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Do you have some tips for new quilters for cutting, sewing or pressing? How do you choose fabrics? What have you learned that has helped you most? Do you have questions about how to do something? Post them here!

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I hope we can find someone to help you. I use a Featherweight and either quilt by hand or pay someone to do it. If we don't hear from someone who knows, maybe we can post a blog about it.

Hello and welcome,I dont profess to being any good and I dont have a Brother but just wondered if there are any tutorials on You tube.They do everything else?

I am experimenting on my new Pfaff and this will be one project for me to learn too.

I agree that they seem to have everything. I would just search for quilting or the specific technique you need help with. Good suggestion!

Thanks Ladies!  I checked out You Tube and didn't find anything specific.  I think what I need to do is put it in a hoop to stabilize it.  I'm getting ready to begin the Perfect Points Sampler so when that is completed I will have opportunity to practice.  I'm very unorthodox anyway, I cannot get that rocking stitch to save my life.  I just do it differently and in the end, my stitches aren't perfect in anyway shape or form but it works. :(  I have tried and tried that rocking stitch and my fingers just can't seem to cope with it.  Oh well.  It would be great to figure out the free motion foot and have it work correctly, then I could save sooooooooooo much time on the quilting portion.  How do you ladies do patterns and so forth anyway?  Do you use pre-printed patterns?  Do you draw them on your fabric?  I would love to learn more about the actual finish-quilting of pieces as that is something I do not know about and there must be lots of tricks out there to simplify this tedious task and ways to decide on what pattern to use, etc.

Hi 3'bkm' - I have an Innovis 80 but haven't used it for free motion. I do know that any free motion takes practice. If you have some scrap muslin and batting to make a small sandwiched quilt, try your stitching out on that. Free motion is sort of a balance between how fast your hands are going in relation to your machine speed. The hoop might help. Also using a piece of washaway stabilizer under the piece helps it slide along better- or tissue paper that can be torn away easily. Good luck. Oh, I'm sure youknow this but be sure the feed dogs are down and not grabbing your material.

3 B if you check out the TEchniques for Textiles group on here there is a discussion etc.Number 4 technique was free motion quilting.


This is a site with a daily freemotion project.

Hope the link works.

OMG!!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!! Thank YOU!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  I think I could spend all day watching her vids and reading!!  Now I have a great place to start!  So encouraging!!!  YAY!!!  Ok, sorry, I'm very excited.....I'll go make some tea now and try to calm down.....NOPE!!! ") Happy happy happy!!!  First I'm going to go finish the seeds in my greenhouse and then I'm off to see if I can apply some of her techniques while they are still fresh in my head!!!  Then I suppose I need to make dinner......nah!!!   jk, I've got a home full of men (well, one grown and 3 in training, I've got to take care of their bellies..*sigh*)

Thank you Linda!!!  :)

After reading just two pages of the discussion I have learnt quite a bit. Thanks to all those who have given these valuable tips. please do keep adding stuff like this.

Quilting Question:  When adding the border to the quilt top, should the border piece be under the top when sewing or on top?  I can't remember what I have done on my last couple of quilts, but I do know that the 'border' puckered.  I am also going to post this on 'newbie".

I always cut my borders according to the measurement across the middle of the quilt top in the direction it's going to go. This means that when I sew it on, it has to fit exactly, and that may take some easing. I pin in a few places, and then when sewing, I always put whichever piece is bigger on the bottom, so the feed dogs will help ease it in. I don't think you will get puckers, but if you do, it means that the middle of the quilt is a different size from the edges, so you need to check your seam allowances.

One time I was making a flying geese border, and I ended up having to resew some of the piecing to get my borders the same size as the middle of the quilt.

Ok, I will try this.  My top is a square, and it is actually square :)  So it should all come out ok.  I was just thinking that it mattered which was on bottom because of the feed dogs.  I will try it.  This is a quilt for me :)  I am in no rush to get it done.  I am using it as a learning quilt.  Lots of half square triangles and for the most part, the corners lined up perfect.  I am really taking my time on this.  My personal training quilt.  LOL  Thanks


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