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Share how the economy has affected your quilt lifestyle. Examples: buying fabric, tools, BOM or class enrollments...

Just wanted some validation that I am not the only one going on a fabric diet these days. My question also comes from hearing a few friends say their quilt purchases have taken a backseat for awhile.

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I'm shameless. As an addict I'd sell my spare organs and a couple of my kids for fabric.....so.....

Here's how I see it. If the US economy collapses entirely, then people will be in desperate need of warmth and shelter and so someone just HAS to be willing to provide them with such things. Right? I view my continued search for fabric a humanitarian impulse now rather than a self gratifying luxury. I HIGHLY suggest the mindset!!

Diets are BAD for you anyway! It causes the starvation reflex and when the economy recovers you'll just gain back the fabric you lost plus another ten yards!!!! Oh wait....let me think this through....
I have to admit that I have opted to finish things I've started or I chose to do things scrappy to use up my stash, before I make large purchases. If its a gift I will spend the money, but my gifts have gotten smaller. I can't afford the longarm quilting anymore. LOl! this economy has to come around soon! There's nothing worse than a frustrated Quilter!!
Yes, I have seriously reduced the amount of fabric I am buying. I have to admit that I was over spending on fabric and had not been sewing in months, so my stash just grew & grew. I started by giving up buying fabric for Lent this year. After Lent has passed I didn't go back to my pattern of buying fabric. I used to buy fabric on-line every weekend, I was "addicted" to the websites with thousands of fabrics to choose from. Then, I was laid off from my job; as of July 1st I haven't had a paycheck. I did receive severance of 4 weeks and I'm collecting unemployment from the state. Fortunately, I am able to pay all my regular bills, but to buy fabric I would have to dip into my savings. Since I was careful to save for an emergency fund it's hard to part with that money not knowing how long it will be until I get another job. So yes, it's the economy and it's also that I have so much already that's my reasons for the "fabric diet". Rebecca
I know things are pretty bad,but i belong to HGTV Quilting and Needlework.There's one called Stachbusters,you make something from your stach send them a picture and each month they send you a fat quarter.It's fun for all
That sounds really interesting..mmmmmm I may have to check into it. Never heard of it before..
Being on disability I don't really notice much of a crunch, but our Walmart (30 miles away) is doing the major down sizing and I am not real happy about it!!! So that will make a difference in my fabric purchases..They will be cutting out most of the fabric dept and enlarging the photo center dept......But there are several other fabric shops which just means another extras stop.
Darla, I can relate to your post. Fabrics are no longer sold in the WM stores in this area so full priced is what we have in local area shops. Sales in local shops can't compare to WM. most of my 'stash' is from there and I have enough to last for awhile so I can't complain too much. I used to buy a little bit here and there online and just can't do that anymore. The one thing i think I'll miss the most is local retreats and classes that I won't be attending.
We have put off a house remodel. I was so looking forward to that. I understand the need to wait though. I haven't given up buying fabric, I think I have bought more in the last year then ever. I think to myself, this fabric could be double in price in a few years and I won't be able to buy like I can now. I'm stocking up to save money later. !
I feel valaidated in my purchases as long as my friends are buying more than I am.
I haven't had a new machine in 15 years. I own a Kenmore, what I am lusting after is a Janome. Everyone else has one, why not me??
I don't have my tops machine quilted (at a cost of around $150 for a queen) although I would dearly love to. (So I could actually use them and not have them sit in a dresser waiting for that moment in time where I might get the time to hand quilt them)
I only go on one retreat, locally, once a year. And I leave my credit card home when we go fabric shopping. The cash I take with me is all that I spend.
Oh and my weakness, e-bay. I buy lots and lots of bargains, so that makes up for everything, right?......if only I could find a bargain on a Janome......................
Unfortunately, my quilting mania started when I lost my job. My creative right brain kicked my computer analyst left brain into submission, and I started looking at color, pictures, fabric and discovered this amazing online universe of quilters! I LOVE it that the 'granny in the corner' has taken to the internet and computer assisted design! My left brain gets lots of exercise figuring out patterns, and my right brain gets to paint with fabric.

The lust for fabric started right when I had no extra income to spend, so I'm limited to buying just what I need for a single project (OK - I buy a yard when I need a FQ, but it's LOTS less expensive that way, right?) I put the monster Mountain Scene quilt on hold to start on Christmas presents for some very special people, so I did get to buy fabric this week. Can't wait to start my new job next week, so I can really indulge the fabric mania at the LQS!!!!
I have only been quilting for 4 years. I had never heard of a stash until I started quilting. I had done sewing since childhood, mostly shirts and skirts, my mom taught me to save the scraps for a rainy day, and I guess in the back of my mind I knew that someday I would become a quilter. So now back to today, I finally have a room I can call my own and put all my sewing stuff in one place. I never realized how much "stash" building I had done. Most of my fabric is older and stuff leftover from my mom that she never used, having it all in one room instead of here and there and in different boxes or totes is not good, because now my husband knows how much fabric I have. Way more than I thought I had. So I haven't really got to buy any new fabric just kits, which is what I started with. I have bought some pattern books to use my stash fabric, but currently I am finishing a quilt for someone else, and they bought the fabric for me to use. I don't look at myself as a professional quilter, I just think of myself as finding someone who wanted a quilt, couldn't make it themselves and was willing to allow me to enjoy making a quilt that someone else pays for.


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