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Where are you from and how long have you been Quilting?

I live in Columbus, Ga, USA and I have been quilting for about 4 years.

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Hi, my name is Becky.  I'm from Florida and would have started quilting 14 yrs ago but moved.  Husband & I live in a motorhome full time & I finished the top of my first quilt (a colonial blue log cabin), but it's still not quilted yet.  A year ago, I was going through chemo therapy & unable to do much but admire all the lovely quilts I found on the websites.  As soon as I had the strength to gather my supplies, I jumped in with both feet & made six lap robes for Christmas and this year we've been having great grandbabies right & left so I've finished three, am presently working on a jewel box quilt for my husband, then another baby quilt, a panel quilt for MIL, and then Christmas all the way until that day when I'll start on the next year.  We have 3 children, 15 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren so far and two more on the way and all our gifts are handmade.  I have 4 more yrs on a cancer med that makes all my limbs quite painful, but although it slows me down, it's not stopping my determination.  I'm learning so much from all of you!  Thank you!

Wishing you good health and fun in quilting.  Sandy in Ohio here.  I just made a lap quilt for a coworker who just started chemo for breast cancer.  She  is 44 and loved it.   I go to West Palm Beach almost every month---my husband works there(don't ask  lol).  Have you posted your pictures yet?


Not sure where I'd post them.  Haven't been able to get on much to look around yet.  I'm trying real hard to finish hubbies quilt & get to the next baby quilt before that one's born.  Last one came a month early & I didn't get it out until her actual due date! LOL!  We're closer to Clermont, Florida.  I take pictures of all my projects.  A promise to a dear friend.  I've done crafts since age 8.  I make everything from scrunchies to the quilts now.  At one point even designed an original teddy bear with moveable snap on legs so when the kids fight over it I didn't have to repair the fabric. LOL!  Everyone seems to love them.  My panda bear has 23 parts & I used to hand sew them. 


I've recently moved to Middleton, Nova Scotia in Canada.

I've been quilting for 20 years ~ not counting the quilt top I made at 13 :)


Hey all,  I've been sewing for 30 years, doing quilty stuff too.  I like smaller projects, although I have done some larger quilts.  I don't consider myself as a perfectionist and my seams are usually off, but I do love to create.  I live in WA state. I'm glad I found this place.  I've been ordering from CT for a little while now.   I absolutely love the fabric and the patterns I have ordered.  Right now, I'm working on the Walker Bag.  I've never been good at paper piecing and the flower is a simpler one, so I wanted to try all this out.  Hopefully I'll get a pic posted when it is done.




My real name is  Sheila ;  I will be turning 57 soon  in Feb , in fact, gee am I getting older  ha.

 I have been dabbing in quilt since I was a young girl ; say around  10 or so

My Mom's mom ; who is deceased and Mom got me interested in quilting ;

I have a huge floor tilting quilting frame; but cannot use it as  I have no room and i have RA

I ordered  a lap hoop from Harry Bennet and love it.

i also had him  to make me a Bobbin Lace Maker Frame  ;which we both designed  together ; took quite a few e-mails ha.

I am currently trying to finish a appilue  butter fly quilt top.

and making a lace maker's bobbin lace pillow to go on my frame .

I love hand quilting; so far haven't been tackling machine quilting

I guess I have bee quilting well over 40 years. 

I have made around 10 full size quilts and given them to family member

Most were hand pieced and hand quilted ; I am the only one to work on them and it usually takes me a year.

Now I only make quilts for me and my family. 
Having RA and Diabetic type 2 ;  and lots more diseases ; sometimes  slow me down

but have all my needle work interest really helps . sheila

Hi I live in New mexico and have been making real quilts since Feb 2010, before that it was just a baby quilt here and there for my kids and then my grand daughter, they were just simple squares and when I look at some of them now I think.......really?! LOL but I am happy to say I see improvement all the time :o)

Hi!  I'm from SW Arkansas.  I have been quilting since 2000.  I have sewn since I was very young, started quilting when my youngest graduated high school.  I remember sitting in my grandmothers lap while she let me sew.  My great grandmother did hand quilting for the public.  I sat many hours watching her quilt in her living room.  Special memories that make quilting so special to me.  

Hey ;

My name is Sheila

I live in Virginia

i have been quilting for over 30 years.

I hand quilt each quilt ; i do it by myself as no one else in the family likes to

my dear deceased grannie; mom's mom taught me to quilt and my mom

my mom will be 83 this year    sheila


I live on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, Ontario. 

I have been quilting over 30 yrs. - just a stitch in time!  I love all aspects of quilting, and I am a longarm machine quilter (and still hand quilt too). 

I love heirloom sewing & smocking, playing the French Horn, and motorcycles.

I am from Manitoba, Canada (in the prairies). I have only been quilting for about 18 months. Totally addicted!

Pat, I think once you get started it's hard not to get addicted. I got my girlfriend to do a small wall hanging and she hasn't stopped. That was 4 years ago!



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