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I love this idea. Thanks Lori
Linda-I was thinking about doing something along this line...but I haven't fleshed it out completely in my head...so bare with me if I ramble.

I too HATE the way a label can ruin the look of something we spend so much time trying to make look wonderful. SO-I thought of doing something similar to an 'envelope' but inserting it INSIDE the quilt along the edge on the back somewhere. Sort of like putting a "pocket" in the side of a pair of pants?

This way you could make it bigger than a traditional label-like your envelope idea-and you could write the laundering instructions and "made by" info on it with washable, permanent ink on the "inside" of the envelope, insert it in the seam, and then use JUST a button or snap to close the seam. When the closure is undone, you would just reach in and pull the "pocket" inside out-like I would turn out a pocket in my son's jeans to dump the dirt out of them. All the information would be right there, wouldn't get set aside and lost, AND I think it would be a MUCH better way to label quilts turned in for display or judging at quilt shows.

If this doesn't make sense, email me or let me know and I'll try to describe what I'm thinking more clearly. I still haven't worked out how the binding could/would work around such a thing, but I'm sure it I sat down and actually tried it, I'd figure something out.

Am I crazy or does anyone think this would work?

I think this is genius!  I can really see this working.  I don't label my quilts...my "signature" is that I sew the initials of the recipient into my free-motion longarm stitching somewhere and let them try to find it .  Sometimes it takes months, but they enjoy the search!  I should probably start labeling them, but didn't know how I would do it without it detracting from the quilt.  Thanks for this idea (although I am about 3 years late :-)  ).

I really like the basket idea for piecing! I have used the plastic bags and you have to keep opening and closing them and they slide around on each other! I'm going to look for these.

I've had trouble finding my tools while working, so I made a little thing with pockets. It is about a foot long and 6 inches wide and I put velcro on the back and on the edge of my table. It holds all my small tools. I used some pre-quilted material that I had picked up at a garage sale. It's really handy.
I like keeping my old machine needles.I use them instead of nails,they leave hardly any hole in the wall.
Wow! I have never heard that one, you are really green and what a great idea
What a great idea!
I use a pounce to mark my quilts. The chalk always seems to get smudged or rubbed off before I get to it to quilt. I solved that by spraying the marked areas with spray starch. It really works on keeping the chalk from smudging.
This is a fantastic idea.
Hair spray works too if you run out of spray starch...lol
Do you Spray Starch before or after you pounce with chalk?
Before! It holds the chalk in place long enough to get it quilted, then just brush it off with a clean, soft toothbrush. I came up with this idea after being marked off in a competition for not having all the pencil marks off my entry. I even got $25 from American Patchwork & Quilting when I submitted it to them. Hey, that was 10 FQs at the time!


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