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quilt snob?

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Comment by Katherine V. 17 minutes ago

Lynn, love the T-shirt quilt.  One of the first quilts I made my daughter was  at shirt quilt.  She has loved it to death and has put it up for now.  I didn’t put enough quilting on the t-shirts and they didn’t wear well.  Plus she was a bit rough washing it.  I told her she could wash it, just didn’t imagine how frequently she would wash it.  

janet, love the fabric choices.  I can’t wait to see what pattern you come up with.  I’m working on my daughter’s wedding quilt, but I didn’t ask her about colors.  I did chose a white background which might be a big mistake.  We shall see.  Her wedding is April 30, on the beach in Florida.  Th4 restaurant has an outdoor space so we are moving ahead with the plans.

Sandy, the fire sounds very frightening.  I grew up in central IL and can only imagine what some of those dirt roads roads you were on.  It’s amazing to think you went from fire to snow in the blink of an eye!

Comment by Janet/MO 21 hours ago

I even had a dream about making that wedding quilt last night.  I gave myself a stern talking to this morning and told myself to stop overthinking this,  

Sandy, I was thinking about you when I heard that storm was heading your way.  It missed where I live in MO, but I know people who live closer to the Iowa border got it too.  We did get quite a bit of rain yesterday, but we needed it.  

Comment by handstitcher/IL 23 hours ago

Fires are very scary. I’m so glad everything turned out well, Sandy. You were definitely better off not knowing what was happening while you were driving home. Your snow has reached us now. This is my first online learning day in lieu of a snow day. It’s fine for me, since I’m already set up for online teaching (I work with kids in school every morning and online from home in the afternoon). But I feel badly for the children losing out on the tradition of snow days. It was always such a magical day when we were growing up. 

I love the t-shirt quilt, Lynne. I can see why the recipient cherished it. Looking forward to seeing th new one you’re working on. 

Pretty fabrics, Janet! You’re right about there being too many choices sometimes. Between patterns, threads, and fabrics, it’s a wonder we actually make any quilts! I look forward to seeing what choices you make. 

Comment by Sandy Larkey 23 hours ago

Wow, Janet, that heart material sure isn't any where near similar to what I had; mine was more like polka dots, only tiny hearts.  I do think the colors you've picked out will go really well with the hearts.  If the color reproduction on my computer is accurate, looks like there's some green, lime green?, in the hearts fabric.  But I don't believe I'd use any of it, except in small patches as an accent color--to pick up a color from the hearts. 

I think he weather gods are trying to make up for the last three years when we just haven't had much snow.  Ellie insisted on getting me out of bed at midnight, and then again at 3:00, needing to go outside And the snow was "belly deep to a tall puppy."  Nearly knee deep to me in a few spots where there had been a bit of drifting.  And of course, the snow plow had gone by, so we had to climb over the snow plow ridge.  I do have a snow thrower, but it's one of those little ones that has been called a "power shovel."  It's going to take me all day to get the driveway cleared.  That is, if it ever stops snowing.  We're predicted to have another storm come in on the heels of this one.  Oh, well, I do have plenty of sewing to do.

Got one of my "Country Girls" doll dressed yesterday.  Battle royal!  I saved the pattern, except for the face because that was screen printed onto the muslin fabric.  The body front and face were the only pre-printed parts, and the body front was to be used as the pattern for the body back.  A paper pattern was provided for all the other parts, including the clothes.  But either I stuffed them a lot fuller than the pattern anticipated, or the patterns for the clothes did not include a seam allowance.  The pantaloons were pretty darn hard to get on them.  And the dress fit snugly, too.  The skirt of the apron was a 15 x 6 inch strip gathered down to 8".  Did I ever mention I hate gathers? 

The fire started from a burn pit where the owner was burning some brush and downed trees--two days before the fire!  The guy is one of our volunteer firemen, so I'd think he should have known to drown the embers after he'd finished burning.  But Maybe he thought it was completely out.  Well, no homes were lost, and only a few head of cattle.  But about 350 cows had to be moved.  I guess in some cases the farmers just turned the cattle loose to do their own moving.  One newspaper article talked about having to round up cattle after the fire.  Well, with all the snow on the ground and cold temperatures predicted for the rest of the week, we won't have to worry about a recurrence.

