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quilt snob?

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Stories of how you started quilting

Started by Carla. Last reply by Sandy Larkey Feb 19, 2018. 46 Replies

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Comment by Janet/MO 50 minutes ago

Sandy, the vast majority of protesters are not the rioters & looters.  Sadly their behavior overshadows the changes the peaceful protesters are advocating for.  I don't know if Mr. Floyd tried to pass a fraudulent $20 bill or not, but I do know that he didn't deserve to be tortured & murdered by someone who was sworn to protect & serve.  Plus the looters won't be the only ones who might get sick.  Here in MO it is people who have had nothing to do with this tragedy.  They were exposed by people who couldn't give up one holiday weekend to keep everyone safe.

Comment by Sandy Larkey 7 hours ago

Gail, I did get over to Nelson quilting on Monday; took Janice's quilt top over to leave for her to finish up, and took my quilt out of the frame to bring home and finish it up inside my hoop--one of three!  I have my mother's hoop and my Aunt Hazel's hoop; they are both the same size, pretty good size.  I also have one that is a little bit more than half the size of them, which is what I will be using.  There really isn't that much left to do, and the half-size hoop will be easier to work with. 

One of the Nelson quilters does have one of those PVC quilt frames; we used it on one smaller quilt.  Q-Snap, I believe is the brand.  I have a small Q-Snap, about the size to quilt a pillow top.  Have to say, I really didn't like it--the clamp pieces were too hard to get on and off, and I really had trouble getting the same tension on the back as on the front. 

I finally got started on the quilt repair job someone asked me to do.  A lot of the rips are on the pink sashing and borders.  And I cannot match that pink!  So I'm swiping an idea somebody posted here, about repairing a Dresden Plate--she appliqued butterflies over the rips.  Thanks, whoever you are--I don't remember your name!  I purchased a bunch of fat quarters, and a couple quarter yards of variegated fabrics yesterday at Calico Cottage that should make nice colorful butterflies.  And maybe do some flowers too, just for fun.  Where the rip is too big for the size of my butterfly, I may put a flower under the butterfly. 

As for the rioters possibly coming down with COVID-19 ... well, lawless activity should suffer consequences!  Most of them aren't really protesting police brutality--they're just destroying things because nobody's taking responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to stop them in their tracks.  Douse them down good with a high-pressure fire hose, or tear gas, then lock them all up--Alcatraz would be a good place to put them!  As you can probably guess, I have no sympathy for the rioters.  I do agree that the Mpls. cop who killed George Floyd should be punished, but these people are punishing a lot of the innocent people. 

Comment by Janet/MO 8 hours ago

I suspect our country is going to see a massive rise in cases due to the peaceful protest and the not peaceful rioting and looting.  Here in MO we have seen a 6% increase just since Memorial Day weekend.  I'm sure that is due to all the idiots who decided they just had to party at the Lake of the Ozarks.  One person who was down there was already symptomatic, but chose to ignore that because he or she wanted to party.  Then took a taxi cab home to Boone Co (about 50 miles one way).  I can just imagine how many people that person exposed alone.  

I am finally able to get in to see a hand specialist on the 24th to deal with my trigger finger on my right hand.  This is the same surgical center where I have already had carpal tunnel & trigger thumb surgery as well as both knees replaced.  I have to wear a mask & no one is allowed to come with me.  I'm hoping to be able to get by with just getting a cortisone shot, but am afraid I might have waited too long to get treatment for it.

Comment by Gail Brown 11 hours ago

Sandy, I'm sorry getting your quilt done is such a problem.  Have you ever used one of thos pvc pipe type frames that you can use at home.  I have one that I've had for years and I love it.  It doesn't take up a lot of space and it works fine.  It's about four feet by about three feet or maybe a few inches ore in each direction.  Goes up and comes down easily and the height is adjustable.  I was skeptical at first when I saw them but I have done many quilts on mine.  I find it easier that doing a larger one with a hoop which requires a lot of heavy lifting and shifting.

