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I am reading a book by Marie Bostwick, A Single Thread centering around a quilt shop.
Got me wondering how women decide to quilt.
Would love to hear your stories,


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For most of my life, I've had "thing" for fabric. I love to watch it come together in patterns, colors, etc. The actual quilting is another interesting challenge....one I'm still not very good at, but like to see how it enhances the designs of the quilt top. And when you are done having fun with all that....you have something practical to show for it!
I love textiles. There has always been a thing for me about homemade quilts. The love and gentleness that goes into making one.It is a way for me to express myself. It is also a way I loose myself within my work and the world goes away.. I hand quilt a lot. When I see each quilt I have made I remember where and what was going on at the times I was quilting it. Even as I have started machine quilting I am so at peace with myself that other than my family I can think of nothing that makes me happier. Lori

I don't think we decide to quilt, I think we are born to quilt and once we see and feel fabric we're hooked. I can truly say that I don't know anyone who started quilting and hasn't gotten hooked. I believe that we are born to do certain things no matter what they are, and as long as we keep our eyes open, it will happen., I'm sure glad that my thing is quilting!!
Thanks you ladies for all the wonderful reasons you gave about quilting!

I too, feel it is a way to escape life's pressures, the feeling of accomplishment.
And of course the actual beauty involved, the fact that it can be passed on for generations( I hope!)

I found a double wedding ring top pieced in pinks & greens as well as scraps for the arcs, in the attic of a rental house.
I asked the owner if she wanted it & she said NO~!

I kept that top for a long time....
I started reading books on quilting & decided to try it & I am so glad.

Well, I got a neighbor to hand quilt it for me......I was disappointed in her large stitches but it was at least completed.
That got me thinking about the art of handquilting & again I decided to accomplish that..lol..

I get discouraged w/ myself for starting too many projects at once... feeling a bit scattered, but I know i am not alone in that..there are so many patterns ot try , so many bolts of fabric to fondle..lol

Happy quilting
I love all things "fabric". Another thing, I am an artist that can not draw. I have an "eye" for beauty and color composition but never have been able to put pencil to paper and create a pleasing display; but give me fabric and my sewing machine and I will WOW you.
Crafts run in the family. We've all tried a vast variety and we all sew. My mom and dad quilted so I tried it and loved it. I made mini quilts and then I got into some three-dimensional quilting. I love to applique. I made a full size quilt for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Had never quilted before and had no idea what I was doing. Unfortunately, my mother hung it on the wall at the head of their bed. I cringe every time I see it. It was hand prints from all her children (4 girls) and their family members at that time. She loved it. I've come a long way since then and I'm hooked.
As a child I always loved playing around with geometric patterns. Then as a teenager I met a quilter and she taught me how to quilt. I am hooked now and sew almost every single day. For me the love is for the patterns moreso than the fabric, but picking out fabric is fun too.
I have always loved quilts and fabric. My mom was a sewer all her life. We decided to take a quilting class together and it was all downhill from there. LOL I have only been quilting for about 8 years so I feel I am still kind of new. Trust me, my quilts are not perfect and my points don't always come out perfect, but I love making them.
I just love sewing.I'm getting back into it.For awhile there i gave it up.I couldn't think of anything but my son.One day last January i was looking around i found this Yahoo Group.Her name is Carol Doak,she has a paper piecing group.Thats all it took,and i'm back doing what i love most sewing and quilting.Connie-F/quarter
I love the precision of cutting out a quilt. I am the type of person that follows the rules and I find quilting is all about making sure you follow the rules. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I've completed a project. I am actually better at starting a project then finishing it. I am also very creative and need ways to express myself and again quilting can give you the medium to express yourself. I am also additted to the ohs and ahs I get from friends and family when I show them what I created. It is fun, relaxing and quilters are the friendliest people around.
Hi, Patsy,
I didn't know you had started this titled discussion group when I used the same tile for the one I started on 28 June. Didn't mean to "steal" your title, but like you I've gotten curious about other quilters' reasons for quilting in it's myriad forms.
Anyway, I'll give you my reason, which is the same as I gave on my group discussion:

Quilting is my comfort, my joy, my sanity (sometimes), and always my rock to lean on.
I love playing with color ~ quilting is like the grown-up version of playing with crayons! Currently I'm in my "brights" stage ~ brights & black fabrics, which help those wild colors just POP off the quilt!!

This year, I've been spending at least one hour each morning sewing ~ helps me begin the day with a smile on my face. It's very much a stress-buster and since I've retired it's a great way to pass the warmth onto to others!!!

I've been creating quilts for over 40 years and loving every moment of it!!


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