Quilt With Us

This will not be a swap with partners this time as the theme is a personal one to you and probably be a keepsake that you wish to treasure.


  " A Personal Childhood Memory."

Not many rules.

You have from now until July 1st to get your piece finished.

The piece will have with it a short paragraph of what the piece means to you, no names as the one judging will only know by a letter I assign.  It must have THREAD PAINTING on, but it can also have mixed media and be no larger than 12 x 12

If you have any questions please ask away.

I will put people names up when they let me know if they are interested.

I know some already have but hopefully they won't change their minds when they read this.

Ally Bryant.





Please let me know if I have missed someone as I don't have the screen up of TP and I am sure there was others. I will go back in and add.

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I have been asked to teach thread painting not only by machine but by hand. I'm playing with some samples to see how to do it so that it isn't just "embroidery." Not that there's anything wrong with embroidery, but to call it thread painting, I think needs a little more umph if doing by hand rather than machine. As soon as I get the samples looking as nice as those done by machine, then I'll be ready to notify the artist group that I'm ready to go.

Well done Terri! You will be a star at this.  I'm not sure the difference between hand thread painting and embroidery either except that embroidery would use the more traditional stitches in combination.  Perhaps thread painting would just be straight/satin stitches blended together. I will do some research.  I agree it needs to have a more edgy style.

My DIL just posted a link to the Craftsy blog  for thread painted portraits and they were really more embroidery and quite ugly! I'd never take that class! lol

Check out Monika Whalen's art. She's in Canada and she uses a combination machine and hand on her threadpaintings. They are wonderful.

Me thinks I have my research cut out for me.

I follow Monika Whalen on my sweet prairie site, I love her work, but as you say she uses thread painting by machine and some hand stitches.
In fact it was her hand stitches that prompted me to finish my bull rushes by hand on some of my pieces, I found it really made them stand out. It was on the miniatures that I did and they were sold at the Christmas show.
Great news Terri I wish you all the best in your new adventure.
Char. I must check that out in The Crafty blog thanks for mentioning it.

I've been thinking about what to do for this one.  There are several 'one time' memories, or 'once a year' ones, but I decided on something that I did lots of as a child, loving every minute of it, and continue to do it as I am able. Seems like the 'perfect' memory.  Not sure when I'll get started on it as I have a lot of outdoor cushions to recover first.

Gee, a few memories I could choose, which one? 

I think that is the hardest part, Gwen, choosing the "one"

I have my idea , its a bit obscure, now all I need is some time. Jess was in the hospital again until Tuesday evening and I had the all clear on my ticker but had blood tests and a chest x-ray and have to wait for the results.  on top of this my fingers are really playing up.  hey ho thats my lot at the moment, still on the right side of the grass though.

A lot going on for you Linda, with Jess and all. It's been so good to be able to follow her on FB with your updates.

Hang in there Linda.  Good news so far for your heart, what are your fingers doing?   Sorry about Jess, these ups and downs and the unknowns are so hard to live with while trying to give her a happy childhood.  Hope things are improving now she is out of hospital. 


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