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I'm taking a poll. I have a terrible time finding a thimble I like that doesn't wear out. I've tried nimble thimble and an expensive leather one that I paid way too much for and it only lasted an hour before the back of the needle went through it and poked my finger. I can't use metal ones because I have a problem with them not staying on. I have very small fingers. Okay my ring size is a 4.

I just bought a couple of the jelly ones that have been advertised, but haven't tried them yet.

Please let me know you favorite thimble, maybe I can find one that I can fall in love with

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Here's how I solved the size for my brass thimble since I also have very small fingers - I put a bandaid around my finger, and I cut my nail real short before putting the thimble on.

Same problem here. Can't find one that will stay on (small fingers). I always end up coming back to my old standby-and it's completely a hillbilly concoction for sure...

I purchased a package of red, rubber, finger tips (NOT jellies) that I think you're supposed to use to "grip" your quilts while free motion quilting. They resemble the tips of a rubber glove with little nubby dots on them. The "thumb" ones are way too big, but the others work just fine for me. They grip like crazy, they fit well and "stick" to my fingers a little, they have vent holes in them so they don't get sweaty and fall off etc. Also, because they are so flexible, I can put a tiny rubber band, or small pony tail holder, around the base of them to kind of strap them to my fingers. AND-when they wear out or get all linty-dirty-I just toss them. Ten in a pack for about $3.00.

When I'm working with a tiny needle that would pierce them, I put one of those clear, plastic "Thimble-It" pads on first (I absolutely love those things) and then slip the rubber finger over it. The Thimble-It protects my finger from being poked because they are thicker and fairly rigid, but they work well as a "buffer". I've also used one underneath my metal "hand quilting" thimble (which I use when I want that hard ridge that keeps your needle from slipping off the top) and it works like a buffer/resizer/finger enlarger for that as well.

I've also been known to put a fabric band-aid or a piece of moleskin around my thimble finger first and then put my metal thimble over it-fits much more snuggly! The actual REAL tips of a rubber glove would work too.

I bought a black leather thimble once that had a piece of metal inside of it where your finger tip goes and I loved it because it protected me from sticks...but I lost it and can't remember where I bought it!

Good luck-this is a curse for me as well.
I really like the Considine Goat Leather Thimbles for my pushing finger and the metal Under-Thimble for the underneath finger. I'd like to try the Jelly ones but need a 2.
Thanks Ladies, that's a help. I still haven't tried the jelly ones, but i hope to soon. I'll let you know how it goes. Running with Scissors (LOL) My husband wore a T shirt the first time I went out with him that said "I run with scissors" I knew I loved him then. I think the one you mention at th end of your message, the black one with the metal in it is the Nimble Thimble, and you can get them at most quilt stores. That's my old stand by, but they do come apart after a bit.
Have you tried antique stores or flea markets? I have several antique sterling silver thimbles from my ancestors and they are very tiny. I even have my grandmother's childhood thimble (in great shape since she hated sewing). Unfortunately, I have large fingers, so I had to purchase my own at an antique store. Bless the midwest farm girl who had large fingers! At the time $40 seemed like a lot of money, but I've used the thimble exclusively for 20 years now with no problem, so it was a real bargain. I couldn't hand quilt without it.
good idea i'll have to take a look in some of the stores downtown.  We live in Frederick which is a small town really with alot of antique and consignment shops.  I've never really thought about looking for thimbles there but I will now.  We usually go downtown to walk around on the weekends.  Now I'll have a purpose.  Thanks for the great idea


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