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Removing Pencil Lines This is a method I have used for years, and will always use. Combine 3 ounces water, 1 ounce rubbing alcohol and 2 -3 drops of dishwashing liquid,,, Palmolive or Joy. DO NOT USE DAWN!! Mix them together and using a soft toothbrush, apply to pencil lines. Wash as you normally would wash your quilt. I found a small spray bottle, and use that to store whatever is left over. If you have a large quilt, you will have to make the combination more than once.

I have used the new Fons & Porters pencils, found in CT catalog. They do come with an eraser, but you would sure go thru a lot of erasers if you had to erase a queen size quilt.

Hope this helps with those pencil lines that have been stubborn. Lynne
You know, better than pencils are Crayola's Washable (make sure you get washable!) Markers. They are bright and easy to see, have fine tips AND wash out on the first wash with no special effort every time. I have three kiddos who have taught me so much about quilting with their Crayolas!!!! LOL :-)
Does anyone have any tips on working with fabric like Minke? Any plush-type fabric such as that. I had some in a kit for a baby quilt that was supposed to be used as the outside border and I ended up throwing it out and getting some cotton from my stash instead. It puckered and stretched out like crazy, in spite of using my walking foot and pinning everything. I know there must be a secret to it but I sure haven't figured it out. Any help is appreciated!
I have used Minkee in several baby quilts, and it does have a mind of its own! I found a lightweight fusible interfacing and ironed it on the back. It helps the Minkee keep its shape and gives me more control. (And since I so often feel out-of-control it helps my sanity also!!)
you have to treat it like any other knit fabric, putting a little tension on it as you sew so that it will lay flat when done...especially when sewing to a woven fabric...
I learned a new trick today. I was paper piecing strings on old phone book paper and learned if you give the strings a little "pop" or two the paper will break away. I really helps if you "pop" the edges. Does this make sense--after you sew all the strings onto the paper and cut them to size, just grab each end of the piece and yank--not too hard--just enough to pull the paper loose. Some of them just fall off in your lap, but most of them need a little more work, but it is SOOOOOO much easier than digging under each little strip of paper and trying to wiggle it loose.
That's interesting Luann...I never sewn my strips onto phone book paper...have always used light foundation or cheap dryer sheets...do you find ink to be an issue at all? I know when I'm paper piecing I use a 1.0 stitch when using type paper and a 1.5 stitch when using regular paper piecing paper and the tiny stitches helps the paper to just come off easily...
As long as you are using an old phone book you should not have any problem with the ink at all.
Question: how old is old?
By old, I mean do not use the current years, you may need it to call someone. : )
Last year's is plenty old. If it is ancient, then you might have some acid transference concerns if you leave the paper on too long.
ok, that makes sense...i got some of last year's sittin' around here and i can't wait to use for this very purpose...cool way to recycle....just like great grandma used to, right?!
Hope this works well for you. The first time I was told this, the phone book I was most familiar with was (and still is) only 5.5" x 8.5" by maybe 1/4" to 1/2" deep (small town/area phone book). I could not figure out how you made a very big block out of that size. Since moving to a larger metro area, I think one of these phone books could last a really long time!

By the way, most of the time my great-grandmother used this type of paper in her out-house, which is another form of recycling. I know this, because I would spend part of my summers at her house (or rather houses).


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