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Do you have some tips for new quilters for cutting, sewing or pressing? How do you choose fabrics? What have you learned that has helped you most? Do you have questions about how to do something? Post them here!

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Peggy, is this fabric you are using in your photos, cotton, linen or burlap..I can't tell..


Linda J


Linda, sorry to have missed this until now. My "Follow" button got turned off! It's quilting fabric, believe it or not. That's an extreme closeup! The metal protrusion upper left is my presser foot, and that awl is very skinny and pointy.

Thanks for the info on pressing; info that I need to know.
You're welcome!
Post your questions here. I don't machine quilt, but I can answer questions about most other aspects of quilting, and I can probably find someone who can answer questions I can't.
Probably most of you know this but it is something I just learned. When threading a needle wet the needle instead of the thread. the thread will go in much easier. I have been using this method for over a month now and two tried is about the most I have had to use.
I've used that method for a long time, it works great.
Wow, I'll have to try this. Never heard of this before. Thanks.
So your telling me you wet the neddle and your thread will go into the eye easier? Now that is something I've never tried and I've been a cross stiticher for decades.....now moved on to quilting. I will give it a try tonight.
Another way is to hold the thread steady in one hand. Then thread the needle onto the thread with the other hand. This is easier than trying to push the thread through the eye of the needle.  Or if you have some dental floss threader on hand you can use this to put the thread through the loop of the dental floss and thread it through the needle. 
Just don't stab yourself in the tongue!
AWESOME! I'll try them all tonight and tell you which ones worked the best for me!! Thank you today I totally got to learn something new.


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