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I tried designing a tablerunner in EQ, but I couldn't figure out how to get the points on the end.  I finally just created another block on each end as a work-around.  What should I have done?


Here's my work-around:

At least I was able to get cutting diagrams and yardage.  


Kay Ahr  in Reno/Sparks, Nevada USA

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Nice tablerunner, I wish I could answer you but will be watching to see the correct answer.

There's a Help topic in EQ6 called Adjusting the Clipping Edge of the Quilt that might be helpful in this situation. It talks about working in the Graph Pad on Layers 2 or 3 and using the clipping tool on the right side of the gray bar with the block's size and other characteristics. Not sure if that would work, but might be worth a try.

There's also a "Virtual Border" topic that gives a little more detail about the layer 2 and 3 usage.

I'll be curious to see other responses to this question. I've avoided getting "fancy" with borders because I didn't know how to do it.

Good luck.

I did search for "table runner" in EQ help.  I got an article titled "How do I make an on-point table runner with pointed ends?"  Those directions didn't work for me -- since my blocks are not on point, I suppose. 


I never thought about considering the two end triangles as a border.


I have no idea what a clipping edge is, but I'll sure be looking that one up!


Thanks for the leads.  I'll report back on what they lead me to.

Ah ha!!  Someone found tablerunners in EQ7 under the opening Quick Quilts tab.  The points are done as motifs in PatchDraw.  I sort of tried that, but mine is horizontal and EQ's samples are vertical.  I managed to get a point on one end, but then I couldn't color it.  But I am getting there!  I think I'll just work on the actual blocks with fabric this evening, then my eyeballs might be able to get back to the computer.
Did it!  Have to draw a triangle in PatchDraw motif.  The must do some rotating on Layer 2.  Might have to write up a little lesson for myself so that I don't have to spend all day doing it over again the next time.  Once upon a time in life, I was a technical writer documenting software.  I should be able to write myself some darn good step-by-step directions with illustrations!  And then I'll share. 
Kay, I would love to have your directions for accomplishing the pointed ends of your runner.
Kay, that's great. FYI - I am a technical writer, too! I'm constantly writing instructions for folks. Second nature. Can't wait to see your instructions because, as I said before, I have avoided those finishes because I didn't know how and didn't have time to work it out.

Directions are almost done.  I realized that I need two sets of directions -- one for me because now I have blocks in My Library that i can just reuse.  Then a set of directions for somebody starting from scratch like I did.  Apparently EQ had some directions on this back during the EQ5 days.  Donna, would you be my "second eye" when I do get the directions done?  Thanks in advance.


Hummmm, where will I put these directions...... 

Sent you a friend request. You can then send the directions to me for review before you post.



Ah ha!!  I knew there had to be a work-around here!  Thank you.  Now I just have to finish the directions.  I don't know what I did with my time yesterday -- it almost seems like Sunday just didn't exist.  I've got some time today to work on the last 3 steps with screen shots.  (What did   I do yesterday?)

Finally got the table runner done.  It had a deadline.  Now I can go back and leisurely work on the EQ directions for the points. 


Great looking runner Kay.

Looking forward to your "point" directions.


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