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I am making a special page for cards from Glenda.  If you have any extra cards, she would love to receive them.  I do not know Glenda, but I an happy to make her smile and intend to send her cards, year around.  I always have extras around and I can always make a quick card to make her happy.  As soon as I get a few more cards, I will add a slide show to show all of you what Glenda will be receiving.  We are a generous and caring group and this is a perfect place to  post for her.  If you have a card, please send it to me at bracys @cox.net with Glenda's card in the subject line and I will add it to the slide you.  Thanks so much for your generosity.

Now the email:

I received an email from Road to California's organizers and thought that I would pass this along to all of you.  If you have an extra card or would like to make one, it would warm a heart.  This is it:

A Personal Note

My sister just celebrated her 67th birthday, however due to a birth injury she is mentally retarded - about 6 - 8 yrs of age.  She lives in a “care home” and basically is happy and really has not a care in the world.  Her greatest joy is to receive mail so I am asking you “roadies” to send her a Christmas card, picture post card, or ???  She carries a RED purse and loves to put her cards in the purse, take them out and look at them and repeat the process several times a day.  By sending a card you will really make Glenda’s day.
Glenda Kaye White, 1289 North 3rd Ave., Upland, CA 91786


The Reese Family and Road to California Staff would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Quilting from Carolyn, Matt and The Road to California Staff!

Jan: 19-22 2012 Thurs. - Sat. 9:30-6:00 Sun. 10:00 - 3:30


It just give me goosebumps and I have to make a card for Glenda.

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Gwen made a cute little red bag and a card for Glenda.  Linda also made one and it is in the mail to Glenda.  I have one other card from a member from my page and will start the slide show, soon.  More cards are promised and I will continually add to the slide show.  Thanks, again and Happy Holidays!!

The 'Little Red Tote', suggested by Charlotte, donated by the ACEO group:

Side pockets on either side, under flaps:

Beautiful and so generous of you to have made it from the group!  Thank you, Gwen.  Bless you.


Card for Glenda: 'White Christmas'

Gorgeous, it's snowing on the card.  I LOVE this card, Gwen!  Is the fabric folded?  I sent my page's post to this link to see what Glenda is getting from us!  Thanks everyone!

Gwen, I found the photos that you sent.  I forgot that I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox and my photos are in a different location.  Thanks for helping me! I LOVE the tree!!!!!

Here's how I made the tree.. layer two fabrics, cut into a circle.  Now, cut the circle into halves. Sew the halves together, and leave enough open seam to turn inside out (your fabric will be right-side out). You should now have a half circle sewn. Now the trick is to fold from one corner over to meet a side, and fold over again (sort of "fan-folding" until the "tree" is formed. Press, and embellish as desired. I used gold beads from an old sweater I got at the thrift store.. This tree fits on a 4x6" card, so my circle was small...maybe about 6 inches?  Then I splattered paint using an old toothbrush. Since the background fabric is snowflakes, the splattered effect is nice, huh! I think I need more of this snowflake fabric..fabric trip!!  lol!

(To get a size tree you want, first cut a circle from a piece of paper, cut it in half, and fan-fold it to get your tree. This will give you an idea of how big/small you may want to make your tree). Oh!  I put a bit of fusible on the inside folds before I pressed, just to keep the tree in place ; )

Have fun!

Thanks so much, Gwen.  I will try and make a couple of these!  I believe that Brenda had a folding technique in T4T.  This would have been good for that technique.   The use of the toothbrush and paint was a great idea!  I also love that you used re-purposed buttons for the embellishments.  Yes, you do need more of that fabric.  You have branched, no pun intended, out into the world of mixed media.  Wonderful!

Here is one from Linda Harriott from the UK for Glenda.  The other card is for Pam of NY's brother.  She was asking for cards for her brother.  There is more about him on my page.  I will be making him a card.

This one of from Pam of NY:

Thanks so very much!  It is almost time for me to start the slideshow!  Blessings to both of you!


I will join in sending Glenda cards. Will put one out in the mail to her this week, as well as send others along here and there during the year. What a wonderful thing to do for someone. Thanks for sharing the address and her story. Bless you!

Terri D, thanks so much!  I have the time,  as I am sewing other projects, to just whip up a card and will do the same.  You are so welcome and I am sure that Glenda will love it. 

This is one of my postcards for Glenda


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