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I think it would be cool to have a thread for each state in the USA and other countries, so we can find quilters in our areas.

This would be so cool. We could meet other quilters and go to quilt shops and shows together. Also could have get togethers to quilt.

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My sister lived near Colville. Marilyn and Bob. They have since moved to Trout Creek MT. When I visted them it just seemed that you have to drive forever to get anywhere. A bit too remote for me. Beautiful though.
My name is Beatrice also but go by Bea. Have been quilting since the 1950's . Do a lot of charity quilts and make baby quilts for sale. 
I live in Northwest Wyoming--50 miles from the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It is a beautiful, if harsh, area where there are more antelope than people.
Hi Barbara I used to live in Cooke City no I am in NE Wy near Devils Tower, just a stones throw for us Wy girls! JoAnne
I think this is fun as well! I have an online EQ friend who is from England... not sure what town/city... Always nice to find other quilters... we all speak the same language! I'm 52 with 3 children and 8 grandchildren, 5 of which are involved in sports right now - 2 in Jr. High and High school track, 2 in girls softball and one in little league baseball.. Keeps me hopping! The last track meet is next week May 15th... then the high school track will switch to high school baseball games! I'm busy most evening until the end of July!!! I'm also the president of our small quilt club here in Madrid, Iowa, USA! Our club makes a quilt each year to raffle off with the proceeds going to the Labor Day Committee for the next year's celebration! There are 9 of us and we all help with the piecing, then we put it in a quilt frame and at our meetings we all sit around the quilt and hand quilt it while having the meeting! Then we each get to the quilt periodically during the month until the next meeting! it isn't going as quickly as I would like this year, but I hope it will start moving a little faster soon! I have a picture of last years quilt called "Pieces of Our Past" on my page... Nice to meet all of you!
Hi everyone. I am going to be 60 yrs old on Mother's Day. Boy that hurts, seeing that number written out!!! I live in Missoula Mt. Spring is refusing to arrive this year! Have been quilting for about 25 years, Lord another big number!!! But tonight I had the great pleasure of watching an eagle riding the wind just over my house. So hope to meet new friends on this site.
Spring is slow in Odessa, Washington also. 29 degrees this morning. If this is global warming, I'm liking the longer quilting season. Don't know if it is a fair trade for all the fruit blossoms freezing, but one has to look on the bright side.
I think that'a a great idea!!
Excuse me, I hit send too early. I'm from Fairbanks Alaska, and we are hoping to see some warm weather soon. It was very warm a week ago, and now the snow has melted, just a few short months before winter. Love to quilt in the sunlight of my quilting room.
Hi, I have lived in central Illinois since 1979, before that Waterloo, Iowa but I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE. I took early retirement so that I could enjoy life and quess what.....that is what I'm doing. I am 67. I have 3 grown children and 4 step. Since I retired I have made 7 quilts and enjoyed every minute of it. My husband helps me with the cutting and the longarm quilting. I haven't gotten him to try piecing yet. But his hobby is fishing so during the summer I'm on my own. My daughter just contracted me to make a "Men's Tie" quilt for a retiring band director from the school that she teaches music/chorus. So I'll be asking for a lot of suggestions (I already have!!!). Need to run so that I can start up the machine....I haven't been in my studio for 45 days now and it is calling to me. Norma from Illinois
I live in northeast Oklahoma, about 20 miles south of the Kansas State Line and 45 minutes north of Tulsa, OK. I've been quilting for about 9 years. I work full time and use quilting to maintain my sanity. Spring has definitely arrived in this part of the country. I don't think we've seen the sun for more than about 3 hours at a time in the last week or so. We've had lots of rain, but that has brought out the flowers, so there are bright spots to go along with the overcast days.

Since I work, have one daughter who is involved in just about everything and a spouse that is often out of the country for weeks at a time, I haven't been able to join a local quilt quild. So I'm looking forward to making some on line friends.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I lost my mom in 1979 and at times still miss her very much, especially today. I was born on Mother's Day so it was a very special day for us. The rest of the family just had to deal!!! I got my quilting genes from my grandmother, she was an exceptional seamstress. She would let me "sew" her scraps into doll blankets and such. Still have a few of them!!The next logical step was quilts. I am largely self-taught but I bless Gram for teaching me to use a needle and thread. I just sent of some twin quilts to a local camp that is for kids with cancer and some lap quilts to our state veteran's hospital.

I have enjoyed reading all the comments, very nice to meet you!!


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