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Science be damned ... I still like love to brew tea in a big glass jar outside in the sun!
Can't beat the sun for getting this job done!: organic earl grey, mango passionfruit, fusion green & white, and chai green tea (which doesn't need alot of brew time, btw.), red tea chai.  Not all at once in the same jar, mind you, but I have tried various mixtures of bags on different brews. Fun!
Do you do-the-brew-outdoors too?
So far I've never been sick making tea this way & I'm talking 35 years here, folks!
Turn that fan to high and lemme sip away!

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I haven't made sun tea in ages. I might have to try it again. I love iced tea, hot tea makes me very nauseous. I have tried all kinds and the result is usually not good so I don't do hot tea.
Lois, do you use tea bags from the grocery store or do you get fresh mixes from somewhere? I find the tea bags just aren't that exciting.
Yes, i drink sun tea in a tall glass over ice with sliced lime or lemon and some fresh crushed peppermint leaf and alittle bit of sweetener.
Sherry ~ I like it cold in the summer.....over ice and of course I store the brewed tea in the fridge.
Paula ~ I use both: loose and bagged though usually not at the same time....need to holler at my daughter to pick me up some new flavor loose tea next time she's at Whole Foods!
Carol ~ I do enjoy it...more in the summer than the rest of the year...I've never tried the "Long Island" version, ha!


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