Comment by Janet/MO yesterday

Wow, Sandy, that sounds like a very stressful situation.  Fires can sure get out of hand very fast.  

Jannaka's wedding is going to be very small so I think she will just have 1 bridesmaid.  In fact, they may even just go to the courthouse & then have a small reception.  They wanted to get married last year, but her future MIL has been dealing with lung cancer & they didn't want to risk her getting exposed to Covid or any other disease, but they didn't want to have everyone wearing a mask either.  Wouldn't make for a very attractive wedding!

Comment by Janet/MO yesterday

I finally remembered I had taken a pic of those fabrics so I could see if Jannaka liked them.  She likes the darkest purple fabric along with the heart fabric.

I have seen that Lover's Knot pattern, but it has been a while so I will see if I can find it.  Knowing me, I might even have the pattern.  I buy machine embroidery designs from a company in Australia and they also have a heart pattern I really like.  You make a heart with part of a heart underneath made out of darker fabric so it looks like a shadow.  I saw a pic a few minutes ago where a woman alternated the heart blocks with squares with sashing in between so it added to the 3D look.  So I'm thinking it would be pretty to make the hearts out of the dark purple with a really dark solid purple for the shadow & the lighter color for the background.  Then I would just use the fabric with the hearts for the squares.  That way I won't risk losing how pretty it is by cutting it up too small.

Comment by Lynne yesterday

Gail, this particular Tshirt quilt was gifted 3 years ago.  He loved it, and decided not to take it to school, didn't want it to get dirty or torn!!  LOL

Thanks Janet, and PQ!!  I'm working away on our granddaughter's,, one step forward, and a couple changes have to be made.  It is what it is.

Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

Gail, I agree, was probably a good thing I didn't know what was going on--I'd have been worried sick.  As it was, I had quite enough "white knuckle" driving.  Like I said, that Lincoln likes neither dirt roads nor wind.  And I wound up on one road that was a bare one grade up from "minimum maintenance." 

And the snow..Ellie and I went out at 7:30--by 8:30 our tracks were nearly covered up.  Crazy dog only made two "snow puppies", though. 

Comment by Gail Brown yesterday

Lynne, what a great T-Shirt quilt.  I know that's going to well loved.

Janet, about six years ago I make a wedding quilt for one of my grand daughters.  When I asked what color she liked she told me red, I asked her boyfriend and he said gray.  I thought what in the world am I going to do with those colors.  I found an Eleanor Burns pattern called Lovers Knots and made a beautiful quilt with red, black and gray.  It was a great pattern and the name of it fit the occassion so it worked out well.

Sandy, sounds like you had quite an adventure for yourself. It's really crazy going from a raging fire to snow.  It's probably a good thing that you didn't knowwhat was going on when you were being shuffled around.  I'm glad that Ellie is happy with the snow.

Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

Yeah, Janet, I don't care for white backgrounds either--too quick to show dirt.  But sometimes ya just gotta do it.  I guess I never asked what color was your hearts fabric.  Years ago, I had some similar fabric with tiny red hearts on a white background.  If yours is the same, the Storm At Sea Hearts pattern would be effective with the hearts material forming the big hearts on the quilt and you could use another color in a range of shades.  What are her wedding colors?  Bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, reception decorations?  If they are a reasonable color (not Eggplant!)  you could maybe pick up those colors in different shades. 

I don't know if we made the national news, but ... I could have lost my husband, my dog, and my house on the 14th.  We had a major grass fire in the aria, burned 11 square miles.  I was at my quilt guild meeting in Superior, left there at 4:30 and didn't get home until 6:30, because all the local LEOs kept shunting me off onto dirt roads.  And that Lincoln Town Car likes neither dirt roads nor wind.  We had a 65 mph wind driving the fire.  Fortunately the wind was out of the northwest, so, though it started 5 miles north of Guide Rock, it went southeast and missed the town.   Being in the car, on the road, I knew nothing about why I was being shoved all over the place, until I was just a mile north of town and saw the flames off to the east.  Would have been real scary, if I'd known enough to be scared.  Today we've got snow, predicted 9 - 12 " of the stuff.  Makes Ellie happy--she loves to play in the snow. 


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