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I'm working on a quilt for my daughter and I want to work some of her Rugby t-shirts into the quilt.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations.  


And - yes - My daughter is a very serious rugby player.  She got started in High school, was on the U19 National Rugby team, Played in college and still plays today in Orlando. 

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Katherine,,, I have never done a t-shirt quilt, but know that you have to stablize them with fusible interfacing.
Have you checked out the T-shirt group? They have lots of ideas and pictures. I haven't made one yet, but know I will be for my DDs in the future.
Katherine I made one a few years ago for my SIL's grandson. I found a site on the computer telling me how to do it. There were different size t-shirts I had to use plus some printed on fabric pictures. I put it together with blue sashing (his favorite color). I then hand quilted it. He really liked it. I will see if I have a picture that I can post for you.
Katherine I put the picture of the quilt on my page. Good luck
Thanks Marjorie --- I wasn't sure if I should use stabilizer or interfacing.   I went to your page and found your picture.  That is what I'm trying to do.  I don't have quite as many t-shirts so I'll have to fill in with something.

I just finished a soccer t-shirt quilt for a mother who is giving it to her daughter for graduation. It was my 1st t-shirt quilt but other women in my quilt group had done them before and talked me through it. The worst part for me was getting the nerve to cut up the shirts. I used a stabilizer to keep the material from stretching. I made my squares 16inches and the quilt ended up being 62x80. Surprisingly once I attached the stabilizer and squared them off it went fast and I quilted on the gracie frame and it came out great. I did research different sites to get ideas and read how they put them together. I dreaded do the quilt but it ended up being one of the easiest quilt I've made.



I have made 7 t shirts and they were all different and yet the same.  I have found that the best thing to put on the shirts is fusible KNiT interfacing...call fus-a-knit.  It is perfect and not heavy so you are not adding weight and thickness to the quilt top.  I also use all parts of theshirt.  If there is a logo on a sleeve or a back design with a small something on the front I cut and use all parts.  I like to take all the smaller parts and sew together to make a pieced block of different shirts.  I have always had many shirts so have  never had to sash them, but sashing is just like sashing any other quilt.  From experience, I find the best thing to do is to cut the shirt down the sides and and cut out the sleeves...leave the nect rigging in place.  Cut your squares of intervacing larger than the siae you want for your blocks.  Iron on the interfacing and then cut your blocks.  Something else you might want to think about is...if you have a shirt that has a small design on it and whe you cut your block you have a design and a large space of just plain tee shirt, I will use more tht one shirt and sew the two narrow designs together and make a block from two shirts.  or three..jsut depends on what is on the shirt. 

I have also found that machne quilting works great for the t shirt quilt...thoughti did read the comments about the ladies who have hand quilted...seems awfully thick to me..My machine quilting lady quilts around the design on each block so the t shirt design stands out.  I have made one for my sone using tees from age 0 to end of8th grade..then one using tees form his high school days, and the last for him was made from his Texas A&M shirts.  He played football and his A&M jersey is in the center.   Just a word of caution, I fhound that any interfacing that is not knit does not work well and there is no give and much too thick...good luck with your projcet.  


Thank you Susie.  This is great advice.  I also have some beat up rugby shorts that i plan to use but want to leave the frayed edges in tact, especially the ones that she picked up when she played in England. 


I think you are right.  I'm really scared to cut into the t-shirt.  I'm also going to mix in a couple of applique blocks.  One has the letters of her high school, cut out of the sun dress she wore for graduation.  One will be her favorite base ball team, the Philadelphia Phillies with pictures.  


Now I'm getting excited.  I'm finishing up a wall hanging, and then I'm going to start.  I may have to find someone to machine quilt this one.  


If you have any questions or run into any snags, just emial or give me a call. 7138650026, I will be glad tgo help.  spond@gmail.com

happy quilting



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