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Well,  we're much geared up for whatever is suggested, but whatever you all decide as "rules" I'll  put in here, and anyone who is doing this theme ; )







Cindy's Self-portrait; great job, Cindy!

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Charlotte that is WONDERFUL!!! What a great self portrait. (((APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!!)))

I agree Charlotte - how did you do it? I love the free standing collar. Is it painted first?


Yes it is fantastic, tell us did you paint some of it, or thread painted some of it?

Thank you, Ladies!

I started with the photo of me and Adelaide that Pete took. I copied it, cropped Ads out, and enlarged it as much as I could. I then taped it to a window, taped my fabric over it, and traced the major lines with a .05 Micron pen. I took it off the window and then filled in some of the missing areas with pen sketching before I painted it with my Inktense pencils and aloe gel. I filled in some more pen and ink type sketching. I then cut random pieces of the hair fabric (love that particular print!) and used a glue stick to adhere it where I wanted it. I zig-zagged the edges of the hair down and then added the batt to the back. I put the whole thing in a small frame I have and hand quilted the face and embroidered the eyelashes, upper lids (totally forgot to stitch lower lashes! lol) I then machine quilted the hair lines (free motion, no frame).

I took a piece of the green "sweater" fabric , folded it and sort of gathered it as I stitched it along the chin line. I added the denim jacket shoulder piece and then made a collar and stitched that on. I added the remaining sweater fabric and stretched the whole thing over a 12"X12"  stretched canvas. I would have filled in the missing hair fabric with the Inktense, but I'm up at the lake house and somehow missed the my little traveling jar of aloe when I packed my supplies to come up here. So the last thing I did was sketch in hair lines.

Did I miss anything? LOL

Charlotte,  super job!  A lot of great detail; you had fun with this ;)

I am back, I am going to work on this next week.

Good for you, Denise!

Know what I am doing for this one now, but I have to wait untilI get some more ink for my printer

Mine is finally done, except that the size crept up to 15 inches instead of 12

Great job, Sharon! (And since you keep these, no-one would know that it wasn't 12 X 12! LOL)

Thanks Charlotte  and Terri  Well I thought I would do a photo of me not only 20 lbs lighter but more like 40.

Whenever I felt low I would always go to Snoulders in Oyster Bay. It was where President Teddy Roosevelt used to get his messages when he vacationed in Oyster Bay during his presidency . My best friend  Bill worked there and would go to visit him

Well that's pretty neat! I never thought about my fantasy self being 50 ... er ...40 lbs lighter, but that is certainly my fantasy, too! LOL


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