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My name is Mary Pat and I have always been interested in meeting other people with the name of Mary as well. I always ask Marys what their middle name is and I find it very interesting to hear all of the different middle names. My friends always laugh at me but I smile back and say.......your not a Maryy, you don't understand. My goal is to find more Marys that are willing to share their middle name and just why they were named Mary ---------. If you are willing to share, please add to this discussion. I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much, Mary Pat in Wisconsin

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My name ia Mary Claire......both my grandmothers were Mary, Hence the reason I was named. My Dads only sisters name was Josephine Claire. Hence the Middle name. I too find it interesting how the name Mary is usually followed with a middle name. So anyway Mary Pat, I take it you were born in or around the 50's/60's or before cause its not as common any more for couples to name babies Mary anything.....haha
Well it was nice chatting.
take care Mary,
Thanks for the info to Mary Claire and to Mary Linda......I was named after my mom Mary Helen and I was due in December but I came in Oct. so instead of being named Mary Carol , I was named Mary Pat after my godmother Pat. I was born in '46 so yes everyone then had a Maryin their family! I just find it interesting. Thanks for your input.....Mary Pat
My name is Mary Linda. I'm called by my middle name, though I answer to either one. I was named for my Mother, Mary Alice, and my Grandmother, Mary Elmira. Oh, and Mary Claire, I was born a long time before the 50's! When I married I planned to drop the Mary and use my maiden name for a middle name. The U.S. Navy refused to do that, so legally, I became Mary L. By the way, my Mother in Law was also Mary.
Well, I can jump in here too. I'm legally Marianne (the french spelling) Ruth. Since my family is Catholic, and was born in the early 50's, many families named their first daughters Mary. So, my mother told me I was named after Jesus' mother and her mother Anne. Ruth is my faternal Grandmother's name. All very strong women.
No I'm not a Mary but have 3 Marys in my life. First is my mom who went through her life thinking her name was Cyrilla Mary to find out that it was really Mary Cyrilla. Her parents were roman catholic french Candaians who name her after my great aunt who chose the name when she entered the convent. My mom was the first girl born after that event (my great aunt celebrated her 75th year as a nun in 2002). My mother in-law was Mary Helen. I don't know the story behind her name but she was a wonderful woman. The third Mary in my live is my daughter Heather Mary after her grandmothers. My other daughter we call Hilary Elaine to find out that Elaine is from Helen and at the time of her naming we didn't know that little tidbit.
My name is Mary Jo Ann. I am named after an aunt Mary, uncle Joe and grandmother Ann. I went to a catholic school where there was a Mary Ellen, Mary Jo, Mary Kay, Mary Lou, Mary Jean all in the same room. I was called Mary so I never had a nickname. Actually my first name is Mary Jo Ann with no middle name but the nun didn't like the whole name, too long, so I am just Mary, which was just fine with me. So the only time I ever heard my whole name was when I got scolded -- I can still hear it --Mary Jo Ann get over here! :) Ahh, memories.


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