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I have had good luck with using old Olfa rotary cutting mats for the bottom of tote bags. Just cover them with fabric. They are heavy and stiff enough to protect the shape of the tote.

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Great Idea!.Thanks
I use plastic canvasfor the bottoms of totes. You can cut them to fit and cover them also.I don't seem to have a supply of warped cutting mats yet.
oldhag (Donna)
What is plastic canvas?

Ma kettle
I am sure she is talking about the plastic canvas that you can buy at a craft store that you stitch with yarn to make things. It used to be about 25 cents a sheet years ago. I am hoping I still have some from my days of making coasters, ornaments etc. because that would be a great idea. If you don't cover it, it could be easily washed under a faucet, if it gets dirty.
Yeppers, that's the stuff I'm talking about. I cover it just to make it look neater and it still is washable.
I have never heard of that before. You can bet I will never throw out another used cutting mat. I always put cardboard in mine. Thanks for the tip.
You people are just too smart... thanks for the ideas - I've been diving around my sewing space to try to figure out what I did with my old mat I ruined - left it in the sun and it warped! Now it can be resurrected into a useful item again! And the plastic canvas - great idea - and if I need it to be extra stiff for some reason - I can layer it since it will be covered anyway... thanks - great ideas.

Want another great idea? A friend shared in another Discussion about the uses for muslin - it is excellent and worth looking for... Go to the Discussion on Stash - How do you organize it? - That's where you will see a long entry where she explained very well, all the fantastic uses for muslin - I didn't know about these - never thought of it... Happy searching...
I got lost in the Discussions, Groups, etc. and finally found what I was talking about... If you click on my name - you'll find it on my page - the article by Cornwoman about muslin... it is a great quick-fire list of uses...
Darn...why didn't I think of that. I just discarded a rather large piece the other day. There were parts of it that I could have used. Thanks for the suggestion.
Hi.................I'm new to this group and I have a question about the tote bottoms. Will the mats or plastic canvas go through a washing machine cycle? I love the idea of the mat because it's so heavy and really weighs down the tote or purse.
What a great idea! I have a mat that I literally have cut the color off many of the grid lines. I really can't use very much of the mat any more , but it's still intact and usable for something. Ann
Great idea. What do you cut them with?


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