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Comment by Gail Brown 4 hours ago

Janet, I know what you mean about the mindless tv.  I can't even imagine why I used to like Clint Eastward.  Hubby has pulled out discs of him and also John Wayne and I am so sick of them I could scream.  when I can I just take a little hand work out on the patio and just listen to the birds and watch the other wild life.  I do like the Soul Town network and the Classic Country one.  I'm ahuge Willie Nelson fan, discovered himway back in the 60s when he was still in Nashville and had a crew cut.  He was mainly writing songs, but he did record as well.  

Sandy, it seems like everything is a project these days.  I know that it is all for the safety of doctors as well as the people they are dealing with but it sure makes things difficult.  My hubby has an appointment with a new hemotologist on Thursday and he's already stressing.  I will not be able to go into the office with him and he's worried because I always fill out all the questionaires and paper work and he just signs.  He's wondering if they can bring it out to the car.  I have an appointment with a doctor Iam established with on Wednesday but, we are doing it by phone.  She will cal scripts to pharmacy and we can go to drive thru to pick them up.

Sandy, so sorry that they messed your quilt up.  Like you I still prefer  the old fashioned way of doing it, just like Mom and Grandma did it.  It's worked for many years, why change it?

Comment by Janet/MO 6 hours ago

Sorry to hear your ankle was hurting again Sandy.  I hope Ellie cooperates when you take her to the vet.  I agree with you about tv.  In my sewing room I find I would rather listen to Sirius XM on my DISH network than watch programs.  The other day I was scrolling through and decided to try the Soul Town network.  It has the MO Town songs we all listened to in the 60's as well as more recent songs of that same genre so that is the station I have listened to the most.  My husband watches way too much mindless tv in my opinion.  Now that we are having nicer weather I hope he starts spending more time in his shed in the backyard instead of sitting on his hiney in the living room!

Comment by Sandy Larkey 23 hours ago

I talked with my sister-in-law in Minnesota (Mpls/Sy.Paul suburb) this afternoon.  She's got a daughter with a broken leg, and a dog with a big gash on its backside--and everything in lockdown.  She had to take the dog to a 24-hr emergency vet, and I guess that got sort of crazy.  She said they had to stay in the car until a vet-tech came out, wearing full-length gown, plastic face shield and of course gloves.  She and the grandkids wound up waiting in the car for three full hours, with the first one apparently non-active, because she said the vet (or vet tech) called her after an hour to say they were beginning to anesthesize the dog so they could work on her.  She was NOT happy (SIL, not the dog).  Elle's got to go to the vet Tuesday, too, and same deal--stay in the car, call them and they'll come get Ellie.  I don't think that's going to work well; not at all sure Ellie will go with them.  Well, I can probably talk them into letting me escort Ellie in through the first door into the entry hall.  All she needs is a heartworm test, so I don't think it will take too long.  The vets changed their website; they used to have a "PetPortal" that would pop up in my email with a reminder to give her her heartworm and flea preventative medicine, but the new website doesn't do that.  Anyway, I guess I'll wind up going back to the sticker on the calendar--which I found way too easy to ignore.

I'm still working on whipping down the binding on the Quilt of Valor.  And I've discovered a couple of problems that I really am unhappy about.  The group safety pins the backing to the quilt frame, and then layers the batting and the top and pins the top to the frame also.  Well, some parts of the backing got pulled way too tight and there's little holes and rips in the backing.  I think the next quilt I have them put in, I'm going to do the layering myself and baste the top to the backing, with a good four inches of backing extra.  That's the way Mom and Granma always did, and it worked out.  Of course, they also basted the quilt to the frame instead of using safety pins.  Anyway, I think I'll slip a little bit of fusible into those rips and stick the edges together.   I've got so many other projects to do; ones that I'd a lot rather be doing that sitting around watching tv while whipping down binding.  Ya know, even with the 2nd tier package from Dish Network, there's not a lot worth watching on tv. I did watch, mostly, Sewing With Nancy, Fons and Porter, and Quilting Arts.  Nancy was gong back to basics with 4-patch, Fons and Porter were doing a pastel Irish Chain, and Quilting arts was making three-dimensional basket.  Like I said, not a lot worth watching.  But my ankle was hurting again, so elevate and ice, and sit still to let the ice work, so work on binding.  Rather be in my sewing room working on a Kaleidoscope quilt.  But I guess I'd best get back to that darn binding.  Catch you later.

Comment by Gail Brown yesterday

This certainly is a difficult time we are living in right now.  I am in Northern Va. part of the DC metro area and we are pretty much in lock down.  All non-essential businesses are closed.  Wish I hadn't put off getting my hair cut!  

special hours, 6am to 7am in grocery store for seniors to shop for what ever is available to get.  A lot of non perishables are disappearing from the shelves here, pasta, rice and boxed dinners.  

I know all the problems about basting large quilts, since I am almost 81 years old I learned to improvise a long time ago.  My days of crawling around on the floor are long gone.  I have been using the dining room table for quite awhile now.  Janet, that pool noodle idea is interesting, I may look into that if we ever get back to the time that I can go to a store that sells pool noodles.

My very best friend lives in MI and I worry about her, she is not in the best of health.  

I am staying busy making masks for my Grand Daughter, she works in a cardiac doctors office and most supplies that are available are going to hospitals.  

I hope and pray that you and your families all stay healthy and safe.

Comment by Janet/MO yesterday

Katherine, I too enjoy binding. Even sewing it to large quilts doesn't bother me.  I have tried numerous times to do it all by machine, but am never really happy with the results.  I too have trouble with layering large quilts as I too can no longer get down on the floor.  I use a pool noodle for basting anything up through a twin size and that works great.  

