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Thank you to Brenda for my awesome little art piece. So detailed, I love it.

Hi Linda.....it arrived just as the postman indicated.  I'm glad you like it.  It is only the second one I've done....had a lot of fun and am looking forward to more exploration with felting.

My was mailed out yesterday.

I have the pictures from all but Denise and Diana. Once I get them and know that they have been received I'll get them posted.  Some super 'Bloomers' have been created!

BJ, I just finished mine.  I have asked Ally and Linda to send me their addresses.  I am downloading the pics from my camera to send you the photos.  Sorry that I am late.  My machine is chewing up everything!

You are not the last Diana. No problem.  You pictures came through great. Thank you. Love them!

Whew!! Thanks, BJ.  I was behind on everything and when I thought that I had caught up to do the aceos, I yelped and started working on these two, right away.  It took me jusdt a couple of hours and it was really fun to do.  My machine is chewing and spitting, but I mamaged to get three finished and really like them.  The satin stitching around the edges is not perfect, but I think I beat this machine into submission.  It is fighting me back and I am losing.  Just know that I can and will produce better satin stitching.  Can I call ot "shabby chic" art and gert away with it?????

Hey, sounds good to me. I like 'shabby chic' and so will the recipients. Sure hope your machine decides to quit being such a pain in the patootie. It is so frustrating and always when you're on a time schedule. Now that you're finished it will probably cooperate just fine. Isn't that always the way. Have a super day!

Cindy, thanks for understanding.  Yes, the pressure is now off and the machine should "feel" me now.  Smiles.  I will be working on another one this weekend.

Shabby Chic works for me! :D

Smiles!  I will play around with this machine or I can always bring out one of my featherweights.  They do not do a satin stitch, but I can always finish them another way.  I love the Spring palette that I used and have a piece left to play with.  I like adding more to a piece that is leftover.  I can build from it and even try to make a postcard!  WoW!  I am getting my mind to "think" about creating one step at a time.  It will be so great when I can sit down and stitch without issues.  I am ready to buy a new machine just to start over!  BJ, thanks so much for your help with my your blocks and everything else that you always do for me. 

That's what friends are for! :D ♥


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