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I think it would be cool to have a thread for each state in the USA and other countries, so we can find quilters in our areas.

This would be so cool. We could meet other quilters and go to quilt shops and shows together. Also could have get togethers to quilt.

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Hey Pat three of us Brits now as far as I can make out, we shall have to stick together. I hope some more join up.
Hello from Maryland. Just read through all the replies here and couldn't find anyone from MD or my birth state of Georgia. Humph! Well!!!! I grew up in middle south GA and when I got married at the ripe old age of 17 moved to Virginia. From Virginia we spent a couple of years in Verdon, France then my hubby was sent to Viet Nam (Army) and I stayed in GA. That was for just over a year. We ended up back in Virginia where we spent the next 20 something years and now we've been in north east Maryland for the past 16 years. I've actually loved all the places we've lived in but this is our final home.
I have two grown daughters and they grew up in VA. One is here in Maryland about an hour from us but the other just moved to Florida after living 15 years in Atlanta, GA. Wish they were both closer. Enjoying life at the ripe age of 65. Have a basement sewing/quilting room where I spend a lot of my waking hours. I've been quilting about 8-10 years. Started slow and have really got into it in the last two years.
Well, that's enough. Hope some other Maryland, Georgia and Virginia quilters show up.
Hi Ruth!

I'm in Virginia, and have lived here in Loudoun County for about 12 years now (3 years in Fairfax). I was born in Alabama, but raised outside of Chicago. My ex was in the Air Force, so I got to live in Dayton, OH, Albuquerque, NM, and Wiesbaden, Germany!

Any others from the Old Dominion??
Hi gardergirl, nice to get a reply, grin. I grew up in the farming country in Georgia. We lived in Alexandria VA for three years when we were first married. My hubby was in the Army we had the chance to go to Verdon France for a year and a half (a wonderful experience) before he was sent to Viet Nam and I went back to Georgia. After he got out of the Army we moved to Dale City, VA for 5 years before moving way out in the boonies to Mine Run, VA. Were there for 20 years and then work transferred us to Bel Air MD. Been here now for 16 years and I love it here. I've enjoyed living in all these places but I still call Georgia my home even though we seldom get back down there. We have two grown daughters and I miss them like you wouldn't believe. My Rat Terrier, Sadie, keeps me busy though. I've joined a quilting group that meets at a Chapel at the local military base every Monday evening and we have a great time. Some of the ladies are an old hand at quilting and a few have never sewed anything before joining.
Again, thanks for your reply. Have a great time on this website.
Ruth D
Hey, gardengirl. I lived in Norfolk Va for about a year and loved it. I was raised in Chicago. Now I'm just south of Columbus Ohio. It sounds like you have seen a lot of the country. Hope you have quilting buddies near you as it makes a big difference.
Hi Gardengirl - I'm living near Quantico, VA but we are planning to move home to Oklahoma in the next few months. We've been back east for about ten years but family, including an elderly father are back home. I didn't take up quilting until about five years ago and my three grown kids are torn between impressed at my efforts and appalled at my stash!
I just found this forum and am finding my way around. I"ve lived in SE MN, near Rochester home of the Mayo Clinic and in beautiful bluff country since 1987, but was born and raised in SW Iowa. I have 3 kids girls 21 & 17 and a son 19 who will soon be deployed to Iraq for the 1st time. Both girls also have boyfriends in the Army. I'm 51 and most days feel like I'm still in my 30's.
Darce, just saw your post. Please let your son and your girl's friends know that people appreciate their service. This is a scary world we live in and the service of young folks like your son and others help us to rest a little easier.
Thanks Janis - will do.
Hi - I'm new to this forum. I am from Rhode Island and have been quilting for a little over 10 years. It will be nice to chat with other quilters. Most of the independent quilting shops in my area have closed so I've ventured into Massachusetts to locate stores.

Hello Everyone,
Like Pat B I am also from Northampton, England, it is because of Pat I am here really. Waiting for my book to arrive, shope said they are behind with their orders, I am so not impressed with them. Frustration is beginning to set it.
Trying meanwhile to work out this posting lark on here, no way I'll get a picture on for ages - if ever. But good to read all yours.
Hi Janet
Yes i do find this hard to work out even if you have put down to follow the thread & get notification in a e-mail it don't take you to that reply so if a lot of people have been commenting on that thread it can be hard to find the reply.
But i do enjoying reading the different messages from everyone, & it because of you that i am here also
Hugs Janice


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