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Comment by Hazel Bartoszek Ont. on April 27, 2009 at 8:24pm
I've gotten lazy I always use spray basting ,never had a problem with it ,it holds for months while you are quilting.The last one I used it on was a king size .
Comment by Carla on April 27, 2009 at 4:10pm
J Lee,
Sounds like some good advice you got there, I wanted to add there is a whole discussion on needles in the Discussion Forum above on page 2. It you hit view all in the lower right it will allow you to pick the page at the bottom. You might like to read over some of the discussions, you will get some good information. But I agree always ask, how else do you expect to learn.
Comment by quiltingmama on April 27, 2009 at 3:27pm
One of the best battings that we (my mom and I) have found is the Morning Glory Great Glory batting. We have been reduced to finding it only at Hobby Lobby stores, but is soft, easy to quilt and gives a lovely loft especially with our wholecloth quilts.
Comment by Cat Lady--MO on April 27, 2009 at 2:35pm
When I am hand quilting on a lap frame I prefer to thread baste. When I have tried pins, I invariably catch my quilting thread on them or have to remove pins when i am moving the frame/hoop. I do remove the basting threads as I come to them so they are all removed in each section as I quilt.
Comment by Janet/MO on April 27, 2009 at 2:06pm
I too usually pin baste and prefer the brass #2 pins. They are pretty sharp and don't leave large holes. I never mark the entire quilt top before basting as I like to use air erasable markers as much as possible. My other favorite marking tool is the white marker by Clover. It takes a few seconds for the marks to appear, but they are easily removed by your iron so I like that option if I make a mistake or just change my mind. I agree with YvonneMarie that needles will be a matter of personal choice. I use the John James size 10 or 2 betweens the most. Also, make sure you use a good quality batt that isn't too thick.
Comment by YvonneMarie on April 27, 2009 at 1:58pm
Needles? Well...again it is preference. Most will say 'betweens'. They are shorter than the usual needle, and a bit stouter? For frame quilting they are great in my opinion and come in various of sizes down to the most smallest of needles I have ever seen! When lap quiting without any kind of frame I prefer sharpe needle. This is because without any sort of frame I minipulate the fabric back and forth and not the needle therefore moving the needle with the fabric as the fabric moves back and forth. Where in regular handquilting with a frame you minipulate the needle back and forth and the fabric moves with the needle. I know this sound a bit confussing....maybe someone else can explain it better.

Basting and pinning is a grand idea...why didn't I think of that...duhh.
Comment by quiltingmama on April 27, 2009 at 1:47pm
Yes, I agree, pinning or basting is an individual choice. As a hand quilter (on frames mostly) I baste, but I know that when my mother, who hand quilts and machine quilts, puts together a quilt for machine quilting, she does both. She bastes it first (she says it causes less puckers in the bottom fabric that way) then pins it for extra stability.
Comment by J Lee Bagan on April 27, 2009 at 1:41pm
Thank you for the input....
You are right about the priority thing, I will now officially commit myself to a project. In front of God and everybody, so to speak. LOL...
I have a lap sized sampler I made in my one and only quilt class about 3 yrs ago. Since then I have made about a dozen lap or bed quilts, most given away to family and the poor sampler is still unfinished. Tonight I will press it and start pestering you all with more questions as I figure it out. I think I need first off to purchase some particular needles. Any input in that area would be useful as well.
Comment by YvonneMarie on April 27, 2009 at 1:22pm
Pin or baste is an answer for the individual quilter. Sometimes I pin, other times I baste. When you baste it keeps the layers more together, I feel, and is easier to quilt by hand, however I am sure that others would prefer to pin. To pin a quilt is a shorter time to prepare the quilt depending upon the number of pins used. You can unpin the pins as you go and that is the plus side of pinning a quilt. In basting with thread a quilt top you will take longer to set the quilt up for quilting and one will still have to take all the basting out when you are finished. Again it is preference.

Usually laying out the design beforehand (before pinning or basting) means that you will mark your quilt in some way as to follow the design when quilting. Some are proficient enough to not have to mark their quilts on some designs. Some will just quilt as the quilt speaks to them. Yes, if you work with a quilt long enough it will speak to you what it wants, believe it or not. Marking a quilt top, well, there are several methods such as with a water soluable marker, fine mechanical pencil, chalk powder, etc... however you choose, the method is what is best for you if you are quilting it and what fabric you are using, and how you will be quilting it. Yes, most quilters will use strictly cotton, which in my opinion is best for quilting. However some will use non-traditional fabrics as well, such as silk, wool, any finkey fabrics, etc...... which I have used in many an occasion.

I found that doing a lap quilt when time is scrunched is probably the best way for me to do any quilting. I quilt a square at a time then put the squares together when they are finished. I can take that project anywhere I am...in the office for breaks, or lunch time, doctors office, when I am waiting for something, or in front of the television in the evenings. Taking a 5 minute break with a needle in hand will eventually add up to a square, then add up to a whole quilt. Start with a baby quilt for someone or with a toddler quilt or a twin quilt or a lap quilt which are all smaller than a huge bed quilt for yourself or someone else.

Time...yes...time. We all seem to be short of time in this mobile and busy lifestyle this world has become. Slowing down isn't always an option. However I found that deciding upon your priorities in life will help tremendiously. I hope this helps. No question is too hard, dumb, or stupid to ask...please ask...we will answer as best we can.
Comment by J Lee Bagan on April 27, 2009 at 12:45pm
Question: Please keep in mind I have NEVER quilted anything, machine or hand. I work full time, keep the house, garden, husband etc. and usually only have 1 hour or maybe 2 of productive life left at the end of the day. I try to do some sort of sewing or piecework. To date, I use a LA quilter for most of my quilts. A few I have hand tied. When I do take a piece to her we take the time and thought to choose a design that will be complementary to the quilt and also the color of the thread. She is a actually very traditional and I of course like color and want the thread to show up the design of the quilting. In some ways we learn from each other. Whatever method I use I want it to be as well done as possible. The 3 different colors of perle cotton used to tie my Musashi quilt really give it texture and looks great. However even with the time constraints I do want to hand quilt a smaller project so I will be more rounded in my learning curve. When I retire and have real "time" who knows.....
Anyway back to the question at hand. Do you pin or baste with thread. How do you lay out the design you will follow to do the quilting... I am truly at square one with this and know absolutely nothing so please don't think you will be patronizing or talking down to me if you explain something that would be obvious to anyone else.....

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