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I have lots of ufos and kits that I don't know why I bought (well yes I do,I like them) but now have a hard time wanting to make them because what will I do with them? I have boys (only one was married but now divorced) and a small family.

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Pepper would you consider donating them to church or an organization that was needing items to use as fund raisers? I know it can be expensive but someone would be most grateful and whoever "wins" the bid on your item/s would be getting a beautiful item. Just a thought.......know our hospital places items in their gift shop and then sells tickets/drawing on them. I'm afraid I'm going to be in the same boat and once I get my skill "up" that is probably what I will do with many. Initially items are going to family. I'd save some of them too for the boys and their families to enjoy some day - a beautiful legacy.
Thats what I do with most of my stuff.The womens group at my church has a sale twice a year to make money for different church projects so thats where they go.Was just curious as to what others do with theirs.I love to do this sewing but some times have trouble deciding what colors to make things if I don't know what I will be doing with them.
I know what you mean about colors! I just put a quilt on my wall yesterday (before I stitched it) and am not sure about it AT all! Sure looks busy to me.......colors are OK. We'll see, took a pic of it and will take to shop today for others opinions. Have a great day!
I make a donation quilt once a year for my friend's church fundraiser. Other times, I make quilts and set them aside. I've donated fabric I bought and then later decided not to keep to my church sewing group. It's pretty surprising that my stash had gotten so large! Other times, I've given fabric to other quilting friends. Of course, I keep telling myself I've got the perfect pattern for those colors (and I do!) but I seldom have time to sew now.

Hi Pepper!
In my community once a year a social service agency has a banquet/silent auction with proceeds going to client needs and program assistance. Someone donated a sweet simple quilt a few years ago and the bidding was fierce!
I would feel great using my time/energy/effort in a quilt project knowing that someone really wants the
quilt and the money is being put to better some peoples lives (developmentally challenged adults). Of course there are needy folks at nursing homes who need lap warmer quilts and refugee services who take in families
with only the clothes on their backs and a plastic bag of their stuff as they step off the plane in a new country.
Hope these ideas help...holler at me if you want.
Happy Weekend!
I haven't run out of people to give them to yet but I always keep it in my mind about the people in nursing homes who get forgotten at Christmas, on Birthdays etc. I figure if I want to try a new pattern I can always make it lap quilt size and donate it to them. My sister's local Harley shop actually does an adopt a grandparent at Christmas with a nearby nursing home. ( If you really get desperate for a home for them I will send you my list of people who I haven't gotten around to making a quilt for and you can help me complete my list ;-) I could use the help. )
I'm in Marty's boat in that I haven't made one for each of the family members I want to. I'm working on one for my youngest now, then at least each of the kids will have one, then I'd like to give one to each of mine and dh's siblings - 2 down 5 to go - then it's the neices and nephews! I keep in the back of my mind, tho various charity organizations that woud like quilts like Ronald McDonald houses, maybe neo-natal units, Quilts of Valor and other organizations for veterans, Project Linus and I'm sure there are dozens of others out there. I like the idea of local charities too.
I too have plenty of Works In Progress and they all have a person they are intended for as one may see in my photos. For awhile I was a kit buying fool! I was hooked on jelly rolls for the cute tins Moda sold them in. I even bought kits that came in the lunch box sized tin just for the tin!
My solution would be for you to join a local Quilt Guild.
I joined a guild that has fat quarter donations or larger fabric for the ongoing charity quilts made by everyone in this guild. Plus, it can be lots of fun learning new patterns/techniques at the meetings.


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