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Do you have some tips for new quilters for cutting, sewing or pressing? How do you choose fabrics? What have you learned that has helped you most? Do you have questions about how to do something? Post them here!

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When pressing your seams to one side, always press on the right side of the fabric to avoid pressing in folds that create a problem. Place the piece you want to press towards on top, with the seam closed. Press the seam to set the stitching, then open it up and gently move the iron from the lower fabric to the upper fabric, making a nice crease:

Do not iron! It isn't laundry. (Heavy ironing or use of steam can distort delecate quilt pieces or blocks. You can use steam, spray starch or heavy ironing on the fabric before you cut it, but not after.) Move the iron gently against the seam in the direction of the straight of grain.

thanks, for the reinforcement of pressing... I also saw this  in one of the tutitorials... asa newbie all this stuff helps/gmakitty

thanks for the information, appreciate it/ gmakitty

Thanks for reminding me that this discussion is here. I'll try to think of more things to add.

Thanks for starting this discussion, Peggy. Can't wait for more hints & tricks from all you experienced quilters!
Me, too! Even though I have been quilting for years, I keep learning new things!
Chain piecing is great, but sometimes you want to work on the piece you just sewed. Put a scrap piece of fabric under the presser foot and sew onto it. Then you can cut the thread and sew your next seam.

No need to pull out the thread, cut and hold onto it when you sew the next seam. Saves thread, too!

This is a great idea!  Thank you so much!

You're welcome! It's not original with me. I've had this tip from a number of different quilting teachers.

thanks for sharing/gmakitty

Wonder what to do with leftover batting? Here's one idea:

A small square of batting comes in handy next to the sewing machine or on a table next to where you are sitting, to hold little bits of thread and fabric for easy disposal.

Clever idea Peggy. I use a small rubbish bin with a plastic bag in it and folded over the sides.


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