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When I'm sewing binding on by hand, I'm usually on the couch in the living room. I get complaints about other people finding pins with their derrierres... Now I use the little size binder clips from the office supply stores and they work great! The only problem with them is that the Cockatoo likes them and tries to take off with them. Usually he waits till I get them back in the little box I keep beside me, but sometimes he tries to liberate them while they're still in use. He also runs with my scissors in his mouth.
How funny! Who knew binding could be fun!?!?
I love it!! The Quilting Cockatoo.

Dayleen-binding is one of my favorite things! Seriously...no math, hot appliances, patterns.I do it while "watching" TV with the hubby at nights.
I'm trying to change my attitude about this one last detail of quilting. I machine sewed the binding to the front of a quilt last night so that I can work on the hand sewing this weekend. (my machine will be getting serviced) I am going to work on it with a positive attitude this time. My fingers just get tired of all of that needle work. This particular quilt has been done and just sitting here since June so I am going to make myself finish it.
well, a few things, you either don't have to do it by hand or you can do 2 ft a night and feel like you're making some progress, or trade binding chores with a friend....maybe she hates putting the first half on? I only do the hand work on my very best gift items....almost all my quilts are sewn on by machine, turned and stitched in the ditch from the right side....i make sure the underside has enough size to accommodate this technique and i go slowly, making sure to catch it properly....however slowly i go, it's much faster than hand sewing...
I was hand sewing once and put the needle and thread into the arm of the chair while cutting more thread and my 8 week old puppy reached up and snatched them. I grabbed him but not in time before it went down his throat. We raced down to the vet and on xray it was in his stomach. It could have gone into his lungs but didn't. Well they operated and when I picked him up the next day they presented me with the needle and thread ! Needless to say that habit ended right there !
So did your rename your puppy pin cushion?! Poor little thing!
My husband probably would have banned me from quilting. He is not one to spend a lot of money on the pets. It drives me nuts.
Sorry it took so long to answer - I guess I got lost on this site ! Well we named the puppy Carol's Troubles. He turned into quite a dog even with his belly scar !
Glad you brought that up.I just read this week about how NOT to have your pets (cats) play with thread.They can eat it and will wrap around their intestines and could kill them.Now I ALWAYS pick up any loose threads imediately.
I have two of everything (almost). I keep one pair of scissors and a seam ripper both at my sewing machine and on the ironing board. I know to leave the tools where they are and only move my project that I'm working on from machine to ironing board.
There is a great needle threader out there that works well. CT sells it. My mother loves to hand quilt but is having trouble with her eyesight. As soon as I got her one of these threaders, she was very pleased.


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