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Comment by AnnetteJ 18 hours ago

Good Morning Ladies!  This past weekend was our Thanksgiving here in Canada, so for us it's all about family.  We travelled 3.5 yes to get up to my nieces home where 28 of us gathered for the weekend.  From as far North as Whitehorse, Yukon to as far South as Lethbridge, Alberta which is just a few miles North of the Cdn/US border and many points in between.  Sisters & brothers, cousins, grandchildren  and great grandkids, Aunts & Uncles.  We are so blessed.  Unfortunately none of our children, grands or great grands were there but that's how it goes sometimes.  I haven't laughed that much in years.

BUT, and I get you didn't think I'd ever get around to quilting, I did get some applique done in the van.  Boy, does that ever play with ones ones, LOL.  Now, back to my hoop to put in a few more stitches today.

Comment by Carla yesterday

I tried the tulip needles several years ago Annette.  I was not impressed either.  I guess it's one of those cases where a you don't get what you paid for.  I have been using Richard Hemmings needles ever since I tried them a few years back.

Comment by AnnetteJ on Friday

Sandy, thank you for your kind offer regarding needles but there is one qUilt shop in Calgary that I know will have some.  Or I can probably order from my old supplier in Vancouver.  At the moment, I'm trying Tulip betweens...not impressed.  Compared to Clover or JJ, they have a definite drag going through my quilt which has a Polydown batt.  No other needles have done that!

Comment by Sandy Larkey on October 8, 2019 at 10:41am

Thanks, Carla, but I am not on Facebook; signed up for it a few years ago because my sister-in-law's daughter wanted the whole family to see her Facebook page.  Trouble was, I got nearly 200 "friend" requests in the first week, 99% of whom I had absolutely no interest in befriending.  Including one guy from Greece, who persisted in writing in Greek. I tried unfriending him, blocking his email, Anything.  Finally wound up unsubscribing from Facebook.  And at that, I had to set my email account to block anything with the word Facebook in it.   Anyway, I think Angel's daughter has a Facebook page, so I'll pass o your suggestion.  But when I was at Nelson quilting yesterday, Deb told me that the local (hospital-sponsored) thrift shop has--had a little Singer.  She said it was priced at $9.95 because the thrift store didn't have any idea what to ask for it.  Deb told them it was worth way more than that--so they repriced it at $29.95.  I passed the word to Angel and she plans to be there at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, first time they open after I got the information. 

Doctor' appointment today with the surgeon for a follow-up.  He is really pushing a colonoscopy.  My mother died of colon cancer and he says that increases my chances of it, by quite a lot--it's hereditary!  I do NOT want to!  I suppose I'll give in, when my husband and friends start hassling me about it.  Gahh!

More fun things--I've almost got one sock of a new pair ready to start decreasing for the toes.  I have a crochet pattern for making socks.  For me, it works quite well--if I can make myself stick with the work.  Commercial socks never quite fit; well, how can they when they fit a range of sizes.  This pair is going to be pretty wild; variegated yarn, pink, mint green, sage green and white.  Oh, well, they won't show under my boots. 

Outbid on the Singer.  No big deal, since it turned out not to be an actual Featherweight.  But there's several more on eBay, so I'm currently bidding on another one for her.  And then, there is the one at Nifty Thrifty.  I think we'll manage to get her a Featherweight, one way or another. 

And I've got to mow the lawn today.  Grr!   At least the temperature is going to be in the high 60x, low 70s so I won't get heat stroke.  We had frost advisories over the weekend, so maybe this is the last time I have to mow.  Hate to see winter coming on, but fall now, with its cooler temperatures to kill the grass--and the mosquitoes!   All the rain we've had this summer, the mosquitoes are getting quite ferocious.  And West Nile has been detected in Webster County!  Great!  Anyway, got to go get busy, catch you later.

Comment by Carla on October 8, 2019 at 5:34am

Sandy if your on Facebook their market place is a great place to shop for local items and usually at a good price especially for sewing machines. I think family members sometimes sell grandmothers sewing machine not knowing the real value just to get rid of it.

