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What do you do with your left over bits and pieces from you quilts? How do you save and/or store them? This is one of my biggest problems in cleaning up my sewing room!

I'm just old enough to have been raised by people who never threw out anything they might be able to use some day. "Waste not, want not" (After all, you never know if that little two inch piece will be just what you need for that appliqued wall hanging you'll make some day.)
I have two sets of those plastic drawers so that I can save my left-over strips and they're sorted by color. That's not the problem.
It's those "trimmings" from FQs or the left-over bits from a curved cut that are really cluttering up my space. I seem to have a small stack of those pieces from every quilt I've ever made and I would love to know if any of you have that same problem and what you do about it.

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That's a geat idea. I'd forgotten about putting out the threads for the birds. I guess I won't have to do that art quilt with those thread ends after all. It also might keep them away from my spring artificial wreath. Those darn little finches keep wanting to build their nest with the artificial pussywillow buds. Have a great day.
Putting out small threads and little pieces of batting is a wonderful idea! Just make sure the thread isn't too long - I saw a poor baby bird that had a foot tangled up in a long piece of thread - it didn't survive.
Another thing we do is when we brush our Golden Retriever, we throw her fur out in the yard for the birds - there are some really plush bird nests out there in our neighborhood in the spring!
What a wonderful idea......I have woods in my back yard and have feeders out all year long. Love watching the birds, especially a pair of Cardinals. I will definitely do this in the spring. Thanks, Joan
Hi Charlotte: I used to save almost all of the scraps from quilting and sewing projects until l had to move myself from one state to another. That cured me of saving most of the smaller scraps! Now my sister and I, who share a sewing room in our house, only save the larger pieces in plastic bins by color and some of the smaller ones that could be used in water color quilts or applique quilts. We just throw them in a box and hunt through them when a small scrap is needed - some already have fusible backing on them! One of these days we're going to have to go through our stash and pull fabrics and make a crazy quilt just to get more room!
I just may get the largest scrap award on this one...I have two huge bins filled to the top with scraps. Seriously. I was cutting them into squares and had them sorted by size. A nice labelled plastic shoe box for each size square...(The strips are put aside for string quilt blocks.) As the box would get full of one certain size square, they were sewn together into strips. When there are enough strips to sew together, I have an instant quilt top. Scrappy all the way. Sometimes I had a number of squares from one fabric and would make a 4 patch or 9 patch block. They are in yet another shoe box. Sash them in black and it's beautiful. But as you can tell, I've gotten WAY behind!!!!

If it is is less than 1 1/2 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches long.... I admit I throw it away! I too am reminded "waste not want not" and do not let the kitchen sink water run without guilt. This is my tiny hand project..... Each block is 1/2 inches finished it is however growing ever so slowly.... it is almost 59 inches wide now. This is one way to use scraps. Totes are a girls best friend to store your stash and so are suitcases (they hold like fabrics quite nicely)
WOW now that is a committed quilter! YOU GO GIRL
Did you ever think of making a dear Jane quilt? I have been using up some of my tiny scraps and making one block at a time. They are small blocks and not much is needed for each block. I have made about 100 blocks or more so far, but I make them in the morning when I am fresh. If I am tired, I don't have the patience to deal with such little pieces.
Do you hand sew the blocks? I have wanted to try some of these Jane blocks. I have just started to do a little pincushion block by hand and find in relaxing, but I fear the Jane blocks are very much smaller than that. I have tons of scraps and can't seem to throw anything away!
Check out this website:


Bonnie Hunter has made using scraps her passion. Lots of good ideas & patterns.
Hi Everyone: Like you I am accumulating lots of little scraps. Something I read on this discussion made me think of using small pieces of scraps with a glue or paste of some kind, roll or form them in a shape for bracelets, necklaces, etc. I remember seeing those chunky pieces of jewelry and thinking.."Oh, that jewelry is making a comeback". It would have to dry clear so all the colors would come through. Drill a hole through and add the closures. Use for belts, bags, lampshades and if someone is really creative use to dangle from an old chandelier frame. Probably look great in the Country Living Magazine? Sell at a farmer's market and start a whole new career! Okay, now I'll go have lunch.......Lollll
There is always the good old cathedral Windows quilt. I am almost finished with one that I have been playing with for five or six years off and on. It uses up a lot of scraps and it's fun to look at and remember all the quilts made with the fabrics in the windows. I make a lot of scrappy quilts so if it's a two inch square I can use it. I do hate to toss out fabric. I think I probably fall into the "Pack Rat" catagory.


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