I understand your frustration with the masks and social distancing, you are probaly lucky enough to be in an area where there is not a wide spread problem.  We live in an area that has beeen and continues to be very hard hit.  Just this weekend there was an outbreak at a Chick Filet that was only doig drive thru, five employees tested positive.  We have had several cases in the apartment complex I live in.  Masks are required in any public building, stores that are open and a lot of them are closed.  I remember the pandemic in 1957 and 1958 but it was nothing like this one.  I also remember the polio pademic and children in "iron lungs".  It was very scarey but I have never been as afraid as I am of this.  There are still deaths here every day and this is a community on the outer edges of the metro area pretty rural.

Sandy, I have discovered one thing, if we live long enough we manage to mess up every joint in our body at least once and sometimes many times.  I'm sorry about your wrist, but you still managed to get that binding on.

Comment by Sandy Larkey on Thursday

Don' know how this going to work out; I've managed to bum up my left wrist--thanks to Ellie!  We were just coming back from a ride, and somebody walked past with another dog.  Ellie took off after them, pulled me down the back stairs and I landed hard on my left hand.  Thanks Be, I did get the binding finished on that quilt. 

Got a call from one of the Nelson quilters today.  They are going to start quilting again--with restrictions.  I was given my choice of Mon., Tues, or Wed.  Only three of us will be allowed to come, and we have to stay 6 feet apart, and wear masks.  I believe I have already expressed my opinion about wearing masks.  So ... I guess I'm not going to quilting until either they come up with a vaccine, or the world either ends or comes to its senses.  I lived through the 1957-58 Asiatic flu pandemic, and truth to tell, don't even remember it.  And, yes, I was old enough to be aware of it, especially if the media had made as much fuss over it as they are doing with COVID-19. 

I will take Janice's quilt top over; put it on a bag and hang it on the door knob, and call someone to come get it.  And if they don't think they can finish my quilt in a couple of sessions (only one person will be allowed to work on it--couldn't stay 6 ft. from anybody else) I will ask them to take it out of the frame, bag it and hang it on the door knob.  I have a hoop and can finish it that way. 

Comment by Sandy Larkey on May 26, 2020 at 1:49pm

Don't shoot the geese, Gail--goose is too greasy to eat.   Seriously, though, I know how you feel.  I've never discarded a quilt or quilt blocks, but when I was sewing clothing for work, I had a jumpsuit that was giving me ... well!  It was pretty fabric, a solid greenish blue, with a coordinating fabric of darker tones, fruit print.  Trouble was, both fabrics were a jersey knit.  Salesclerk told me I needed to use a ball point needle, which turned out not to fit my machine--too short!  I threw that outfit in the wastebasket three times before finishing it.  My dear husband kept rescuing it!  I did finally finish it, and did wear it, for a couple of years.  But I didn't like the feel of it--felt like it revealed every seam in my under clothes, and yet the fit of it was close to a gunny sack.  Surprising, since I had another outfit made from that same pattern and really liked it. 

I mostly finished up the quilt top I was piecing for one of the Nelson quilters.  The edges need trimmed to straight, but I don't have a work surface big enough to lay it out to do that.  So I'll take it to quilting Monday (oh, yeah, we're going to open up!)  and use their big table to do the trimming.  The quilt will need side borders to bring it up to the size she wants, so I went ahead and cut the strips and seemed them together.  There is plenty left to do top and bottom borders, if she wants.  (And I think it will need them, for symmetry, even though it will come out bigger than she wants.)  Not enough left for backing, but backing is easy, and doesn't necessarily HAVE to match the top. 

Now I'm working on, rather desultorily, whipping down the binding on a Quilt of Valor for the Nelson group.  I really, really don't like that part of quilting.  One stitch at a time, about 1/4 to 3/8 inch apart, then fold and tuck the binding for the next stitch.  Takes about as long to finish up the binding as it does to piece the top.  Should have had it finished a month ago, but just couldn't make myself sit down and work on nothing but binding.  

With that said, I'm getting anxious to start on another project.  Whether it will be piecing another quilt top, making up 12 mug mates, or working on repairing an heirloom quilt for somebody, I don't know.  By the way, did I mention I never seem to remember about fishes staying out of trouble by keeping their mouths shut? 

