Quilt With Us

This will not be a swap with partners this time as the theme is a personal one to you and probably be a keepsake that you wish to treasure.


  " A Personal Childhood Memory."

Not many rules.

You have from now until July 1st to get your piece finished.

The piece will have with it a short paragraph of what the piece means to you, no names as the one judging will only know by a letter I assign.  It must have THREAD PAINTING on, but it can also have mixed media and be no larger than 12 x 12

If you have any questions please ask away.

I will put people names up when they let me know if they are interested.

I know some already have but hopefully they won't change their minds when they read this.

Ally Bryant.





Please let me know if I have missed someone as I don't have the screen up of TP and I am sure there was others. I will go back in and add.

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How neat, Gwen. (Even if you can't use it for this challenge)
Where did that go!!Those gremlins again!!
Gwen love the piece you just did. Aw! Sorry about the challenge, childhood memory can be mix media but must have some TP on it.

Ally, I re-read the rules again and realized my "oops!"  I am working on sketching a childhood memory- one that I love and remember so well 'cause it was my "free-time"... a few more are just as vivid, but they are work related, so I think I'll do the fun one! ; D

As much as I hate to do this, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to back out. I'm having too much trouble at the moment with ocular disturbances in my eyes, and other issues caused in part by meds put on to stop the headaches and ocular problems - which I'm now weaning off of as the side effects were too much to deal with - that I don't think I could get anything completed at this point. Not being able to safely operate my machine is another issue, i.e., if I can't see what I'm doing I might have my fingers become part of the art work. I had to cancel out of 2 art quilt classes I had paid for simply because I can't see well enough, and dizziness makes it hard to set upright for any length of time. Hopefully, once the "helpful" meds are out of my system things will settle down. Sorry I had to pull out but just can't do it and I don't want to hold anything up. I'm NOT a happy camper.

Terri - I'm sorry you have to pull out, but certainly understand your need. Right now you need to focus on your health, as much as you'd love to be doing art work and other things. It's frustrating when the med they give to "help" can cause other and awful reactions.  Praying you will soon feel better. 

Terri absolutely understand about your situation and wonder that you can do the things you can with your health issues. Please don't feel back everyone understands. Please watch on the side lines. Praying things will be on the mend soon for you Terri.
Right now I may extend the time to end of July as some of us have issues with our machines or myself trying to get a quilt finished, there only so much a person can do, no stress people please enjoy the process.
The one good thing is on this challenge we all keep our work so we don't have to feel we are letting our partner down.
Comments how does everyone feel about extending it to the end of July instead of the 1st July.?

I'm flexible. Whatever works for everyone is fine by me.

Since I haven't even started mine, that sounds good to me. I have the visual in my head, but I need my granddaughter for a model. I wonder if I can get Pete to take a few photos for me? lol 

We're still picking and sorting through my Mom's things. We got the living room cleaned out and vacuumed, but there are still pockets of "stuff" and the cellar is still a nightmare, although one of my cousins has been working on emptying it out. Still a huge job down there. We haven't started on her sewing area, other than to remove the machines and one table. I've been so focused on the rest of the house, I haven't looked down there yet to see what's been done.

Then there's the sorting through the things I've brought home. It's a trip through my parents lives and some days are better than others. The last trip into her house, we found one box full of cards that we hadn't gone through yet. It was every card and note she'd received at the death of my Dad. Not how I wanted to finish my day there! I brought it home, but haven't been ready to read through it all yet. Like I said, some days are better than others! So right now I'm a bit distracted by what I have going on with that part of my life. Then there are the requests from my SIL to sit my 97 yr old MIL so she can get away from time to time. DH's brother and his wife take a turn occasionally, but he's got Parkinson's, so it's not that easy for them (I'm not even going to get started on his "selective" hearing issues! lol)

OK! Rant over. LOL 

Oh my. I think this is going to be a year many of us will be ready to have end. What a lot you have to do Char. Be sure you take time for you - don't need you getting sick/run down.

End of July works for me, Ally,  or, I should say, works "better" for me

Ally, end of July sounds good on my end as well. I too have mine all planned out, just finding time to sit down and work uninterrupted. We're still working on emptying storage units. Tomorrow should finish up with the last small one. What a chore this has been. Seems when it rains it pours. Last week my bank card was hacked by someone in Lithuania! So have to jump through the hoops to get the money restored. The crooks can easily take it, but then it's hurry up and wait on our end. They covered their tracks so well that the bank can't get any info on them, not even a phone or address nor account associated with them. Grrrr!

On a positive note, I started the process yesterday to get my social security. Doesn't seem possible that I've arrived at this stage, but being able to draw it will certainly help our pocketbook. At least that was easy to file for.

Terri, do take care. Am sorry to hear about all your health challenges. Some times the treatment is worse than what it's supposed to help. Hang in there, sending Quilty hugs your way and praying that all this will soon be in the past.

You have been so busy Cindy. So sorry about your checking account. How sad, as well as maddening.


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