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Hi ... has anyone bought EQ7? If so what do you think?
Which EQ version do you think best?

I'm thinking of buying a new version of EQ.


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I had EQ 3, 4 and 5...When I had 3, i upgraded almost right away, then with 4 I was learning and thought I needed the newer version...now I know that if I was going to buy it new today, 4 would be my choice...it would be 3 but most newer computers won't run it any more. 5 is fine, but there are bugs and it's years old, I know they have 6 and maybe even 7 out by now...would not pay for the 'newness' ...just me... you will have to decide...call your quilt group and see if people will let you try theirs to see if there is a big difference for you. ...4 just worked better and 3 and 4 both do anything you need them to do...the upgrades all do the same thing, maybe a fraction faster but there is a huge library of blocks, and fabrics in them and available from outside sources. Besides, they are out there used for little bucks...just wouldn't spend the new $...there's not that much difference....5 gives you rotary cutting info...don't care about that, but you might....I use it mostly to preview color combos, and play with borders before cutting....once i get it to look the way i like, i can check the yardage requirements needed....even 3 does all this...whatever you decide on, just make sure your computer runs that version...the whole reason i have 5 now is that my computer won't run 4...good luck...this is a wonderful product...i use it almost daily...it's a good thing to play with to learn about color.....
Thank you so much for the reply! I have 4 and am running it on Vista with no problems. I've been reading reviews on EQ7 and of coarse people have just thought it was the best thing since toilet paper. That's a fine idea about bringing it up with the quilt club. There's a meeting tomorrow evening.


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