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Nope! If you only have ONE seam ripper-it means you make very few mistakes and are very organized! LOL I buy them in BULK when they are on sale so I can "lose" one in every location I ever sit in to sew! LOL
When I get my blocks laid out the way I want to put them together; I use masking tape to mark the blocks. First row would be A-1, A-2, A-3 ect. Second row would be B-1 and so on. Tape would stay on until all blocks were set together.

Fons&Porter has now come out with labels that you can pin on Row 1, Block 1 ect. I like the tape because it doesn't poke you like the pins would.

FYI: For those looking for the little scrunchies used on bobbins can be found at Dollar General Store for $1 per package.
I use tape sometimes too to mark my blocks when putting a top together. I had seen the little labels that Fons & Porter sell and decided to purchase a sheet of template material (the one marked with squares) and make my own. I cut the template material into squares and used a hole punch to put a hole in the middle. I used a sharpie to mark each one - 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 (Row-Block). I have to admit that sometimes I forget about them and press them and have to make a new one, but I have two sets since I quilt at our beach house too. I like using these since I can stack all the squares and take them to my sewing machine and don't have to worry about them getting out of order.
I use the plastic tubing for my bobbins, too. I'll have to try the trick with the tape around my seam rippers because they always seem to be on the floor somewhere!
I keep my small scissors for cutting machine thread and my seam ripper on small suction cups with hooks stuck to the side of my sewing machine by the wheel. The suction cups can be found at any hardware store; all you need is a smooth surface anywhere handy on your machine to stick them.
When I get ready to sew the binding to my top, I tape a small plastic bag (even a small brown paper bag would work) to my sewing table, right below my machine. I then roll up or accordian fold the mitered and pressed binding and place it in the bag. Pull out one end and start sewing. The binding stays nice and tidy in the bag and you don't get all tangled up in it as you are sewing it on. It works great!!
Oh my heavens...what a good idea. I LOVE you! I usually have to untangle myself, my table legs AND the dog!
Oh I love this tip, cause I am always getting it tangled up with the thread and other stuff on my floor.
This is a wonderful idea. I usually toss the binding over my shoulder and sometimes it gets tangled around my chair legs.
I came up with a handy little tool to keep your binding handy while sewing it on your quilt. Mine works somewhat like a chatelaine. It consists of a small dowel with a medium bead or spool on each end. I fastened a ribbon or cord on both ends and then hang it around my neck. The binding is rolled neatly then the dowel is poked through the center. It never gets tangled and is right where you want it while sewing. I believe the Cotilde catalog has something similar for $9, but I made mine up because of the need for less clutter. I call mine "The Binder Minder".
Great idea Dorothy! Thanks for the tip.
I use plastic tubing as a bobbin holder. You just cut a small ring off the tube and cut it open and it wraps around the bobbin. It is a much cheaper version of the bobbin buddies.


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