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Let me know if you want to be added to the list. 

OK!....So the theme is a character or scene that depicts a favourite childrens story.  It dosn't have to be 'word wide popular' like Alice in Wonderland, but it would be nice to share the story with everyone so we can see how the PC relates. 

Basic 6" x 4" postcard - thread painted as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  We have 9 on the list so far and I will decide who sends to who nearer the end of March.  Due to be posted out by the end of APRIL.

Linda H

Barb Blackwell

Charlotte G








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Yep!  Just put your name 'up top'.

Do we know who our swap partners will be? I haven't seen anything showing who is sending to who. I'm afraid that I can't give a teaser as it just might give the whole thing away. When I do take the picture it will have to be done in two parts! How's THAT for a hint? LOL.

Well, need to get back to organizing things for the trip to Hawaii and then almost as soon as we return we will be taking a trip to Florida to see the home we're interested in and get paperwork started. When we go to fly, I will be taking a little "something" to calm the nerves as I am terrified of flying. Unfortunately, they haven't figured out how to build a bridge that long so I have to fly. Thankfully, hubby is great at keeping me calm. He's learned to put his hand on top of mine and not let me hold his hand, can you say vice grip!

Later everyone.

Terri - my DH is like you and for most of his work life he flew to accounts not just in the US but all over the world! Poor fellow. Me?  I go for the window seat and just love it.

I'm waiting till the end of March to see if any one else wants to sign up.  I will decide on swap partners as soon as that happens, but I'm for an easy life, so will probably just go down the list as it is now.  In need to check if Ally is in for sure but other wise the first 2 on the list can swap, then the second 2 and so on.

Okay, so if I'm not having brain fog, that means that I swap with Charlotte! Great, will get that out in the mail when I return on the 2nd.

Sounds right to me!  

Great. You'll have to find the book I'm gonna use because it's perfect for you. : )

Does this mean I have more time because you won't be around to get your mail for a while? LOL

Yeah! Sandy's in!!!!

Put me as a definite from maybe. Thanks.

Done! Thanks Ally.

Oh you wish! LOL. If you need extra time, by all means I'm game. We will be in Hawaii from March 20 - April 2nd and then in Florida April 9-11th. Hopefully, while we are there we will be signing the papers for our new home. If the buyers accept our offer, we will be settling towards the end of May or on my birthday in June. Our realtor sent us a "real time" virtual tour of the home today and the pictures from the homesale site didn't do it justice. When they showed the screened enclosed pool, you heard its waterfall and birds chirping and singing in the background. It brought tears to my eyes because it just screams "come home" to us. The kitchen is 13x21! I won't know how to behave in there. LOL. Hope to get your PC in the mail tomorrow, otherwise it will go out when we return on the 2nd.

No hurry. You can wait til you get back if you want. You have enough to do right now.
I'm jealous of those birds singing! We own a house in Duneden, but it's being lived in by DH's cousins. We only meant to help them out when they were in a jam and now own their house. It, too, has a lanai with a pool. There's a designated rails-to-trails area there called The Penellas Trail and it's a great place to walk or bike or even rollerblade. I wish I was there right now! LOL


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