetic pieces come in strips, such as tape, for those who want to do this themselves.  I think it is a great idea for any sewing machine throat.  My eyes could use a little less eye strain.  Now, where did I put that roll of magnet?  It's around here someplace.
Great idea! I've been using a stack of sticky notes. Eventually the bottom one loses its stickiness, though. I like that the stack forms a firm edge to butt the fabric against. Now I think I'll try the magnets that came with my chart keeper (for knitting and cross stitch charts). I'll bet that would work!

Oooooo, I collect and apply tips.  For now, I have 2.


#1:  To add dimension to a quilt, while maintaining the softness, consider yarn.  I tore a tarpunto, and ended up couching the yarn over the tear, and all the other cloud spots.  It feels like a rug (no durability that way), and still is soft.  It also was mentioned in a book, for the unique ways to solve problems.

#2:  Use Prismacolor pencils to mark quilts, when your marks will be covered, or washed out.  All the contrast you could ever want is right there.  They are highly affordable, easily available, and last for lots of markings.  I have marked hot pinks and reds on white, and it has all come out in the wash before presentation.  As long as you do not iron, it will not set on you.

Use those tiny pony tail holders to keep bobbin threads from tangling into a nasty mess.  The colors help know what is on the bobbins.  You get lots for a couple of dollars at most.  Check your dollar stores.


Get some quarter inch masking tape and put a piece over the top of both thumbs so you have an accurate guide to compare your seams after sewing.

I don't have a trick or tip but I'm looking for one - please let me know if I've posted in the wrong place and I'll repost.

I am making a mock-cathedral windows quilt which uses circles sewn together.  I'm using this method: Cathedral Windows I am an experienced quilter and for whatever reason, I am having such trouble sewing 5" circles together making consistent seam allowances.  Is it me?  Is it my machine (feed dogs)?  Can anyone make a suggestion to make this easier?  Thanks!!! 

I heard a tip online somewhere last week that I thought was interesting.  The quilter sprayed the back of her rulers with 505.  It prevents the ruler from slipping without adding any height like the little dots do.  Interesting.  I'll try it out on one of my rulers and let you know what I think.

I use this method all the time and it works really great.  If you want to clean it off when you are finished just use a little Goo Gone!

I just found this discussion. There's also a tip thread in Newbie Quilters: http://quiltwithus.connectingthreads.com/forum/topics/tips-and-tric...

I don't know if this was posted already or not. but I like to wet my needle (not the thread) in order to thread the needle. it takes the static off the needle and thread goes right thru the hole. if you wet the thread in my mind it makes the thread get larger. hope this works for you as it does for me.


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