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quilt snob?

Started by Rebecca Keith/VA. Last reply by Sandy Larkey May 11, 2020. 31 Replies

Stories of how you started quilting

Started by Carla. Last reply by Sandy Larkey Feb 19, 2018. 46 Replies

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Comment by Carla 5 hours ago

Lynne loving seeing the back of your Friendship Offering She did a great job on the quilting!

Sandy sounds like things are settling down.  Yesterday I fell asleep in my recliner around 730 pm and I woke sometime during the night and crawled into bed not to wake till 6 am.  It felt so good to get my needed rest. I had a few days of waking too early. I hope the meds kick in and let you get your rest it's so important for our health.

Sad to say Annette, not much quilting going on at my house. Hopefully this fall I can get a king size top  ready to quilt. I think it may take a couple of winters to quilt it, but that's ok  I am ready for the idea of taking a few stitches each day.

Comment by Katherine V. yesterday

Thanks Lynne.  I’ve seen that technique on one of my YouTube wandering.  It’s on my list to try. 

Comment by Lynne on Monday

Gail and Katherine,,, thank you!!!

Katherine,, Jeana Kimball's method is called back basting.  No templates required.  The design is drawn on the back of your background fabric, placing the pieces on the front, then basted in, I use quilting thread.  This gives you some perforations on both the background and fabric your using.  Using less than 1/4 inch, you fabric piece folds nicely under for stitching.  I believe she has it on YouTube.  This is how all but one block was constructed. 

Comment by Katherine V. on Sunday

Lynne,  the quilt is stunning.  I have book from the 30’s that describes how women use to come up with templates before they were readily available.  I want to try some of it.  Talked about folding paper, fulcrum, etc.  The middle block is perfecting the quilting is perfect. 

Sandy, there is something about an estate and a hint of something that brings out the worse in family.  We all have a few stories.  My younger brother hasn’t forgiven me for something that my mom did and there is no way to fix it.  

I do hope, as things settle, that the pressure eases and you are able to sleep better.   It sounds like you have things very organized.  That always helps,

Comment by Gail Brown on Sunday

Sandy, I'm so happy for you that you've gotten the kind of help you needed with your brothers estate, I know it's a big relief foryou.  I'm also very glad that you saw a doctor and he's given you something to handle the stress.  I did not have the sortof problems that you've been going through but other family things that were very upsetting and of course the pandemic didn't help at all.  My doctor put me on a medication for depression and it has helped me considerly.  I was to the point where I couldn't stand being around myself, I can't imagine how my hubby felt.

Lynne, all I can say is WOW, that is beautiful and using the center block for the label is perfect.  Your work is absolutely gorgeous.  I'm going to have to try some applique on a smaller project to try to build up some confidence.

Comment by Lynne on Sunday

Thanks, everyone for your wonderful comments on my Friendship Offering quilt.  I will certainly use some of the hints that were provided on this quilt,, on future applique projects.  

Comment by Sandy Larkey on Saturday

Assisted Living isn't going to happen for a long time.  I'm just kind of setting up for the worst.  And going to put the bulk of the money from Lucky's estate into some kind of fund that will, hopefully, be enough to take care of us in our old(er) age.   Dave has said he's in this house until they carry him out.  And I agree.  After all, my Aunt Audrey lived in her own home until 4 months before her 100th birthday.  And died a few months after. 

Should do something about our wills; Lucky was major beneficiary, Dave won't have his sister as beneficiary, and I won't have his brothers.  Long story; inheritance can really tear a family apart.  Right now I'm thinking BACAN, Start Over Rover, and two other animal shelters.  They can certainly use the money for a more worthy cause than Dave's family can.  And I'm not sure I'd care to even let my remaining relatives know how much money I'm getting.  One of them ... had the nerve ... to ask me for the quilt I'd made for Lucky.  1.  I never made Lucky a quilt, after all, he had a lot of quilts that Mom and Grandma had made.  2.  If I had made him a quilt, I'd want to keep it myself.  3.  With very little contact between Lucky and this cousin, why did she think she needed a memento? 

Has anybody else been getting a lot of SPAM phone calls?  I'm getting just about to the point of disconnecting our land line.  Thankfully, it has caller I.D. on it, so I don't have to answer.  But still, having to drop everything and run to the phone to see who's calling is frustrating.  Especially when they wake me up from the nicest nap. 

Comment by Janet/MO on Saturday

Sandy, it had to feel like a real weight off your shoulders to hire that financial planner!  Assisted living can be a real adjustment, but some times you really don't have any choice.  

Comment by Janet/MO on Saturday

Beautiful quilt Lynne.

Comment by Sandy Larkey on Saturday

I had an appointment with a financial planner yesterday; he said that Lucky's affairs were some of the more complicated ones he'd ever seen.  He also said that I had done really well handling it so far.  He also complimented me on my organization of the paperwork.  Not really all that organized, I thought.  I just had put all the papers from all the individual sources in, at first a separate page protector, then bought a 13-pocket expandable file.  Anyway, he's going to set up IRA accounts for both Dave and me--Lucky's 401K was left 75% to me and 25% to Dave.  Any insurance money where I am the beneficiary is mine, anything made out to the "Estate of ..." has to go into the bank account I set up for the estate.  Results of the auction will quite likely be for the estate, but as the financial planner says, it will be mine eventually.  Have to admit that having a financial planner onboard has definitely reduced my level of stress.  Dave had a doctor's appointment, regular 3-month checkup, but while I had a medical professional cornered, I told him about how I was feeling--told him Dave and Ellie were being on the short side of my temper, to the point I was feeling like using my cane on their backsides.  He prescribed an antidepressant, and a sleeping pill.  Don't think the sleeping pill is doing much good, I lay awake for nearly two hours the night before and woke up every two hours last night.  Then spent most of this morning zonked out in my recliner!  Anyway, I may even get up the ambition? energy? to get up into my sewing room in the near future.

Along those lines, my Nelson group is getting all back together on the 19th.  We have a tradition of going out for lunch together as a Christmas party, and then adjourning back to the Nelson Community Center to quilt for a couple of hours.  Because of COVID, we didn't go out to eat and have limited quilters to three at a time, three days a week, instead of all of us on Mondays.  I am really glad we're getting back to normal--for one thing, I think it will help me get back to normal.  I've missed so many quilting days that I've lost my calluses on my left finger tips. 

I've got a "dog bone" quilt top on mu work table that needs layered and quilted--by machine.  Saw the design in a quilting magazine; it's supposed to be a place mat for dog dishes.  I thought it was really cute and wanted to make it.  But the instructions were so crazy; "cut a 5" strip from Fabric A, then cut 4 1/2" squares ..."  Duh, why not just cut the 4 1/2 " squares.  The rest of the strip was supposed to be further subdivided into small squares, leaving a long raggedy strip that was of no use whatsoever.  I didn't do that!  Then putting the pieces together, one subset of the block just would not fit with the other pieces.  I thought at first maybe I had misread the cutting instructions, so tried it again--same result.  Wound up sewing it together anyway, and for some weird reason, it looks okay.  I'm not sure what Ellie will make of a placemat; she seems to prefer drooling on the carpet--she has been known to pick up her dish and move it, usually her milk dish!  Thanks Be, this carpet was pretty well shot when we moved in.  At least, now I'll have the money to replace it, if I want to.  Dave wonders why make the house nice when we probably won't be in it all that long--we may have to move to an assisted living place.  It's getting harder and harder for him to get up the stairs, and I haven't had much luck finding a stair life outfit that acts half ways ... reasonable.  I did check with Acorn Stair Lift and got an estimate that was totally unreasonable. 

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