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What is the best way to fold fabric when you cut out your quilt squares

Hi my name is Liz  and very new at quilting. I have done a few rag quilts. I would like to  make more for a home fair I will be doing. I have a question on which is the best way to fold fabric to get the most squares out of a yd.  I am using homespun materal. I would love to here your suggestions. Thanks

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Hi Liz, i'm not exactly sure what you mean by folding fabric, I know lots of people will fold in half, cut their strip and the continue to cut the folded piece into squares. I have also seen them cut strips, layer them and cut squares. I personally haven't had luck with that I cut my strips and then cut each square individually. No matter which way you use you will only be able to get a certain number of squares from a yard depending on thier size. Try googling number of squares per yd of fabric and see what you find, I know I have seen a chart somewhere which tells you how many per size.
Hi Christi I bought the donna dewberry strip cutter that cuts up to 4 layers of fabric. I was looking for the best way to fold your fabric before you cut squares. Thanks so much for your help I will googling that.


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