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I love my quilt guild but they just don't see things my way when it comes to contemporary quilts. I am always on the lookout for inspiring contemporary quilts/quilters. For example, went to a fabulous art quilt gallery in San Diego, but no pictures allowed there so have to go on my memory. Any ideas for inspiration? I have already started to veer away from slavishly following patterns and am starting to make quilts MY way. On my last quilt my friend said, "This says YOU all over it" which I took as a great compliment! BTW, I am super thrifty (my favorite fabrics are recycled clothing) so not really willing to go out and buy books but love internet resources.

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I haven't joined my local guild yet, that is one thing I need to do, but I have found that most people I know like the traditional designs and don't appreciate the new contemporary, wonky ones like I do. maybe they're just not used to the more contemporary designs. who knows....I just know what I like.
Which quilt gallery did you visit in San Diego? I went to college there. Did you go to the La Jolla Fiber Arts Gallery? Sometimes galleries and museums do not allow photography. When I go to something like that and I feel really inspired, I draw in the sketchbook that I keep in my purse.

I get a lot of inspiration from the internet. I like to look at quilts on Craft Zine, Craftster, or Purl Soho. I like designers such as Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, and Heather Bailey. I read blogs like Bits and Bobbins and Don't Call Me Becky. I also like Stitch Magazine. Or I search for quilt pictures on Flickr.

I live in Portland now, and we have thrift stores with great fabrics such as Knittin Kitten or Rerun. Our fabrics at Connecting Threads are all $5.96 per yard, and I use them a lot (I'm making a quilt with the Riviera collection right now). I'm also interested in dyeing fabric myself with procion or natural dyes.
Thanks Kate, I'm going to check out those web sites.
I went to a gallery in Point Loma which I have now forgotten the name of, they told me about the one up north but I just didn't make it up there. There was a quilt there I will remember forever, made by an architect who incorporated essentially architectural line drawings on top of a jungle scene. Just incredibly creative.
I never thought of looking for quilt pics on a site like Flickr! Great idea!

Sometimes I show my quilts at my quilt guild show-and-tell, and women will sneak up to me and say guiltily, "I love those colors!" as though it is forbidden fruit!
I'm on Flickr all the time , I even belong to some of the groups. It's a great place for ideas.
Hi Char - what is your flickr name and what groups do you like best? I am in quite a few myself.
I'm sorry Brenda, I just read your post today. My flickr name is Charq. Love of Strings, Scraps to Treasure, Free Motion, Scrap Happy, Fresh Modern Quilts.
I have loved the idea of taking tradition quilt block and cutting it apart and move the parts around to make different or wonky block. So many different ways to change a tradition block...
Now there is another question -
is it contemporary / modern pieced quilt that you prefer or do you also go for contemporary appliqued quilts
I must say I'm for both and I've recently found a great blog where Kellie does super, what I'd call, contemporary appliqued quilts - dontlooknow.typepad.com blog
But I also love Cherry House Quilts, Tallgrass Praire Studio, Crazy Mom Quilts etc
Whilst surfing yesterday I found a lovely site with some simple but stunning quilts - check out the 'napkins' (childs affectionate name for her quilt) - Green Fairy Quilts
Has anyone seen www.contemporarycloth.com? I've gotten lots a great fabric there over the years. Anyone else a fan?
Thanks so much, Jennifer, for the link to Contemporary Cloth. What stunning fabrics! I've bookmarked it, and I'm sure to spend way, way too much money there.
Try the flickr group Fresh Modern Quilts. Also, if you're ever in the LA area, check and see what's going on with the LA Modern Quilt Guild.


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