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BLOCK SWAP 21 ROW BY ROW QUILT SWAP November 2017 to ....(final date still to be set)

5 - 8 people
9" blocks chosen from the site patchworksquare.com
Each person is responsible for choosing a block design to be used to make a row. eg houses, tulips, Ohio star, card trick.......
1 coordinating colour to be used as background?? Decided by group
Each partisans makes the relevant number of blocks each 1/2 months and posts them to the other partisans...6 participants, make 6 blocks, keep 1 and post 1 to each other participant.
Every 1/2 months blocks for current row to be made and posted by 1st of month
Each person participating can ask for their blocks to be a set colour.... pastels, brights, blue and yellow, batiks, etc.

Finished quilt top would be 45", 54", 63" or 72" with borders to be added by individuals. Quilt could be lengthened by rows of sashing, rows of own, appliqué rows, etc.

I m happy to coordinate. If interested please reply, will post this in discussions for show of interest.

1. Megan Sawyer
2. Donna Coppin
3. Donna Rosengarten
4. Janice Young
5. Kathy Bertelsen

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Thank you Donna for the beautiful blocks that came in the mail today!  I love the colors! 

You are welcome Donna-Glad you like them!

Haven;t seen any activity here for ever.   Whats everbody up to.   I am short a block from last exchange and have not kept track of who I have gotten blocks from .  If you own me a block I would love to have it .

Thank You Janice

I mailed the last of mine out back in the end of April.  

The reason I asked is that it came back to me earlier with the wrong address.  i had been meaning to check before this.  I'm glad it arrived safe and sound.

Hello all -- Janice I sent out the Blueberry Pie and Greek Cross to you on 4/10/18 (along with the same to Donna & Kathy) I know Donna rec'd hers but I haven't heard from Kathy.  I want to thank all of you for the blocks I rec'd however I haven't tried putting them together yet.  I think I am still missing a few but I am not too worried.  

To my quilting buddies.   I have been absolutely HORRENDOUS about staying in touch.   I have received all the beautiful blocks you have sent.   I am in the process of getting others made for you all.   You have my word they will get to you, just not sure when.   Life has been happening to me and sewing has taken a back seat.

Completely understand Kathy.  I started off with a  bang in January and by mid April I fizzled out.  Haven't sewn much since then.   

Glad that you got the blocks and that you can use them.  No hurry.  

Thank you Donna for the blocks, if I didn't already thank you.  

Kathy-as you say "Life has been happening"  It does happen to all of us at one time or another. Just take care of yourself and things will fall into place!

Hello July 2017 block swappers,  Ran across my project box with our blocks in it.  What ever happened ?  Did you guys make your little quilt or are your blocks just being like mine?


These were taken from opposite ends of the tableHello Janice Yes to the part of "are your blocks like mine"  I haven't touched them in over a year, but I think I know where they are.  {"THINK" } being the operative word. I know I had a picture of trying to layout the blocks on my dining room table and decided to wait awhile since I had a number of empty spaces.


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