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I think it would be cool to have a thread for each state in the USA and other countries, so we can find quilters in our areas.

This would be so cool. We could meet other quilters and go to quilt shops and shows together. Also could have get togethers to quilt.

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Hi to all! I am 50 years young and live in Southwestern Ohio in a small town. Have lived here all of my life. Was born and raised here, married my highschool sweetheart (he passed away about 21 months ago at the age of 49). Quilting keeps my sanity! I love shopping for fabric, both in stores and on the internet. I have so much right now that I could probably do projects into infinity! I can't pass up a bargain! The only fabric available in our town is at our local grocery store that has a Ben Franklin section that has the fabric. I usually have to travel out of town otherwise. It's neat to see where everyone is from and a little bit about their life!
Hi, Pam,
Quilting is my sanity too sometimes. In fact, I'm trying to get a discussion going under General Chit Chat to ask why others quilt and I listed that as one of my reasons - check it out.

Fabric??? If you're a real quilter, you simply CANNOT resist fabric!! I have this theory that I can't die until I use up all my fabric - and since I just keep buying fabric, wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
Hi Annie, I have quilted for 25 years and never seem to have enough fabric. Every time I start a quilt I always seem to need some special fabric and then I go and always see something else also.
The last few years Quilting has really kept me sane .My husband has Alzhymers and he wants me with him every minute .Needless to say I don't get out very much. I am usually very active.'
Good Morning, Sue,
I went to your page and see that you like caroussel horses. I live just over the MO River from Leavenworth, KS where they have a meusem featuring a complete Parker caroussel. It's absolutely wonderful and fascinating - and best of all, you can ride it!
When we were living in the little village of Woodstock in England, there was a street fair that would set up every year in the Autumn. They had a full-sized caroussel that was the centerpiece of the fair which took up almost all of the village square in front of the church. I LOVED IT!!!
Hi Annie,
I have been collecting carousel horses for several years. At one time I wanted to try to get a full size one. they were too expensive and my home isn't large enough. They are getting harder to find. I sure would like to visit that museum.

i found
I am from the Planet SEWSALOT and wish I could do more. I am from Denver CO. Have lived here since May or 1972 before that I was born in Salt Lake City, UT. I am 59
Hummm.... I feel soooo alone.
I live in Tacoma Washington, is there anyone else on the west coast????? :)
I am in Odessa, Washington, 40 miles northeast of Moses Lake. 105 degrees here today.
Well, I'm from the most western United States...I'm in Hawaii. We have a few good fabric stores and quilt shops, but there is nothing like going on a trip to the mainland U.S. or Japan (twice) to add to my stash (fabrics, books, kits) and get inspired. I just returned from Northern California, Washington, and B.C. and totally inspired by sights and quilt shopping. I love the CT catalog and the online site....
I live in Brasil, São Paulo City, and I have 50 years old.
Glad to meet you Luciane. I'm from a small town called Grove City, Ohio just south of Columbus, the capital of Ohio. You sure don't look 50 years old. Must be good living.
Thanks Glad, but here is 3rd world, good living I don't have .
Nice to meet you.
I don't speak english very well, sorry for any error...


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