Quilt With Us

This will not be a swap with partners this time as the theme is a personal one to you and probably be a keepsake that you wish to treasure.


  " A Personal Childhood Memory."

Not many rules.

You have from now until July 1st to get your piece finished.

The piece will have with it a short paragraph of what the piece means to you, no names as the one judging will only know by a letter I assign.  It must have THREAD PAINTING on, but it can also have mixed media and be no larger than 12 x 12

If you have any questions please ask away.

I will put people names up when they let me know if they are interested.

I know some already have but hopefully they won't change their minds when they read this.

Ally Bryant.





Please let me know if I have missed someone as I don't have the screen up of TP and I am sure there was others. I will go back in and add.

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BJ. Hope the fires keep away it is bad enough when lightening strike, but firecrackers to celebrate 4th July, could be disastrous.
We have the g.sons today had hope it would be warm enough to go swimming at the conservation area but we will have to go bike riding instead.

Well, back to basics, couldnt even remember how to put a hoop on my work.

My machine was set up and I had a go at colouring my project with the pencils but then sewed a bit last night.   Not great but o.k., until I changed the thread over to a coloured one, it keeps unravelling too fast and I have tried it on a desk further away, in a cup, weighing it down etc. Finally gave up for the night and will try again this morning.

keep safe everyone, we had a fantastic thunderstorm day before yesterday but it caused fires in 2 houses near my brothers .

Linda, how is your thread wound on the spool? Is it wound in parallel rows or is it wrapped at angles? The angled thread is meant to feed off the top of the spool and the parallel wrapped thread is meant to feed from the side. (Took me a long time to remember that when I started using the diagonally wrapped threads! lol) I've occasionally filled my bobbins and use them in place of the spool when the silkier thread has fed too fast off of the spool. Shorter amount of thread, but it sometimes works better. (I've also used my bobbins this way when I need to empty them! :D)

Well, am having a bit of trouble starting. My idea just isn't translating to fabric and thread as well as I had hoped. But no worries, still have plenty of time to get it worked out. It will come together, and totally surprise me in the end.:~)
Don't worry I am just painting my background, so I am way behind. But I have made a start on things that are going on my background. Better not give too many hints, as BB may be watching. Don't forget she is the judge on this challenge.

I have my idea and got some great reference photos using Adelaide and Freya! lol Problem is, we're at the lake house where I LOVE to sew, but we also have the twins and Henry here and it's mostly a mad house! I wish we could get through at least one day with nobody crying! lol  I need to connect with the printer, but right now the basement area is the playroom for all the kids. That would be a 6 1/2 yr old, a 5 yr old, a 3 1/2 yr old, and the 2 1/2 yr old twins.  Oh, yeah: and a cat, Wally! He's a perfect gentleman and the only reason he's here is because he's developed brain tumors. Supposedly non-life threatening, but they've affected his eating behavior. The poor guy's on meds and they didn't want to leave him alone for the week. He cries, too, sometimes if he thinks we've all left him. Breaks your heart. He's now eating, but he just sort of wanders around, sometimes in circles. I'm having a bit of trouble with it. It's like having a stroke victim who seems to be functioning, but just isn't himself any more. Very sad! 

Most days I'm afraid to look in the basement to see what havoc they've made with the toys! Ads and Freya have been taught to put things away. The other three, not so much!  It's so peaceful when they all go outside! LOL

Thanks for that anyway Charlotte but I ended up with the bobbin in the bottom of a spaghetti jar then running over the thread stand and then through a drinking straw onto the machine.

Mine is not very big, not very well done but it was instantly recognisable by number 1 daughter so I am good with that. Bit of titivation tomorrow.

Oh, Linda! Do you know who Rube Goldberg was? lol I'd love to see your final set-up for getting your thread to the machine without pooling off the spool! Congratulations of your very inventive mind coming up with a solution that works! :D

Sent a pic yesterday Ally ,on the new email address from the other month, did you get it???

Thanks Linda I just sent a message that I got it.
BJ. I am going to email you about a smilebox.

How is everyone doing I am about halfway, hope to work on it after lunch today,too hot outside to garden now.
Can you let me know if you don't think you can make the end of month deadline.
Thanks Ally.
Yikes, those hopeful thoughts just didn't come to fruition! Hubby walks in and says, "um, just what are you trying to make? Sorry, but I don't like this one." And he is right. Just doesn't have any pazzaz. It's flat and without life. So we shall see what can happen in a week's time. Nothing like some last minute pressure. Time (or should say way past time) to change directions with this piece. I've hit a dry spell and seems like my creative vibes have flown the coop. Wish me luck. (I sure need something right now. This down time has gone on far too long.
Cindy is nearly finished ,mine is nearly finished..
received BJ and Linda H. Challenge.
How are Brenda, Gwen, Sandi and Sharon making progress with your challenge
Do you think you will be able to get them to me by month end?Also just a reminder a small paragraph with out mentioning name of what your piece means to you. I say this as BB is judging so we don't want her too know entries until she chooses one.
Also when you have your pic and write up you can email it to me at allyandpaul@execulink.com. Thanks!


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