I'd planned to go to Hastings today; I'm out of milk and cream for my coffee.  But by the time I got Jan's quilt top finished, it was 1:30, and I'm sort of expecting FedEx with Dave's walker.  So I sat down to do binding.   And I'd better get back to it. Catch you later.

Comment by Gail Brown on May 26, 2020 at 8:06am

I'm attacking the geese today, not with a shotgun, with rotary cutterand sewing machine.  If all doesn't go well, a shot gun may come into the picture, but I hope not.  After the geese it will be downhill all the way.  We watched a replay of last years Memorial Day Parade on tv.  No parades here, we are up to almost 500 cases in our county which is mostly rural, so living far apart is no guarantee of safety.  How many undiagnosed cases there are is unknown.  That's just people that have been tested and it's not easy to be tested.  Being seniors with under lying conditions it's kind of scarey for my hubby and myself.  A trip to the grocery store has become an adventure for us.

Comment by handstitcher/IL on May 25, 2020 at 6:51pm

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. It was sad to miss the parade this year. I love our Memorial Day parade. It’s very hometown with just the vets, the scouts, first responders and the high school bands; no commercial or political groups allowed. My zip code grew 20 diagnosed cases of Covid yesterday, now up to 178. Needless to say, we take it seriously, especially with DH being older and immuno-compromised. Commercial businesses will slowly begin opening on Friday, although I have no need to shop. Our two local quilt stores are taking reservations for 45 minute shopping sprees. They will allow in 4 customers on the hour for 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute cleaning before admitting the next 4 shoppers. Masks and hand sanitizer are required. One store is also requiring a $10 deposit at the time of reservation to be applied towards your purchase.  Both stores will also continue curbside pickup of phone orders. 

I had a good day sewing today, finishing a new top. I took my antique monkey wrench blocks (yes, I did fix my error) and set them on point with a lovely double pink reproduction print. They went together very smoothly. I ordered enough of the pink for the backing and sewed that together as well. I’m hoping to baste it on Thursday or Friday. School ends Thursday morning so I’m looking forward to more sewing time. 

Good luck with your piecing, Gail! I’m afraid I don’t have the patience for all those small pieces. Keep us posted on your progress. Hope all goes well with your bed delivery, Janet. We have talked about getting a new mattress set this summer as well. We’re definitely overdue. Hang in there, Sandy. It sounds as though you’re still able to get around a bit. Hopefully things will be able to ease up soon.

Comment by Gail Brown on May 25, 2020 at 2:59pm

Sandy, the problem was the pieces were not pre cut.  I over cut just a hair and then ofcourse I had to square them all up.  I figured better if they were a tad big, I could alwaysa make them smaller, but too small would not be good.  They  are all made, at least the 2 1/2" squares, still have to make the flying geese.  Once I get that flock of geese made the rest will be a pleasure.  Six of the blocks are applique with all laser cut pieces that are fusible.  A lot of embroidery is required, but I don't mind doing that.  It has four borders, two of them are those darn HST squares.  This fish is going to stay out of trouble and keep my mouth shut.

Comment by Janet/MO on May 25, 2020 at 10:04am

Happy Memorial Day to all of you.  We are just sticking pretty close to home.

I ordered a new bed & mattress from Wayfair that are supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  Since I didn't have sheets that size I decided to make a quick trip in to Columbia MO yesterday to buy some.  Most of the stores in the mail were still closed, but Target was open.  While not everyone was wearing a mask, everyone was being very polite & not crowding.  Each register had an acrylic wall around it with an opening where you were supposed to slide your stuff.  Unfortunately that was not large enough for everything & the very pleasant young woman who was checking me out said they have a lot of problem with it so she was just reaching around it and picking  up each item.  I jokingly told her they must have been designed by a man as their brains just work in a different manner than women's do.  She got a good laugh out of that.

Some of the quilt stores are open, but one requires you to wear a mask & agree to have hand sanitizer squirted in your hands before entering.  The others are just limiting how many customers they have in the store at a time.  Not really sure how much difference that will make as it only takes one infected person!  Of course, it doesn't help when thousands of people decided to congregate at the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend from all over the state.  Makes me wonder how many more infections will be reported by the middle of June.


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