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Hey ladies, I just wanted to vent a minute....I was listening to a conversation at my LQS while waiting to get some fabric cut and while I never thought of myself as a quilt snob, I think I am becoming one....LOL....when people talk about quilting they really have no idea the time and attention that can go into a nice quilt that is made with love, whether it is for the new baby or the newly married couple or just because you want someone to have something you have made...I use my machine and do most of my piecing this way, and I don't have a problem with longarm quilting or machine quilting although I usually do all of my quilting by hand...but when people are talking about buying a quilt for 30.00 from the local discount store  and it looks just like the one that I spent 200 hrs. quilting I tend to get a little testy...I am not a perfectionist, I do not try to finish X number of quilts in a certain amount of time...but I quilt for the utility and the sheer pleasure of doing something wonderful myself...I realize that everyone does not have the desire to do this, but I do wish they would learn the difference between quality and quantity, and don't tell me that you have made 25 quilts this year when you are talking about mini's or potholders these are quilted projects, a quilt is what we wrap ourselves in when we want to escape from the real world...please don't be offended because I love everyone's work and I know that there is more that one way to "skin a cat" but I still like to think when I tell someone that I am working on a quilt they know that someday, if they are lucky, they will know I did it because I love it and them....Have a wonderfully blessed quilting day ...

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Good for you! I think s machine-quilted quilt can be lovely, and I have paid a friend (a professional machine quilter) to do a number of quilts for me, but I really prefer the hand-quilted look. The process is fun, too! You can't buy that kind of beauty unless you get really lucky in a thrift shop or you have lots of $$$$!
I must say I agree 100%...These cheapo quilts for $30 don't compare with what we are producing.  I'm proud to say I'm a number 1 quilt snob of the worst kind.  I piece by hand and machine, but I always quilt by hand.  Although I think machine quilting is great, I just can't master the procedure.  Before reading these comments I always thought a quilting  snob was someone who ALWAYS bought nice, quality fabric. So I guess I'm guilty of both-nice fabric and quilts that aren't made with slave labor.  You know those cheap quilts don't laundry well, pucker when washed, and some fade like crazy..As for fabric- I used to buy the cheaper kind, but I find when I pay more per yard my quilts looks much better, washes nicer, and last longer.  Although I must admit I still buy from Walmart and stores of that quality, but NEVER off the $2.00 table.
I agree Rebecca , I guess that makes me a quilt snob too . I quilt by hand because i,m not a good machine quilter  & dont have room for a longarm anyway but dont have a thing against those who do , in fact I think they are lovely . But I do put alot of time in my quilts & I,m proud of  what i do . But there are alot of people who havent a clue how much time & patience go into making a quilt
I am also a quilt snob.  As far as the fabric goes....it depends on what it will be used for and how much time will be going into it.  I would buy the less expensive fabric for a quilt to be used outside (picnic or beach), but for bed quilts the more quality fabric.  My first quilt was made from some 100% cotton fabric and some poly/cotton blend.  It's 30 yrs old and the poly/cotton has held up better.  It has been well used so I'm suprised it is still usable.  The quilts from Wal-Mart may look good to the uneducated, but the quilting stitches on them aren't much smaller than my basting stitches.  They pucker when washed and the batting bunches up over time because they are quilted too far apart, or it's cheap batting. Not sure which.  So yeah....I DEFINATELY fit in the snob category!  Trying to do my first applique with poly/cotton broke me from that idea.  So no more poly/cotton goes in my quilts.

I guess I'm one, too. I had a friend who wanted one of  my quilts for her bed so badly so I offered her a deal. Her husband is an electrician so I offered to swap a quilt for the equivalent amount in electrical work. She asked how much and I said $200 worth. Her husband would have probably done the work for nothing (or very inexpensively) had we asked him. She turned me down flat. 


She wouldn't have her husband work for "nothing" but sure had no problem asking me to, the materials alone would have cost far more than her husband would have spent on the few parts he'd need for the jobs we wanted done.



I hear you SueDid.  Some people understand the worth of a quilt in the bartering process, others have no clue what-so-ever!

I guess I'm a quilt snob, too.  I grew up with quilters, both sides of my family.  I still have some of the quilts from Dad's sister and mother, ones they considered their best work, and "signed" (embroidered initials and date) the back.  I will admit that most of the quilts I make these days are machine quilted, but the large quilt tops I make are usually for the Quilts of Valor project, and here is one place where quantity tops quality--as long as the quality is also there!  I do make a few smaller quilts/wall hangings and these I hand quilt.  I've never bought a "quilt" in a department store; why should I when my usual reaction to them is, "I could make that."  In fact, that is my usual reaction to anything to do with fabric.  I do consider quiltmaking to be an art.  I don't do what is usually thought of as "Art Quilts."  but I do consider my quilts to be an art.  One of my more successful quilt art project is also from a drawing I made years ago, and translated into fabric. 


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