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Let me know if you want to be added to the list. 

OK!....So the theme is a character or scene that depicts a favourite childrens story.  It dosn't have to be 'word wide popular' like Alice in Wonderland, but it would be nice to share the story with everyone so we can see how the PC relates. 

Basic 6" x 4" postcard - thread painted as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  We have 9 on the list so far and I will decide who sends to who nearer the end of March.  Due to be posted out by the end of APRIL.

Linda H

Barb Blackwell

Charlotte G








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The first children's book I thought of was "Goodnight Moon", so that's my working thought, but there are so many lovely books out there that I could easily change my mind. 

My PC is almost finished! Just a few finishing touches. Hehehehe!

I'm right there with you Terri.  This has been really fun.  I showed it to a friend (emailed it actually) and she hoped I would give it to her, so guess I'll need to make her one too. 

STOP IT AT ONCE!!!!! Both of you  are too  clever for words!  Now you will just have to wait for the rest of us. ;oP

LOL.  Strike while the iron is hot, as they say.

I'm with you, Barb! Bunch of over-achievers....

Haven't even started mine and these two show-offs are nearly done! ;op from me, too! LOL

Yeah, but you have been going like gang-busters on the 12x12's. You are not sitting idle my friend.

Shhhhhh!! LOL

I'm waiting for DH to get home with ink for my printer. Yikes, I am lost without my printer and I forgot to get it last week when I was out. Then I'll be able to get going on this one! Gotta print out my picture for my guidelines and tracing. BTW, what is the due date for these? I don't see a date in the above description, so am assuming that it is soon? Or did I miss it in reading?

thanks Ally, you've answered my questions.

BB count me in I think I will make a start on it while in Florida but will have to finish at home where my threads are. But you did say end of April is that right. I get home end of March so that will give me time. To get it finished - I have the book theme already in my head so I will begin sketching.

Yes END of March to sign up and END of APRIL to finish and post.


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