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Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

My platinum needles have very small eyes, too; in fact so small I can't use a needle threader.  Magni-Clips!  I have two pair of them and keep one in my traveling sewing bag and one in my sewing room.  Since I have to wear reading glasses anyway, I just clip the Magni-Clips on to them, and then I can--usually--manage to thread my needles.  I have a package of needles, Regal brand made in Japan by bankoku needle mfg., but I've never even opened the package.  Mostly because there is a whole paragraph on the package back cautioning that the needles should be wiped clean after EACH use and replaced in the foil pouch to prevent rust.  Um, 'scuse me, but I'm not going to wipe down a needle every time I use it.  If anybody wants to try them, I'll gladly send them to you. 

I told you Janis found a design she thought would make a neat Quilt of Valor.  Well, I've been cutting pieces today and Tuesday.  Six blocks worth of blue and white strips 12 1/2 by 2 1/2, five of red and white, same dimension, and pieces for six blue and white Easy Lemoyne Stars--8 blue rectangles, 4 dark, 4 light, and 8 4" squares and 8 3" squares of background fabric.  Very good thing somebody invented rotary cutters, otherwise my poor hands would be in a stage of total cramping for a week.  It really ought to make a nice-looking quilt, though. 

Oh, did I tell you about the little sleeping puppy "Trainee" for the Byron Volunteer Fire Department.  Well, I'd got him a fireman's helmet--to grow into--from the Firehouse Subs café in Grand Island.  My brother and I went back there yesterday, and talked to the manager.  She wants photos!  I've only got one photo of the puppy sleeping on his little "blankie" with his chin resting on the brim of the helmet.  I suppose I could get the firemen to take a photo of him where they set him up for display. 

And my break is over--best get back to cutting 3" squares.  Only 32 more to go.

Comment by Carla yesterday

I love Richard Hemmings and order my online from:  www.wawak.com

They are very reasonable and I order 10 packs at time to last me a while.

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE yesterday


Sorry about the typo below.

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE yesterday

Diane, I gave my MIL Roxanne needles, and she couldn't thread them either, so she "gifted" them back to me.  I noticed the eyes are quite small, but I've not tried them yet.  

I agree - tools are person.  What works for one, doesn't work for another and vice versa.  I'm the same way with my kitchen utensils.  I have favorites, which are different from both my mother, MIL, and my daughter.  :) 

Comment by Janet/MO yesterday

I Googled Richard Hemming needles and found quite a few places that sell them.  As is to be expected, you can buy them through Amazon, but there are other stores you can also buy them at.  Personally I dislike Amazon so I try to avoid using them.  I used to buy through them until I discovered they sold my info.  That ended up causing me lots of problems which, fortunately, I did get straight after a lot of hassle.  Plus I would much rather support the small businesses anyway.  

Comment by diane yesterday

I do like the John James large eye needles. I use an 11. I have never had any trouble with them breaking, but then I use wool batting most of the time when I hand quilt. I also like the Richard Hemming. My least favorite are Roxanne and clover! HA Guess it's just what you get used to,I had trouble threading the roxanne. I agree most quilt shops don't carry good hand quilting items.

Comment by handstitcher/IL yesterday

I’ve never heard of the Richard Hemmings brand, Janet. I’ll have to check those out. Some quilt stores here also offer longarm quilting services, so they have no reason to promote hand quilting. 

Comment by Janet/MO on Thursday

I too have had problems with John James needles.  I do like the Richard Hemmings brand.  From what I can see most quilt store owners do not do any hand work so it doesn't occur to them to have those items in stock.  Very frustrating.  You might ask your local store owners if they would be willing to order some for you.

Comment by handstitcher/IL on Thursday

My experience with hand quilting needles is the same as yours, Jan. The John James snap easily, while the Clover ones bend before breaking. I have recently started using the Roxanne quilting needles and like them. They seem stronger than the other brands, and are available in the smaller sizes. Maybe we all need to start stocking up on hand quilting needles. 

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on Thursday

I've tried several hand quilt needles, including (off the top of my head) Clover and John James.  The John James were my least favorite, breaking almost immediately.  (I must put a lot of pressing on the needles with the rocking motion.)  At least the Clovers would bend before they broke, so I at least had some warning that they were getting weak.  They hung in there for quite awhile, though.  I have Roxanne hand quilt needles, but I'm not sure I've broken into the package to try them yet.  I quilt with the shorties (12).  That's just my experience.  Others may get along very well with the John James.  


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