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I got my ATC in the mail from Cindy today and it's so cute! Lovely, Cindy! Thank you very much! (That's two lovely bits of Cindy's cleverness I get to keep this month! Lucky me!)

You are so very welcome, Charlotte! It was so much fun to make these little gems.

I received mine yesterday, but just now remembered to check the mail. I love it Cindy it is so very cute. I am finisheing mine off today and hopefully will send them off tomorrow.

I just finished mine today, slacker that I am. Be grateful I didn't have time to add aroma ... LOL

Killed my Micron pen (two of them, truth be told, before I figured it out) by using it for detail on top of gel applied Inktense colors. Sigh. Will have to buy more when I take them to mailed. May or may not get to it tomorrow, but I will try. :)

Just opened my mail!  BJ, I have planted seeds for my DD and his wife...they told me how beautiful they were, I have never seen one in person.  What a surprise...I now have my very own.  It is beautiful and the colors are sooooo SPRING.  Thank you. 

So glad it is there already. That was fast!

Brenda, I am such a lucky lady to have one of your little aceos!  You have come a long way baby!  I remember when you fisrt started.  It did not take long for you to master the technique.  It is exquisite!  I love touching it to feel the texture.  Love it!  Thank you.

Hi Diana....I was just thinking about you. I am getting ready to steam about 4dozen blue crab for our Memorial celebration. I am glad you like the ACEO. I had fun making it

Oh, Brenda you have my mouth watering and I keep licking my lips.  I am so jealous!!!!  I did have Alaskan crab legs that DH smoked on the grill, this weekend.  Those blue crabs are just the best! 


I am so impressed about how fine, but textured the stitching is...I wish that I could do that.  I have a little aceo that needs some stitching and I will try and do something with free otion threads.  I will practice, I promise.  It belongs to someone else and I need to finish it, so I know that I HAVE to finish it.  I will show you when I am finished.

Woo!hoo! Linda's flew into Canada today from the UK. What a lovely surprise and so unique, trying to figure how it was folded! Thank you Linda it's lovely.

Mine was mailed out yesterday.

Mailing seems to be much quicker lately, glad you liked it.


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