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Has anyone else had any trouble using a walking foot on their quilting project? I seem to have a problem with little tucks on the backside, and I thought that the purpose of the walking foot was to eliminate that............HELP!!!
Thanks, LIL

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The problem may be that you need to baste more. I have tried the safety pin method and it works okay on smaller projects. Bigger quilts seem to need basting. Also, really smooth out everything with your hands,both front and back, before you put the first stitch in. Basting is a pain and in my opinion so is prewashing fabric. As I learn as a quilter I am more convinced that both are necessary. I am trying to convince myself that it's all part of the process. Most of us are all about the process more than the product. LOL
Thank you both for your responses..........and I was afraid of that.......that I would have to do more basting. It is VERY time consuming thing, and I guess i don't do such a good job on that. Maybe the basting spray will help. I've never tried it before. Guess now is the time.
Thanks again.....LIL
Perhaps you need to reduce the amount of tension on your feed dogs. My knob for that is at the top. I know that if you reduce that weight you can easily go around in circles if you want, just soooo smoothly. It's really great when you're appliquing on hearts.
The only problem I have with my quilting foot is that it is definately not marked for a 1/4 inch seam. I have gotten a couple small tucks in the backs, only when I am sewing on the binding, but I finish the binding by hand and can usually hide it. I have used a bastilng quilting spray and that seems to do a pretty good job, and I'm sure to pull the bottom layer tight and tape it to the (I use my kitchen) floor. That seems to work pretty well also.
Thanks jolenetoo for your input. The way you describe how you do your bottom layer tells me I am not getting mine tight enough. Hopefully, the quilting spray will help me too. Here's to "onward and upward!"
By the way, I saw your pictures......WOW!!!! Beautiful! Like a picture post card. Don't know if I could tolerate those kind of temps though, as I live in the southeast part of the states.
Thanks again........LIL
I quilt larger quilts on my HQ16, but small items I enjoy doing on my sewing machine. I love 505 adhesive spray for this! It works fabulously, and you'll never see a pucker with it.
Thanks for this info CJ. I will look for the adhesive spray. And hopefully, no more tucks!
Hi. I completely agree with Rebecca....I've found that most of the time when there are tucking problems on the back of any quilt but particularly machine quilted ones is that the three layers have not been stretched and basted well enough. There is a pic on my page showing my husband helping me baste - you'll notice that the backing and batting are taped to the floor so they'll stay put. Check your tension, too. While the walking foot makes a major difference in the quality of your work, stretching and basting are the major steps you can't skimp on. I hate doing it, but once had to re-quilt major parts of a project twice because the backing was too loose. Good luck and, if you can, get someone to help you lay things out! PS - all my quilting is done on my short arm Pfaff or Janome.
I was on the understanding that the walking foot helped with that too. I just keep watching the back of the quilt as I am quilting. I use this foot basically to sew the binding on and to do stitch in the ditch. I use the darning foot or free motion foot when I do my quilts. I do just the baby and small kid's quilts and the table runners and that on the machine by itself. I have a Gracie lite quilt frame and no longer do my large quilts on the machine alone. I know this is not much help but at least you know you are not alone with this foot. Betty
Hi Betty - Your're right, I only use the walking foot for straight line quilting - you can't use it for free motion.

I don't use my walking foot, I spray baste the quilt and my machine adjusts it's self on the thickness of the fabric......So I'm lucky. Maybe the back isn't pinned tight enough?


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