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What do you do with your left over bits and pieces from you quilts? How do you save and/or store them? This is one of my biggest problems in cleaning up my sewing room!

I'm just old enough to have been raised by people who never threw out anything they might be able to use some day. "Waste not, want not" (After all, you never know if that little two inch piece will be just what you need for that appliqued wall hanging you'll make some day.)
I have two sets of those plastic drawers so that I can save my left-over strips and they're sorted by color. That's not the problem.
It's those "trimmings" from FQs or the left-over bits from a curved cut that are really cluttering up my space. I seem to have a small stack of those pieces from every quilt I've ever made and I would love to know if any of you have that same problem and what you do about it.

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Good morning everyone. A few years ago, I made a scrap quilt using all those pieces on a paper foundation example that I saw in on old issue of a quilting magazine. I took pages from my old phone book and sewed the scraps to it. It didn't matter if the seam was curved, I just sewed a straight line and cut off the excess. It was really fun and when done, I cut all the pages (blocks) to the same size and added sashing and borders. It really used up a ton of fabric and all that I had left was the scraps on the floor that I didn't feel bad tossing into the trash.
Now, I take my scraps and put them in plastic bins. Once the bin is full, I'll create pieced backings for my embroidery projects. Hope this helps.
Yes, I own the book. It is by Sharon Hultgren. I have thumbed through it, but have yet to make a quilt. I have taken it off of the shelf and will look over the projects. It looks like 16 different quilts. Diana
i stuff em in every nook and cranny i can find. i buy new containers and stuff them full, i hide fabric under tables, under tablecloths, under rugs, in the cabinet, underneath the tv, bookshelves, trash bags, pocketbooks, my trunk, in bowls, cups, mugs and between plates and empty suitcases. i buy more fabric because i don't have enough brown, never have enough yellow, enough green, enough red, aqua and white, my new color love, i hide it behind picture frames, in my underwear drawer, under beds, i hang it up in the closet....:D
I only keep stuff that is at least 1 inch square. Smaller than that I consider a waste of thread to work with because half the length and half the width disappear at 1 inch. That only gives you one quarter of the fabric showing. But I hoard the bigger pieces and plan to make one of those string/scrap quilts soon.
I went to K-Mart and purchased one of those 3-drawer, white/clear plastic drawer units on casters. It is about 24" wide and fits perfectly under my foldable Roberts sewing table. I put itty-bitty scraps in the top drawer, larger scraps in the middle and uncut fabrics that I think I'm going to use right away in the bottom. Granted, I have other fabric stashed in other places around my house but this is the fabric I use most. I keep a basket handy to drop scraps in as I sew and then sort them into the appropriate drawer at the end of the project. The fun part is sifting through the top drawer when looking for a scrap for fish lips, lol! (I do foundation piecing so I can use very small pieces sometimes) Good luck with your bits and pieces.
Fish lips- that's funny! I just did the same thing, bought one of those 3 drawer orgnizers. I put tools in the top, good sized patches in the middle and strings and scraps in the bottom. Plan to do something really scrappy when that bottom draw gets full!
Wow! All these great ideas for scraps. Obviously I haven't been quilting long enough since I just have a basket that I throw the scraps in. I did see one TV quilter who even saved her 'dogears' ,from cutting corners off pieced squares, in mason jars. I would say this was a bit much but I have found myself looking at thread ends and wondering if I could do an art quilt with them... Guess I have a bit of the hoarder in me, too. Have a great day. Oh yeah -- keep warm. It was 20 below without the wind chill here last this AM.
brrrrrrrr, I thought 12 was bad, that's what the temp was when I walked over to the bank at lunch. Too cold to be out for more than a couple minutes, that's for sure. Stay safe.
I use the 3 drawer organizer also. For the pieces that I consider too small for me to use for a quilt I put in a tiny basket and sit by my machine and use for when I begin sewing so I have something to hold onto. And when I come to the end of my seam so I don't have all those long pieces of thread to get wound around my sweeper beaterbar. There is a name for that but I can't think of it... :-(
Everyone has such great ideas. I love em all.
Happy quilting in your organized sewing rooms.
I try not to save really small scraps. If I can get a 2 inch strip or a couple of 4 inch squares out of it I'll save it. I usually don't save anything smaller than that unless it's a favorite and I think there's a good chance the scrap might be used in a small wall hanging or some appliqued bit here and there.

One thing you can do with scraps if you just can't bear to part with them is use them for stuffing pillows and stuffed animals.
I just cleaned out my sewing room, I moved out my dolls and put them back in there own room so I would have shelf room, Right now I have all my left over scraps all over my sewing room. Clean it up, straighten up and then MESS IT UP..................................... Before I got them all out of the containers, I have 2 of them drawer things you are talking about, I also had a huge rubbermaid tub full, sorted by shapes. I did take all my triangles and put them in baggies and then wrote on the baggie the size they were, did that to the squares also. So far with my scrapes I have cut out my squares for the group quilt with some of them, I made my cat block quilt out of the scraps, and now I am taking some of the strips of the same colors that are in the quilt and making a border. When I keep my scraps straight, I make borders with them and hang them on a hanger in the closet in my sewing room. I have seen several quilt patterns with the different colors of strips made into the quilts. When I get the border done for this quilt I am going to start in and sew the rest of my scraps into a log cabin scrappy quilt. If you have several pieces of material a certain shape, just bag them up and put them in a rubbermaid tub. I slide mine right under my cutting table out of the way. I also took a tub and put all my pieces of batting left over from this project and another. So when I am doing little projects I can go through the tub and usually find a piece to use. You can always use your strips Rhonda for binding. What I do is make some up and then roll them up and put them in fruit jars, and then put lids on them so they don't get dirty. I have them sitting on a shelf all by themselves. I had some of my grandmas old fruit jars that I don't want to get rid of because they are the blue ones, so I use them for binding storage. You can even do that with your small pieces of material left over for applique. I don't applique yet so my little bittie pieces I give in and just throw away. Cause usually they are really to small to do anything with. I know its sad but you just cannot keep all those little bittie pieces. If your like me nine times out of ten you forget where you put them and cut what you need. You could just put them in baggies too Rhonda that way just slip them right in and into a rubbermaid tub. Well this is my story of scraps. Hope this helps.
Got something else for you ladies. Just thought of it. I save my threads I cut off, and little pieces of batting and material very small pieces of material. I put them outside in the spring in a suet feeder or a little basket under the bird feeder. You cannot imagine how much fun the birds have getting this stuff out and taking it off to there nests they are building. Your giving bedding to the birds and saving on the trash. Enjoy


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