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How do you go about marking for a Baptist fan pattern? Do you mark the whole quilt and then quilt it? I would think you would have to, since you couldn't just mark as you go if you start in the center. 

And where can I find templates for a Baptist fan, or how could I go about making one?


Thanks ladies (and gentlemen)!

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That's funny. I was raised Baptist, but am now Catholic. What would a Catholic fan look like? ;-)

I'm not sure about a Catholic fan, but in your case, you would probably want to serve your chicken with converted rice.  ;)
Joana, you crack me up! 
Consider me ignorant, but what is a Baptist fan.  I know there is a Grandmother's fan pattern, is it similar?

Aida, Grandmother's Fan is a block pattern and the Baptist fan we are talking about here is an actual overall quilting pattern rather than a pieced or appliqued block pattern.  Help me out girls.  I may not have explained that quite right.  (It might be a case of I know what I mean, but no one else can make heads nor tails of it.)  :)

PQ,, you are correct in your explanation.   A baptist fan is a quilting pattern.  Not sure this will come across the way I want to say it, but I will try.  You have a 1/4 circle, with 4 or 5 repeats maybe 1/2inch to 1 inch away, depends on the quilter I would think.  Its a constant repeat with the last largest repeat touching the largest repeat of the previous on.   You might be able to pull something up on a google search.  Hope I didn't confuse anyone.
I did a google search and found quite a few references on the Baptist fan design.  One comment I did find was that the Amish call it Bishop's Fan.   One site gave some great directions on how to draft it also.
Lynne    Would you post the link for the site that gave the directions for drafting a Baptist Fan template? Thank you
Bonnie, I didn't keep the link, as I made my own years ago.  Just google Baptist fan and it should come up.
that was really interesting--i love reading Bonnie Hunter's stuff anyway, and I loved the freedom she brings to everything she does.
Thank you. I will try both. I have a wall hanging that I want to use the Baptist Fan quilting pattern on.


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