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Valentine's Day is six weeks away. You can make a post card to exchange that relates to Feb. 14 in whatever style you want. It can be specific to valentines or based loosely on it. Any colors you choose are fine. The only requirement is that it says something about friendship. Our mailing date will be Feb. 9 so it should arrive at its' destination as close to the 14th as possible.pSo let the sign ups begin.








Sandy and Linda
Ally and Charlene
Gwen and Cindy
Terri and Sharon

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Front and back of the PC I made and sent to Gwen. The sentiment reads: "Though we are miles apart, Friendship is a treasure in our hearts."

Again, Thank you everyone for taking part. Your post cards are all wonderful.

sorry if they seem light. This was my swap to Charlene. I will try and see if I have a photo of hers.

This is Charlene swap to me.  Thanks Cindy for hosting the swap I really enjoyed it. Sorry that my photos are light but on lap top and don't know how to adjust it right now, until I play with it.

close-up of the hand beading and the pin that Cindy did on the card...love this! 

Thank you, Cindy.

This is the wonderful card Gwen made for me. Yumm, Peppermint/Chocolate Bark on a card. How cool is that!

Lovely job on all the post cards!

Love the variety of the cards, we have come up trumps again.

I'm afraid that I can't locate the picture of the piece that I sent to Sharon. Apparently, my computer has eaten a few of my pictures. I'll continue to look for it and if I can find it, I'll post. Sorry.

I can post it you like

Terri's card to me

Thanks Sharon for posting the picture. One of these days I'll get a new computer and, hopefully, won't have the problem of things disappearing.

No problem Terri, just love the card!


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