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Do you have some tips for new quilters for cutting, sewing or pressing? How do you choose fabrics? What have you learned that has helped you most? Do you have questions about how to do something? Post them here!

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Well I;ll be .......

just had to get up and go try this.2nd attempt - yeah.   I have great frustrations with arthritic fingers getting my needles threaded and really hate my family saying "do you want me to do that for you."   Oh thank you,thank you.

I thought I share this with the group.  Check out this website... http://waynekollingersquiltblog.blogspot.com/.

Wayne shows you how to change the look of a grid pattern.  This entire site is fasinating!!!

HI, I am glad you are here.  This looks like just where I need to be.  I had one very short 'class' on quilting.  She told me go go buy fabric with the amount for each.  She told me to buy a small patterned print, a medium pattern, and a large print along with the backing in a solid color to go with the prints I picked.  I guess I ended up buying mainly small to medium prints, though I thought one was a large one. 

My question is, how do you determine the size of the print?   If you are doing narrow or small patterns (2 or 3 inch half triangles for instance), would not a large print get lost?


Carol Bender 

For me the size of the print depends more on it's color value, I think. If you want the whole print to show, of course, you'd use smaller prints in narrower piecing and the larger print in a focus

square or as a wider border. Some really small prints almost read as a solid, like your dotted print in your example block. It is really up to you. There is no rule that says you can't cut up a large print. Have fun.

I think you did fine! It's wonderful that your teacher thought to make this suggestion. If you select all similar prints the piecing you've spent so much time on gets lost. I also try to vary the prints with geometrics, stripes and plaids, dots squiggles or more widely spaced vs closely spaced design, just for fun. Anything you can to do be sure your prints are different.
I agree with what Barbara says about color value and cutting up a large print. I just spent yesterday "fussy cutting" 56 4" squares for an "I-spy" quilt for our DGD. Each square has an image of an animal or object she can find and point to. You can also fussy-cut a large print to emphasize one color or contrast.

Thank you.  The above picture is the original first 'quilt' project I ever attempted.  I will keep all tips and tricks in mind when I am planning and buying fabric for my projects in the future.  The quilt you are making sounds fun for your DGD.  

Have a great day.

You're welcome! Consider this place if quilting questions come up as you go along. We will try to get back to you quickly!

Thank you again.  I have a challenging one I am working on now.  The picture is in my album.  Today I will be 'squaring' the strips and start sewing them together.  I hope I am at least close on the half triangle squares when I sew the strips together.  LOL

Carol, very careful cutting (with good light) and exact seam allowance are two keys to precision piecing. There are a lot of tricks to make things work out. The more you learn, the easier it gets. Off to look at your album!
Looks like a beautiful project! Another tip for piecing: sew as many strips as possible with the seams already sewn up. You can use a seam ripper or awl to keep the pieces together so you can sew exactly through the X made by seams already sewn. This keeps points sharp and avoids cutting the tips off. I can't wait to see how your wall hanging turns out!

I am not quite understanding what you just said.  I put the half triangle squares together, then sewed those squares together to make the strips.  It is NOT going well, LOL  But I will make it work.  I will not quit.  I am stubborn that way.  

hello! I am a newbie!  I've been learning to quilt for a few years now, while raising boys so I'm not very far along.  I've never had a quilting lesson in my life and I've basically just approached this with the attitude of why not just jump right in? :)  After a few disasters otherwise known as "quilts", I realized that I need to take a different approach and actually learn.  *sigh*  LOL!! Anyway, I am sooooooo glad to find this group AND I read through all 7 pages here!  I am definitely using these tips you all have posted...fantastic! Thank you!

I do have a question about using the Free Motion foot.  I have a Brother Innovis 80 and I wish I had bought the Bernina!!! >:/  Anyway, I got talked into this one.....so when I tried to use the free motion foot, I cannnot get the tension right to keep the threads nice and straight....any suggestions?  For now I hand quilt my table runners and keep it simple (stitch in the ditch or just very simple hand sewn designs...that's something new I've practised too).  I'm getting ready to attempt a sampler and then another quilt for one of my boys, it would be great to use that free flow foot.....maybe it's just time to upgrade to a Bernina or Pfaff....or anything other than this thing.  Thanks folks!!  So glad to find you here!!! 


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