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I am new to this site, so this might have been discussed already.

I am not an experienced quilter..started this hobby about 3 years ago.  Do you think that the  quilt blocks in this book (Sylvia's wedding sampler) are too difficult for a beginner?  I can do the foundation blocks ok but I just can't seem to get the others to work....

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Hi Patricia, welcome to the NYS Stitchers group!
I do not have that book, but one of the ladies in my Wed group does. I will ask her if she has started any of the blocks yet. It is frustrating when you are trying to follow instructions, and the project just is not coming out right! It has happened to all of us!

I have been trying to finish a series of quilts from an Eleanor Burns book, Through the Seasons, I think is the name of it. I foolishly thought it would be great to make 4 identical quilts for Christmas for my sisters and myself, calling them the Sisters Quilts. Just change the color of the border and backing for each one, using each one's favorite color. Well, BORING!!! After making 2 of the tops, I am pushing myself to finish the other 2 so I can get them quilted and out of my sewing studio!!!

How is the weather where you live? Right now, ours is just gorgeous, the awful humidity is gone.

good luck with your blocks!!
Thanks for your reply....I live near Rhinebeck (THE WEDDING IS TODAY) and the day is beautiful.
I feel your pain! I'm so ADHD that I get bored if a large quilt uses the same blocks over and over! I'll display a quilt and someone will say "I want you to make me one just like that" and I cringe! Once I've done it-I don't want to do it again! LOL
I don't have the book either, but I looked online at photos of the blocks and they don't seem too complicated. Of course I have no idea what kind of instructions are included in the book either. Sometimes they don't seem to make much sense.

If you can scan the images you are working on and post them here, I'm sure the members would be happy to help you with each one.

I for one LOATHE piecing projects and try to avoid them at all costs! LOL But I found myself working on a quilt that combines log cabin piecing and applique and while I love the way it's turning out, I have to force myself not to look too closely at the blocks and seams-I mean seriously....why is it SOOOOOOO incredibly hard to get straight pieces to line up and STAY straight?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Needless to say, I don't think anyone has immediate success with intricate piecing (other than foundation). I think we tend to rush through them because we can assembly line sew them. Either that or my machine is possessed and simply cannot sew a 4 inch line repeatedly. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh
Patricia we are doing this in my other sew along group! there is a lot of paper piecing in the blocks! so if you are keen on doing it go ahead,it is challenging tho! needs lots of patience!LOL
I am terrible when it comes to making blocks look like they do in a book or pattern (which is probably why I became a Contemporary Quilter so I could make up my own quilts that don't need blocks). However, every once in a while I make a traditional quilt for a loved one and have found out that if I convert the block to a paper pieced block they come out beautifully every time. If you have any version of Electric Quilt (mine is version 4), you can draw the block and then when you print it out you tell it to make it a paper pieced block! Often if the block is large it will print out on more than one sheet of paper, but you just have to cut them out and put them together. I print all my paper piecing blocks on newsprint paper (which you can buy at any office store and sometimes in the children's department of a craft store). It comes in pads of 9by12 sheets, so you have to cut them down to 8/12 by 11 to fit in the printer and you can only put one sheet of paper in the printer at a time, but it is worth it when you go to tear off the paper and it comes off so easy. Carol Doak has a new video out about paper piecing that is 90 minutes long and costs only $20.00. JoAnn's sells it, so if you use a 40% coupon it is a real bargain. I got it and was amazed at what I learned about paper piecing. Most people think you waste fabric when you do it, but if you follow Carol's instructions you will find that you don't waste fabric at all. Also, if you are worried that you will put the fabric together wrong I always suggest using batiks so it doesn't matter matter which side you use because both sides are the same. I made a quilt for my niece that was very beautiful, but very complicated. I took a class and the first block I did in the traditional way and it looked terrible. None of the points matched and it wasn't the right size. I then proceeded to make a paper pieced copy of the block and all the points match and it looks wonderful. My niece Lisa gets many compliments on the quilt and I feel great because no one can tell it was paper pieced. I will put a picture of the quilt on my page. It was easy to draw the pattern in Electric Quilt and even if you don't have it you can draw it on graph paper. The great thing about her quilt was that she wanted it to match a picture in her family room that was a Monet painting. All of the fabrics I used were mostly scraps, but they were in the 2 color groups she wanted---blue and green. It was fun finding the scraps and my friends donated some of theirs, so all I bought were a few fat quarters. I also get very bored doing the same thing over and over, but with a scrap quilt it's fun to put the pieces together. My favorite part of doing a traditional quilt is the quilting and that is what I look forward to as I am making the blocks. Don't get discouraged when you have to make a traditional quilt---just think of all the fabulous thread you can use when you quilt it. I am called The Thread Lady and my husband accuses me of having more thread than fabric (not true, I only have 12 boxes full of thread and many more boxes filled with fabric.) Seriously, I never, ever would make the same quilt twice. Once is always enough and there are so many patterns out there to use. Don't forget to go to the fabric company's websites. They have lots of free patterns, so you don't have to buy a book. Also, I take out lots of books from the Library and I might buy it if I like it, but most of the time I might find one quilt I like or usually just get some inspirations from the books to design my own quilts. If you want an older book, go to the Abe Books website. I often find older books for $1.00 and have to pay shipping of about $3.00 or $4.00, I can usually find books cheaper there than on Amazon or other sites. JO
Patricia! Check out Darlene's Slacker group here on the CT Forum, & you will see lots of us working on this very quilt, plus lots of great info & help on it! Come join, we have great time there, & any of the rest of you reading this too!


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