Lynne, I worry about my family in MI too.  My brother has serious health issues, but he is just sticking very close to home.  He is also legally blind so he has to rely on public transportation to get around if my sister is not available & right now he knows not to get on a city bus.  

My daughter has not set a wedding date as she decided to just wait until this whole fiasco is behind us.  With the way things have been (not been) handled, who knows how long that will take!  

Comment by Lynne yesterday

Glad to see all are handling this Covid-19, in any way they can.  

My state, Michigan, is pretty much in lockdown.  Malls are closed, restaurants is take out only, with them delivering it to your car.  Only grocery stores and gas stations are open.  And they have cut their hours down.  Toilet paper, Kleenex, milk and eggs are hard pressed to find.  Not sure why,,, just go about your normal shopping.  And don't forget the hand santizer!!

I have been keeping busy with my Jeana Kimball applique.  2 blocks to go, and I will have 25 blocks.  Hopefully, today I can put the fabric back in my boxes.  Sewing space is a mess!!!

We were able to get out in the yard for a couple of days.  Did some burning of branches,, which now, we can't burn at all, per our DNR.  

Strange times we are living in.   Stay safe everyone!!!

Comment by Katherine V. yesterday

Guess what, Sandy!  I’m one those that likes to put the binding on.  I can’t explain why.  I even thought about opening up a business that focuses only on binding quilts.  I dread the sandwiching process.  I can’t crawl on the floor anymore.  I’ve tried the board method, but now that we’ve moved to FL, I don’t have the space I use to have.  

I’m in the quarantine camp right now.  I would rather be over cautious right now.  It’s better than the alternative.  We had outdoor happy hour with my brother-in-law this week.  He’s not in good health and how wife is 80.  We sat in the their drive way and talked.  We also had a neighborhood outdoor happy hour last night.  We sat and chatted with our 80 year old neighbors.  

I am trying to stay focused on my tangled garter quilt.  I did check in with my LQS and they are open for limited business.  I’ll need backing fabric soon and would rather give them my money than order it.  I may need to order batting.  They don’t carry the thin bat for hand quilting.  

I did finally buy a wool pressing mat.  I can’t wait to try it when I press the blocks before I join.

Comment by Gail Brown on Friday

Janet, that's so cute putting the stuffed animals in the windows.  We have a lot of "feel good" things going one in the area that I live in.  We have had a few improptu concerts done by kids in their driveways as well as kids writing messages with colored chalk on driveways and sidewalks.

Our supermarket has a special hourfrom 6 to 7am just for seniors when they open and we went this morning.  Almost everyone had masks on.  The guy who checked us out said he felt like he was in one of those old movies where all the "stick up guys" wore a bandanna tied around to cover up their face.  He was waiting for some little old lady to pull out a gun.

My Grand Daughter works in a cardiac doctors office and I have been making masks for them.  The regular ones are all pretty much going to the hospitals.  Our local hospital has expanded the emergency room into the parking garage and is triarging patients outside before directing them where to go.  There are no elective or out patient surgeries being done.  All my doctor visits are by phone and any scripts are called in by the doctor and we can pick them up at the drive-thru window of the pharmacy.

Hope everyone stays well and safe, just follow the rules of our new normal.

Comment by Janet/MO on Friday

I read an interesting stance on whether or not to quarantine the other day.  It is outdated by now, but might put some of this in to perspective.  Is it better to "over-react" & find out later that we didn't really need to quarantine or to risk it & have millions of people die?   Here in MO it has been the city mayors who have taken this more seriously, at least to begin with, than the governor.  I think that may be changing now though.

Here in Boonville 2 ladies set up a really cute Facebook page called The Great Boonville Bear Hunt.  People are putting stuffed animals in their front windows, doesn't have to just be  bears, and then people are driving around to see them.  Sort of like a version of driving around to see neighborhood Christmas light displays.  It gets people out of their homes, but still safe because they are staying in their cars.  The original idea was to give kids something to look forward to, but they have now found it has helped older people feel less isolated too.  The Chamber of Commerce & Police Depts are now involved too so lots of businesses have animals in their front windows.  Now people in neighboring towns are doing the same thing.  As of yesterday there were over 800 members of the group.  

Comment by handstitcher/IL on Friday

Hi all! Good to have so many people checking in. I’m technically still on spring break, but doing a lot of work as we approach the start of e-learning next week. I’ve learned a lot about doing teletherapy and how to hold online meetings in ways that are hipaa compliant. Still trying to get some quilting done though. My Colonial Ladies wallhanging is basted and ready to quilt, and the quilting on my feedsack fans lap quilt is moving along. Got a Christmas wall hanging with vintage hankies to finish putting together next.

Annette, I remember asking for people’s opinions on that same issue about outline appliqués a few years ago. I think it should be fine to forgo outlining if the piece is to be heavily quilted, although I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. Old habits die hard. I think Carla might have tried it though.

Sandy, I’m glad you don’t have much Covid in your area yet, but it’s likely coming. I just read in the paper this morning that the hospital in Hastings, Nebraska was struggling to get hand sanitizer. A week ago we only had 2 cases in my county, but we’re now up to 35 and had our first Covid death. I think one case is on the street next to mine. While walking with my husband, we saw a stop sign posted on the door that from a distance looked like it was from the county board of health. I’m trying to walk daily, but on nice days there’s so many people out walking that it defeats the purpose. I feel for the young children and their parents, especially now that playgrounds are closed. Stay in and stay healthy everyone!


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