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I am working on a quilt and I am puzzled to say the least.

I have to put together a nine patch with strips on the sides to complete my block.  My 9 patch is made of 2 colours, 2in x 2in squares.  To this I have to add 2in x 5 in strips on two sides and on  the two other sides a strip made of a 2in, 5 in and  2 in strip sewed together.

The nine patch is fine, the two 5 in x 2 in strips on the sides are perfect; I have a problem with my other strip - it is about 1/4 in too short and I don't see how that can happen!!!  I am a new quilter so this is why I am puzzled about this.

I am attaching two pictures for everyone to see - maybe someone could explain what I did wrong

Thanks for any help - much appreciated.


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Hi Carol, I've had this happen more than once, but it was my cutting that was off. maybe your ruler slipped a bit or you measured wrong. i've just had to re-cut more pieces. sorry i couldn't be of more help. Becky C., PA

Hi Carol,  I have also had this problem and it was my fault - I had taken more than 1/4" seam n both sides and it culminated in the piece not measuring up and being short - hope this may help - the alternative is to cut the large piece 1/4" longer  =  Marianne UK

Hi Marianne,  turns out it is my fault!  I may have taken more than the 1/4" seam and also I noticed that when I pressed, I pulled a little on my fabric - ironing instead of just pressing with my iron.  I have put this project aside for a while but will return to it eventually - I'm sure it will be a beautiful quilt once it's done.

Either your cutting was off or your seam was too big maybe?

Hi Carole,  How is the block coming along - have you had any luck with re-adjusting the seam allowance

Marianne UK


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