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Hi Nikki, I know I'm a little behind the curve, but we disappear to FL in the winter to do volunteer work at Christian organizations and that keeps me off the streets (and off the computer!). I use the bobbin holders from Nancy's Notions. They have a little groove that you can wrap the thread tail around to keep it from flying about if you need to. My DH built me an oak spool cabinet and it's FULL! Each of the spools has a bobbin attached to it with a bb so that when I want to sew something I don't have to wind a bobbin or hunt for the right color. It's great!
Yes, I have used them. I believe I ordered them from Keepsake Quilting. There are quite alot of them in an order so I shared with a couple of friends. I love the neatness they make---however---if they were clear instead of bright pink, one could discern the thread color in a glance.
Yes yes yes! I love mine! I can "see" all the colors I've got on bobbins all at once, in one place, and I can move it between machines easily. They do NOT slip around it it at ALL. Once in a while I'll notice some longer "tails" sticking out of it (they are NOT unwinding because they cannot move in the rubber at all-usually just me sticking them in quickly and leaving some hanging off in my hurry) and I just pick it up, let them all hang down, and clip them all at once with my scissors. Like a mini haircut. And POOF-all tidy again. I seriously love mine.

I have used a covered ice-cube tray (from Container Store) to keep my bobbins. I have pictures over here http://sewpreetiquilts.blogspot.com/2014/04/staying-organized-that-...

I use small jars that pimentos or minced garlic come in to store my used rotary cutting blades. When full, throw them in the trash
I mark the outside of the plastic case that the new blade comes in with "Used" or "Old" and place the old blade in there to throw it away. If I am planning on doing some paper piecing, I will put that container in my mini set of drawers with the supply of new blades. If not, then I put it in the trash as others are protected from it by the case.

Hi Cornwoman, I also use your idea to put an X on the container with the old blades. I also do scrapbooking so when I need to use a blade to cut my scrapbooking paper I pull out one of the old blades that way I don't use my good blades on the paper.
I bought a blade sharpener and have been reusing the blades for quite awhile. I let my husband sharpen because he has a lot more patience than I do and then he can be a part of my hobby. He really doesn't seem to mind doing it and I can find more fun things to do. It really only takes a couple of minutes to do. I save them up until I have 3-4 blades to do at a time.
It sure makes the blades last a lot longer.

Mary, I also have a blade sharpener that is battery operated that I bought from Quilt In A Day when they were having a sale.  Works wonders on the blades and it is also my dh's job.  He is very active in my piecing and quilting jobs.  I am ecstatic about it!!  Peace and blessings,  Vicki

I like to have several widths and colors of masking tape around me. I can use it to mark straight lines for hand quilting. I can also stick pieces on blocks to indicate direction when assembling a complicated layout. Sometimes I even write a note to myself on it, usually import stuff like "beware bias".
Great idea I'll use tape next time I quilt. TFS.

I use the baby hair scrunchies too. There a LOT cheaper than bobbin buddies and work just fine for me. I also keep my rotary cutter and scissors in a metal tin with a tight lid. It's on a high shelf so my kids can't get to it. Out of sight, out of mind!


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