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Hello everyone!! I just signed up tonite. I really want to learn how to quilt!! The last sewing class I had was in my freshman year in high school (late '70's). I have been to one quilting class for beginners a couple years ago (it's still not finished). I have bought a number of books for beginners, but just end up feeling confused. With my time constraints machine piecing/quilting is what I'm thinking would work for me at this time. I just need to get a good foot forward to get started. Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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Do you have a Joanns or LQS nearby? They usually hold beginner classes and this can get you started. I taught myself just by reading online about it. Google "string quilts". They are one of the easiest blocks to make in quilting. Ask us any questions you want. And remember we all didn't know how to quilt at one time either. Noone was born with the gift of quilting. There are no stupid questions so ask away.
Thank you for your reply!!
Oh my word Mary!! I've learned more from you in the past two days than I have in MONTHS! I now know what "string quilts" AND "crumb quilts" are....something I had no idea about myself! My husband would call you a "BAD INFLUENCE" for introducing me to MORE ways that fabric can be used! *grin*
Hum, and I'm not done corrupting you yet!!
I'm SOOOOOOOOO corruptible when it comes to quilting...big time! I'm going to try to send you an "email" through the system to see if it works and if so, then I'll get your address and start putting together a "crumby, scrap box" for ya! LOL
I'd find the quilt/fabric stores in your community and do a little "tour". Most local shops offer classes on a myriad of styles etc, and there's usually a small fee that includes your pattern and tutoring through a whole project. When you find a shop that delights you from the staff to the classes and fabrics, jump on in!

I'm also "self taught" for the most part. I took sewing in Home Ec in high school and my mom was a seamstress, but I thought she was insane and avoided letting her teach me a thing....what a waste. I figured basic quilting was straight lines and I was pretty sure I could handle THAT. I made a couple of basic "square" block baby quilts and then went from there. Now I'm all over the place and just make whatever catches my eye!

Plus you can always come here and ask questions and get the encouragement you need until you are totally and completely addicted like the rest of us!
Kelly, welcome! My last and only sewing classes were in High School in the early 70's as Home Ec was a required subject for Girls.......I hated those classes. I'm totally self taught. (I started quilting well attempting to quilt back in the mid 90's and quit as other things were more important and at that time more fun) BUT with the advent of the internet, everything is out there for us now. I confuse easily so I search, find a video, watch it several times and I'm off and running! I'm a visual type learner, not a reading type learner.

Start with simple projects such as Turning 12 it's all Fat Quarters and is a lap quilt. OR, Strip Searched, it's all 2-1/2 inch strips sewn together, which CANNOT be messed up because it just works (a Jelly Roll with 40 strips is perfect for this project - it calls for 39 total). OR a Charm quilt buy the Charm packs and simply sew them together in any variation you end up liking.

The harder (to me anyway) projects are points, triangles, setting, etc. I've done all of the above and those are way easy. Your family will love them as guess what? They're not typically Quilting Experts!

The best part of quilting is this The quilt Police are way cool and do not question our love of fabric, our techniques, our UFO's or WIP's.
Thank you Gigi2Landon and Mary and Running with scissors (always wanted a shirt that said that). I don't feel so alone in my pursuit of quilting. My goal is to be a quilting addict!! I dream of a day when I can understand the lingo & speak it!! I marvel at the idea of someday making quilts using pictures of my kids when they were little and making a quilt as a timeline of their milestones as they grew. I now have two grandson's that I would love to be able to make something for them too! Quilts were used to tell stories as families moved west. My aunt had a friend who had a quilt top, and each block made told of different places the covered wagons stopped for a "spell" or for whatever reason. I didn't make too much of it back then...but, now I wished I would have paid more attention; my loss...someone else's gain. Thank you all again for so much assurance. I can't wait to finish my quilt that I started an eon ago. All I have to do is finish quilting the top then bind it. Yikes!!! Binding is like no mans land to me, that wasn't taught in the class that I took; they said when we were done quilting the top, just come back and they would show us how to bind....well, quess what!! I'll get it done, one way or another, just watch for the flares!!!!
What is a crumb quilt?
I am a self taught quilter also. I took one class but was bored with it. My bible for quilting is Fons and Porters Complete Quilting Guide. It has the answers when I get stuck. If you have a Jo Ann Fabric near you sign up for their mailing list and you get 40 and 50 percent coupons off every few weeks. They carry a lot of quilting books also. Lynette Jensen has some really great books, she has taken quilting to the beginner and made it fun and fast. Also her thimbleberries line of fabric is gorgeous!


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