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Do you have some tips for new quilters for cutting, sewing or pressing? How do you choose fabrics? What have you learned that has helped you most? Do you have questions about how to do something? Post them here!

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The other side of the neat board is good for glueing, which I've done about twice in 10 years. :-}

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but here's a tip I've shared with my local quilt guild. It always surprises me that more people don't know about this, so I'm sharing it here.

To reduce bulk where four or more seams come together, you can often fan them out in opposite directions. You have to take out a few stitches in the seam allowance. (See photo.) These seams are sewn over, so the seam doesn’t become weaker when you do this. This is especially useful when working on miniature quilts, smaller-scale quilts, or quilts that have very small pieces.

Here is a 9-patch (five of one fabric and four of another fabric sewn together in alternating order). The intersections on the lower part of the block have been "treated." The intersections on the upper part show the stitches that are being removed. I use an awl, but a seam ripper (sharp side away from the thread) may also be used to undo the threads from the seam allowance.

I like to press the little intersections open with the tip of my iron before pressing on the right side.

If you’re hand-quilting and get too many stitches loaded onto your needle, a hemostat comes in handy for pulling it through. Just be sure when you pull, you don’t twist your wrist. Just pull out in the direction the needle is pointing, so you don’t break your needle.

thanks for the info/gmakitty

You're welcome! This trick has saved me a lot of trouble. (I used to have to grab the threads and pull the whole thing out if I couldn't hold onto the needle well enough.) Now one of our LQSs sells hemostats.


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