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I think it would be cool to have a thread for each state in the USA and other countries, so we can find quilters in our areas.

This would be so cool. We could meet other quilters and go to quilt shops and shows together. Also could have get togethers to quilt.

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Luciane, I only speak english so I would be a fish out of water trying using any other language. You are doing fine.
Hi, my name is Margie, I am 55 years old, and I live in southwest Arkansas. I am originally from Northern Illinois.
Hi, my name is Sandie and I am 66 and live in Central Massachusetts about an hour west of Boston. I've been quilting for a few years and lately have been in a slump. I'm retiring in 3 months and hope to get back in the swing of things. I love going through my Connecting Threads books and I also subscribe to Fons & Porter Love of Quilting. I've lived in Chicago and Connecticut but have always come back to my home town. I'm waiting to feel old but as one of the ladies said in her reply I still feel like a 30 year old most of the time. Look forward to meeting people at CT.
Hi, I'm Mary and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa - belong to the local quilters' guild. I love connecting with quilters around the world. You girls in the States are so blessed to have all that fabric easily accessible - we have to import 90% of the fabric we use.
Mary, glad to meet you. We are blessed her and I think sometimes we forget it. I live just south of Columbus, Ohio and next week begins 10 days of Shop Hop. I can't wait because it gives me a reason to drive and in the country and head to shops that would normally be too far away. What type of quilting do you like? Paper piecing, applique, crazy quilting or piecing?
Hi Janis, I'm somewhat of a jack (jill) of all trades and a master of none :-) I have done a bit of everything except crazy quilting - I find I do more hand work in the evening and machine piecing during the day. I love hand applique - guess it's because I'm able to do it in the evening in front of the TV.
Mary, that sounds just like me. I haven't tried crazy quilting yet but maybe some day. I love to piece, even paper piecing. Then at night I enjoy doing hand applique because I can do it upstairs while my DH and I sit and watch TV. I seem to always have to have something going.
I'm 51 and I live in Truckee, CA
Truckee is about 15 miles from the California/Nevada State Line, 15 miles north of Lake Tahoes' north shore.
I know where that is! I spent my teenage years in Grass Valley!....What a small world!
I am a Wisconsin Quilter. I make quilts for our family, our friends, our schools fund raiser, baby gifts and for the fun of it!!! I also love Jackets and purses....ideas, from scratch, from sweatshirts and scraps.......uniqueness is fine! I am looking for inspiration and quilting friendships! I am 56 years into my youth.
oh swell I spelled my name wrong..........oh well! stitch it in and make it work, right?
Love that and welcome to the ageless age, grin. After 55 we can blame any mistakes on age and get a great laugh from them. After 65 there are a lot more things we can blame on age, grin. Your sewing background sounds a lot like mine. I started at age 8 with my mothers help but quilting I didn't take up until about 9/10 years ago and love it.


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