Comment by Sandy Larkey on October 6, 2019 at 2:47pm

Yeah, the Shakers were a religious organization.  I'm not sure, offhand, what they themselves called their groups, but yes, the term Shakers did come from their movements during worship services.  It was almost a dance, but they were "shaking out the sins," at least, that's the way I remember the description of it from the book I read.  The man and woman heads of the community led the worshippers in segregated lines during the service.  The last two Shakers, both women, died...oh maybe 20 years ago.  They did do beautiful work--the men did woodworking (among other things) and the women did needlecrafts (again, among other things.) 

I am currently keeping a close eye on eBay; one of my friends has her heart set on a Singer Featherweight sewing machine--she travels to her daughter's in Lincoln nearly every weekend and wanted a portable machine.  I found 60's replica of the 1937 Sphinx model, starting bit of $10.  Well, we all know (I'm  sure) how much a Featherweight is usually priced at!  So anyway, I'm bidding for her, since she doesn't have a computer.  But the bidding is up to $160. now so we're both crossing our fingers. 

I did find (also on eBay) a cute little portable--very portable! Bell sewing machine that comes in a little wooden box 19" x 13" x 4", for under $100.  Read a review of it on ~silkmothsewing.blopspot.com~ and it sounds as though, tiny though the machine is, it is a REAL sewing machine.  Was I not having to pay my local hospital $100 a month for the next 10 months, I'd be tempted to get this thing--just because it's cute.  However, explaining to my husband why I need a 7th sewing machine would be a challenge. 

At my nearest quilt sop, I found a kit of evergreen trees in a snowy field, which made me remember the pattern I purchased at Threads Across Nebraska a few years back.  It features a dog in a sort-of forest, and the caption is, "It's all about finding the right tree."  A boy dog, in case you couldn't guess.  I saw the pattern on a spinner rack at one of the vendor's booths and reached for it, only to see another hand coming up for the pattern.  I turned around and told the gal, "I've got a boy dog."  She said, "So do I."  Fortunately, there were two patterns.  Anyway, the pattern is to make a wall hanging, the scenery surround by pinwheel blocks.  I thought it would be fun to modify it, add more scenes to make a throw quilt.  I'd change the snowy background to green, remove the major tree and substitute a fire plug, and do a third scene with a girl dog crouched behind a bush--appropriate captions on all scenes, of course.  But finding this kit has given me a notion for the borders of the throw.  I'll let you know how it comes out. 

I'm planning a stuffed pumpkin for supper, and it is a time-consuming dish.  So I'd best get out into the kitchen.  Cleaning a pumpkin is a real pain in the er-um. 

Comment by Lynne on October 6, 2019 at 11:26am

Janet,, thanks!!!   I decide not to go to this year's show in GR.  Didn't need any more projects!!!

handstitcher, I never knew that info either,,, but if  you google them, it has a lot of info.  Since that is the life they led,,, they took in orphans to build the community.  Men and women shared the same household, but had different steps to their sleep areas.  Makes for interesting reading.

I have copies of letters my 3rd great grandmother's sister wrote to her niece.  She talks some of the lifestyle,, and it seems to me they were very religious.  I did read they got the name Shakers, due to their movement during the preaching or singing???  Not sure which.

Comment by Janet/MO on October 6, 2019 at 10:25am

I love your orange peel blocks Lynne.  Your vacation sounds fabulous.  This will be a beautiful time of the year to visit that part of the country too.  I was not aware that Shakers never got married.  Very interesting.  I sure hope to make it to the quilt show in Grand Rapids next August.  There are plans being made for my 50th high school reunion so I told the coordinator that if she could schedule it for that same time, that would be great.  Doubt very much if that will happen, but one never knows!  

Comment by handstitcher/IL on October 6, 2019 at 9:09am

Sounds like an excellent trip — family, friends, quilts, genealogy, and hopefully some nice fall colors. Enjoy!!!

Comment by Lynne on October 6, 2019 at 8:08am

Thanks, PQ and handstitcher.  We are headed out east.  First stop will be Bennington, Vermont, to see Dear Jane quilt.   It will be taken down on Monday the 14th.  Missed it last time by a day or two.  Then into New Hampshire to visit with friends.  A stop at Keepsake Quilting is always on the agenda.  Will be there 5 days, then head back to New York.  Found out that my 3rd great grandparents, were Shakers when they met.  Shakers never marry, so they left to marry and had 8 kids!!  The village is now a museum, so I'm hoping they have some records.

From there we will go to our son's, as are granddaughter is turning 16.  A few days there then back  home!!!   A much needed vacation.


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